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Last Night Alive #3


  • 'Zine (2015/2016)

    [Note: The old school primitive 'zine format refuses to die thanks to mags like Last Night Alive. This 'zine is done by my metal comrade Oscar from bloodsoaked Mexico. The land of endless drugs and mountains of murders, of narco-lords and massive open corruption. That said, Last Night Alive is the best thing to come out of Mexico in a long while. Like the previous two issues Oscar only sends these to his friends and metal compatriots. A true fanzine, this. Done to honor metal, not for profit or for the masses.

    So what's in this thing? First, I have to mention that Oscar did an interview with Mourning the Ancient last issue. Well, like every good and meaningful conversation, politics were discussed. It would seem some brainwashed fools who the editor thought were his friends freaked out over our interview with him. See the hilarious FUCK YOU below. Pretty funny stuff. The truth really does hurt. Read the interview that hurt so many feelings - HERE -

    Anyway... like the previous issues, this contains a few interviews done specifically for this issue, like a very in-depth Barzabel one (a band I've never heard of but certainly has some interesting things to say), another interview is with a Russian band named 'Pauki', where reading the horrible broken English is quite entertaining (example below). There are also a few interviews which are reprints from other sources. Also included are articles on sadistic torture devices used in the Middle Ages and crimes within the metal scene. Editor's email is: evoloscar@yahoo.com

    [Above: front cover]

    [Above: opening page]

    [Above: personal note]

    [Above: PAUKI!]

    Matt Hale


  • Flyer

    [Note: Here is a flyer sent to me in February 2016 in support of the great Matt Hale. In case you didn't know, we did an interview with Matt - HERE - ]



  • Flyer

    [Note: I've never heard of this band before, but I found it very odd they would proclaim in the flyer: 'This is for trend-followers...' !!! I mean, I can understand the whole 'no worship of senseless dreamings'!!! Hehe...]

    Kult of Wolves


  • Business Card

    [Note: W. Wolf has produced some great underground 'zines and compilation CDs. But alas, he has dropped out of the underground...]



  • Old World Charm

    [Note: This enchanting card was sent to me from a dear comrade from the good old Motherland of Britania. Britain and The United States fought like cats and dogs during the Revolutionary War (and various other battles in later years). Now we probably couldn't pay them to take America. After all, they would have to take over the American national debt of over NINTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! That's more money than has EVER been printed in the whole history of the United States. Yes, that's right, if you were to gather together every single piece of money ever printed since the USA's birth, it wouldn't come close to what America owes. In contrast, the United Kingdom's national debt as of 2015 was £1.56 trillion. To make matters worse, America is deeply in debt to COMMUNIST CHINA! What a joke. You just couldn't make this stuff up.]

    [Below: Another card! Don't I feel special... Anyway, thanks again comrade, you know who you are! (the 'Calendar Girl' thing is talking about a Mourning the Ancient 2017 calendar!)

    Junge Freiheit


  • Booklet Flyer

    [Note: The headline of this German 2015/2016 booklet says:
    'The Truth about the Asylum-Chaos
    and what can we do about it'

    Anyone who is not living under a rock knows about the massive invasion of 'refugees' in Europe. The World Enemy is flooding the ancestral lands of European people with many different races. The World Poisoner means to destroy European Identity, Culture, and Race. The Enemy's goal is many faceted, he also benefits by sending these foreigners --with the false promise of money, jobs, housing, etc. -- and he ultimately hopes to set ablaze racial hatred and tensions. This hatred between Europeans/Americans and Arabs/Muslims will enable the Enemy to destroy his enemies in the Middle East (Syria/Iran/Lebanon), and the always gullible whites will eagerly shed their blood and lives for lies.

    Ever forgetful, dumb whites blinded by empty phrases of patriotism, will eagerly die for nothing when the almighty television tells them to. If only they were eager to fight for something that mattered. Like Mother Europe. If only they had the same love for their ancestors as they do for their inane soccer/football games.

    The flood of invaders will only get worse. Our dire enemy has the key to the gates to all of our countries. Our leaders sold us out long, long ago. So what will we do? Can you imagine what the enemy would do if people suddenly woke up from their trances and united against the REAL enemy. The REAL enemy is not the Muslims. Muslims don't control your country. Your media. Your banks. Your borders.

    No, the majority of them want the same thing any person wants. To be left in peace. To raise their families. To not have their lands bombed to shit for decades upon decades. To not have the CIA and the Mossad constantly assassinate their leaders. To not have puppets rule their countries appointed by the United States or Israel.

    Until Europeans stop fighting wars for Israel they will continue to have Africa's destitute, ravaged people flooding their lands. But the enemy wants this. Needs this. The enemy grows fat with your misguided hate. The Arabs are just as much tools as anyone. But remember: all of you, of whatever pathetic race you claim as your own, are CATTLE to the World Enemy. And as cattle you will all be slaughtered TOGETHER.

    So, fight together -- or be slaughtered together. Adolf Hitler united with the Arab peoples during WWII. He told the Grand Mufti, the voice and heart of the Arab people, that he intended to help free them. The Arab people considered Adolf Hitler to be their Savior.

    But we cannot befriend anyone who doesn't understand that Europe is not the welfare office of the universe. These 'refugees' must go home and fight for their own lands. BUT, we of the West must also stop destroying their lands. They have to have something to return to. I leave you with a wise quote from Yasser Kamal:

    'For friendship among peoples can prevail only based on reciprocal respect with the provision that the masses of the peoples continue to inhabit their ancestral lands.
    Any population displacement, any invading immigration, is a deadly enemy for friendship among peoples. '

    [Above: Nightmare cover. Click to enlarge!]



  • Nightmare

    [Note: The Nightmare EP was released in 1985 containing the tracks 'Nightmare,' 'Satanichist' and 'F.O.A.D.' The awesome artwork was apparently too extreme and it was replaced by a generic picture of the band. The concept used on the Nightmare cover isn't a new one. It has been explored for centuries and is based on a phenomenon called 'awareness during sleep paralysis, or ASP.' It is sometimes accompanied by a presence and a feeling of great evil. What it all means no one can say?]

    [Below: LP back]

    [Below: 2nd cover version]

    [Below: The cover above was a still taken from the official Nightmare video. Here is one such still from the video.]

    [Below: The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli, 1781. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: This version of The Nightmare is also by Henry Fuseli.]

    [Below: As you can see, there are many similiar depictions of this phenomena... This was done by Thomas Burke.]

    [Below: Nunslaughter's Evil Dreams used the above art]

    [Below: My Dream, My Bad Dream, by Fritz Schwimbeck, 1915. This shows a depiction of a Succubus or Harpy.]

    [Below: This bizarre version is called 'Cochemare' (Nightmare or to have a nightmare) by Jean Pierre Simon.]

    [Below: Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) by Eugène Thivier, 1894.]

    [Below: And let's not forget Dio's 1987 release Dream Evil!]

    [Below: Gothic, circa 1986. This film used the imagery of the Nightmare as well.]

    Nekro Drunkz


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'Live toilet torment' and with art by 'Smelly Elle'. And don't forget that 'Tyrants of Toilet Music' is still available. So this is what the scene has come to -- death metal, black metal, thrash metal and now toilet metal. FLUSH.]



  • Album covers and art

    [Note: Keep in line with the last listing of 'Toilet Metal', are you familiar with 'Alcoholic Metal'? Yes, it really exists, and has so for quite a few years. Born in 1982 and from Germany, Tankard has sixteen releases up until 2014. Beyond the stupid label, they are a thrash band, with a good sound similiar to other German thrash bands of the era.]

    [Below: Back of 'The Beauty and the Beer' release]

    [Below: Photo from 'The Beauty and the Beer' release]

    [Below: 'A Girl Called Cerveza' release]

    [Below: 'Hair of the Dog' best of release]

    [Below: 'Fooled by Your Guts' release]

    [Below: 'The Meaning of Life' release. I wonder if Mike Tyson knows about this?! Have you ever seen the video footage of Mike Tyson playing Punch Out? It's hilarious!]

    [Below: 'Stone Cold Sober' release]

    [Below: Sodom, Tankard and Venom poster]

    [Below: Ben Tankard wants his name back...]

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