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  • Lords of Chaos/Lucifer Rising/A-Z of Death Metal

    [Note: Published respectively in 1998, 1999 and 2001, these books are all interesting in some ways. Lords of Chaos is fairly well-known these days, and is a good source of information and interviews of 90s black metal. Lucifer Rising includes music, movies and popular culture with lots of various interviews with a variety of bands. Lastly, A-Z of Death Metal is an encyclopedia of death metal and is quite a good reference source. It not only lists thousands of bands, but includes dates, releases with track names and general information about each band.]

    Free Hendrik Mobus


  • Envelope/letter-interview for Mourning the Ancient

    [Note: Back in 2001 we interviewed Hendrik (from his prison cell) and even printed a limited amount of Mourning the Ancient shirts (seen below) with all proceeds going toward his legal defense fund. You might be better familiar with Hendrik's work with the German Black Metal band Absurd.]

    [Below: Here is the original interview from Hendrik that we did back in April 2, 2001. Click to enlarge!]



  • Art by Stefan Milde

    [Note: Very bizarre. Stefan Milde draws a wide range of things, including a Mourning the Ancient photo rendition, seen HERE.]



  • Cookie Tin

    [Note: Ah, for once it's us eating them. This is from the 1970s...]

    Severed Ways
    -The Norse Discovery of America


  • DVD

    [Note: From 2007, here is a very lame movie about 'vikings'... There is some fairly detestable things about this movie. One is the soundtrack. How did they get Burzum, Morbid Angel, Judas Priest and Dimmu Borgir to let them play their music in this thing? On the rating of this DVD it says '...Scenes of a graphic nature.' Beware! This is true. There is a graphic scene of a guy taking a... well, nevermind. Just avoid this!]

    -The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, JR.


  • DVD

    [Note: From 2003, here is a documentary the powers-that-be don't like. Where to start... OK, this Leuchter guy is an execution expert. He builds the electric chairs for various state prisons and the electrical systems to fry condemned prisoners. He is seen as the foremost expert on 'humane' execution so much that they called him to Canada to Ernst Zundel's trial. His mission: To tell if the 'gas chambers' in Poland supposedly from WW2 are authentic. So, he travels to Poland and goes to the ruins of these places and get samples and studies the chambers. Back in the United States he sends in the samples to a scientific company to test the samples for poisons. He does this without telling the company what it is exactly they are testing. i.e. he doesn't tell them that they are testing paint scrapings and rocks from a WW2 gas chamber, because he doesn't want anyone's opinion tainting the outcome. And guess what they find? First, he finds that since the chambers in Poland were not ventilated or air tight there is no way they could have gassed anyone. The poison gas would have come out and killed the guards. Next the company that tests for poison finds NOTHING. After revealing all of this they literally destroyed this guy's career for simply telling the truth as a scientist. At the end he is in poverty living in a motel. Beware the enemies of truth. They rule this world. But the truth wil eventually defeat them. Strange that before doing this study, Leuchter believed in the existence of WW2 gas chambers and was surprised at the outcome.]

    [Below: DVD]

    [Below: Speaking of Mr. Leuchter, here is a leaflet.]

    [Above: Banned from Britain!? Wow. Truth does not fear investigation. Imagine being banned from an entire country for giving your opinion. What a crazy, sick world.]

    Heavy Metal in Baghdad


  • DVD

    [Note: This 2007 documentary shows the trials of the Iraqi (post American bombs) band Acrassicauda (Latin for black scorpian) and their desire to play metal in the muslim countries where they live. This band learned English from listening to bands like Slayer and Metallica growing up. Strange eh? Their music isn't too bad, but nothing special either. It is very heavy and catchy and better than a lot of bands sending demos out these days. This DVD also shows some of their small shows in Iraq, and the legion of problems that come their way. An interesting look at metal music invading every speck of this world.]

    Faces of Death copycats



    [Note: Faces of Death spawned many copycat videos. The top two DVDs are a combination of news footage and animals attacking various things. Unlike Faces of Death these are real. The bottom three are a combination of real and fake, some even include movie clips taken from Italian horror films and passed off as real!]

    [Above: These recent DVD releases contain old and rather low quality footage in a spiffy new package. The 'Of the Dead' DVD is actually a French film from probably the 1970's. It details various cultures' funeral rituals, some of which are quite graphic. But most of the footage on these DVDs is rather boring. You might spend more time fast forwarding than actually watching them!]

    [Above: Traces of Death? In case you can't afford Faces of Death?]

    [Above: 'Facez of Death'?! Did they think they could just change the 'S' to a 'z' and maybe people wouldn't notice?]

    [Above: Mondo Cane (meaning 'Dog's Life') is said to have been the first film of this type, influencing all others after. From 1962, it is very tame in today's standards. Mondo Cane 2 follows the original two years later, and I also found it to be pretty boring. Women of the World (1963) is another documentary by the same people and is also not much to speak of.]

    Broken Judas Iscariot promo


  • CD

    [Note: Another broken CD courtesy of the post office!]

    A selection of FMP promo CDs


  • CDs

    [Note: A selection of old Full Moon Productions promos, including Acheron. FMP closed its doors in 2012...]

    Mayhem promo


  • Promo CD/Flyer

    [Note: This came about a year before Mourning the Ancient, in 1994. Can you imagine a world that had yet to hear this dark masterpiece?]

    [Below: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas flyer]

    [Below: 'Out from the Dark' picture LP flyer]

    [Below: A flyer for a shirt honoring Dead]

    [Below: Flyer for the Deathcrush demo]

    [Below: This Mayhem flyer was for a Greece show that was cancelled]

    [Below: The killing of Euronymous created a little rift in the scene... some people hated Varg for killing Euronymous and some people didn't care either way.]

    [Below: A collage of pictures of Euronymous.]

    [Below: The end.]



  • Sticker and pin

    [Note: Bloodaxe is from Canada.]

    [Below: 2001 release 'Bloodthrone'.]

    Mortal Wish


  • Promotional mini-CDR

    [Note: One of Brazil's best black metal bands...]

    Ad Hominem


  • Planet Zog - The End

    [Note: Top is an LP from Undercover Records.
    The Elegy Records release is on the left, including '...For a New World' and a promo CD-R from the band on the bottom... A masterwork from France.]

    [Above: Promo CD-R]

    Black Sabbath


  • various

    [Note: Before Ozzy became a whore and a slave he helped create the great Black Sabbath. What makes the top, otherwise crap release, 'Ozzman Cometh' worthwhile is the 'Black Sabbath basement tapes.' It's interesting to hear demo songs and an alternative lyric 'War Pigs' which was too controversial to use at the time. Next, check out the 'SS' runes on this licensed release. Strange eh?
    And lastly, on the bottom, a bootleg-looking release that spells 'tomarrow' wrong and 'Sabath' with one 'b.']

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