[Below: 1941 Berlin phone book (5 and 1/2 pounds, 1,534 pages).]

[Below: March 1943 supplement (154 pages).]

[Below: Various SS and other government entities addresses and phone numbers, including 'Der Reichsführer-SS' Heinrich Himmler!]

[Below: More government listings...]

[Below: Here is a Chinese man named Wang Tschend-pen. I noticed other Asian names in my brief scan of the phone book as well.]

[Below: How odd that Asians lived in the capital of the most RACIST country in the universe huh?]

[Below: As Wikipedia states, Stein is 'a common German-Jewish name'. Many of the Steins listed here are also doctors!]

[Below: 'Rosen' and 'Stein' are other traditional Jewish names. One of the below is even named 'Israel'! And he's a doctor! There is also a dentist...]

[Below: 'Rosens' of all stripes and flavors. The name 'Rosenhauer' has Ashkenazi Jewish origins. A Rosenhauer listed here is... a BANK DIRECTOR!!!]

[Below: 'Rosenthal' is another Jewish Ashkenazi name. Here we find a dentist and several businesses.]

[Below: Here we find two doctors named Israel, a pharmacist (apoth. = apotheker) and dentists.]

[Below: Rosenbaum, another traditional Jewish name, reveals more doctors, an architect and other Jewish business men.]

[Below: Rose is also a common Jewish surname, from Yiddish 'roiz'. Here we find more doctors, architects and even a masseuse.]

[Below: Rosenblatt, Rosenfeld... I feel like I am in Israel (or New York)!]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: It doesn't get much more Jewish than Doctor Israel Jacobsohn! Lots of doctors here...]

[Below: Jacobi is another surname of Ashkenazi Jewish origin. Doctors, doctors and more doctors... holy shit, 'Jüdenstr'... Jews Street (lower left)!!!! Why in the hell would the 'Nazis' have a street named after Jews in the capital of the Reich!? Three years into the war... nine years into the 3rd Reich. We're missing something here... something very important...]

[Below: And of course the good 'Christian' name of 'Israel'!]

[Below: Montgomery Ward! In NAZI Germany! OY VEY!]

[Below: Here are a few Goebbels... I wonder if they are related to Joseph Goebbels?]

[Below: Then there is the name Marx, like the Jewish communist hero Karl Marx. Many doctors here and even a zoologist.]

[Below: This translates as 'Annex to the addendum of the 1941 edition of the official telephone directory'. This came with the phonebook.]

[Below: Anyone want to prank the Wehrmacht? We could try to convince them how much better the SS was.]

[Below: More Reichsführer-SS listings. We could call Himmler and tell them that we are Doctor Israel Jacobsohn from above, and tell him that we are going to convince the world that he was responsible for the deaths of six million Jews. Nah, he'd never believe such a ludicrous tale.]

[Below: Minerva. This is here for no other reason than I like Athena (Minerva)!]

[Below: Wow, Führer! Imagine if one of these people would have become the German leader. He would have been addressed: 'Führer Willy Führer'!]

[Below: The internet tells us that 'The name Finkel is a proud symbol of ancient Jewish culture.' Here we find several different variations.]

[Below: Here's a listing for Deutsche Christen, which was classified as 'Positive Christianity'.]

[Below: Many phone numbers of the Deutsche Christen faith.]

[Below: A small example of the Czech names found in the phone book. I thought Germans hated Czech people? There are a ton of Polish names as well.]

[Below: Doesn't get much more Czech than 'Czech' does it?]

[Below: Wow, that's a lot of Jewish services! These all must be based in Auschwitz, right? Wait a minute... there is a synagogue in Berlin in 1943?! WTF??? (half way down, right side)]

[Below: An overview of the massive page of listings - it even has the heading 'Jewish'!]

[Below: Close-up of the Jewish listings.]

[Below: It even goes on to the next page!]

[Below: It goes on... and on... and on...]

[Below: ...and on...]

[Below: Blum/Blumberg, more Jewish names, more doctors.]

[Below: Levi, Levin, more Jewish names, more professors, doctors and medical specialists. My god, could a German go to the doctor without him being Jewish?]

[Below: And more of the same.]

[Below: Lewinski, like the Jewess Monika Lewinski who framed President Clinton.]

[Below: The end. It's important to understand all of this was from a very quick look at the phone book. Anyway, here is the back cover, advertising telegram covers.]

[Below: My favorite!]

[Below: Also included in the phone book was this insert, aimed at fighting fires from Allied terror bombs. Front.]

[Below: Back.]

[Below: Also included, and meant to hang beside your phone, is a graph on how to speak over the phone or wireless. A spelling or phonetic alphabet chart. Front.]

[Below: Back.]