The following interview was done by Oscar of Last Night Alive 'zine in July 2015...

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1) Hell...o Molly and those at M.T.A.. In a short way, please introduce yourself for LNA readers-the zine readers:
1) Hello Oscar! It's a pleasure to be interviewed by you. We began Mourning the Ancient in October 1995, but it didn't debut on the web until 1998. I started modeling for the photography when I was nineteen. Photography has always been a huge part of Mourning the Ancient. We've done something like 130 individual photo shoots.

Our love of music has always been central to Mourning the Ancient. As you know, back in the early to mid-nineties was a superb time for underground metal. It seemed like the whole world was exploding with creativity. Lately though I've been very bored with music and the 'scene'... everything that was once underground and 'dangerous' became popular. It attracted a lot of new people--and the cherished underground spirit all but died. Luckily there are still a lot of great people left in the music scene. Our interviews have branched out to areas outside of music over the years. Our most beloved interview is with one of our heroes--David Eden Lane. From the dungeons of our enemies, sentenced to hundreds of years in prison, David Lane remained a wellspring of inspiration and strength until the day he died. David did a very detailed interview for us on Christmas Eve, 2002.

Most recently we've been concentrating our time on a section of our website called 'Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind'. It is a massive online database of pictures and information centering on Germany's allies of World War Two, many of which were not of the white race. The enemies of truth have invested decades and billions of dollars in lying to the world about Adolf Hitler and the truth about WW2. We are taught that the Germans were racist evil mass murderers... in truth, this description better fits the 'good guys', the Allies, the 'winners' of WW2. Let me tell you, that victory was empty. They did not defeat National Socialism. Firm believers of this life-centered philosophy can be found in every country in this world. It is embraced by many races, most certainly it is not limited to only whites. Many races fought and died wearing the eagle and swastika on their breasts. There were black Africans whom were spies for German intelligence. There were Arabs in Berlin fighting beside the Germans in the final battle. I find it beautiful and fascinating that there were so many nationalities fighting in the final battle of Berlin, 1945. Among them were: Spanish, Norwegians, Danes, Walloons, Swedes, French, Russians, Mongolians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Italians, and Arabs from many different countries. There were even British and a few Americans defending Berlin. The list goes on. They gave everything, even when they knew the battle was lost. It is like what Adolf Hitler said in a speech; that we cannot give up what makes life worth living.

Freedom. Long overdue. The devilish centuries of human bondage. Lives spent in capitalist and communist prisons. People were finally free, and to keep that freedom they gave all.

Almost seventy years later, here we are. All of us together. Slaves to a system that is corrupt beyond comprehension. No matter your country. Here we are in a life that revolves around money. What a terribly boring and mundane thing that people strive for. And if you are like most people, you are living day-to-day. Paycheck-to-paycheck. We're born into broken homes, where over half of all marriages end in divorce. Our countries are flooded with illegal immigrants from all over the Third World. It's not safe to walk down the streets of America anymore. Mindless cowards with guns are a dime a dozen. Everyone seeks drugs and alcohol to escape the hell of our lives. Anti-depressants are dispensed like candy. Almost 40 thousand Americans commit suicide every year, more than homicides and car crashes. Our cultures are disintegrating before our eyes. National Socialism was the first to finally end this madness and say N O !

2) Speaking of M.T.A. how come you guys happen to consider your distro activity sort of self-explanatory?
2) Hmm... I'm not exactly sure what you mean? Haha... We don't really distro anything. Through the years we've sold Mourning the Ancient shirts, our music project CD--Primitive Supremacy, our photo CDs and a film. I hope that answers your question?

3) Back in 1995, I was bumming about all over the U.S. and supporting a lot this CD Phoenix-based act, GRIP INC., had out. On the other hand, M.T.A. was ready to long U/G activities. Did you guys start it all way down from Nebraska?
3) Yes, we've always been based here in Omaha, Nebraska. It's never had too much of an underground scene here, but over the years Omaha has had a good share of metal shows though. I've seen quite a mixture of live shows, bands like Overkill, Iron Maiden, Dio, WASP, Nuclear Assault, Deicide, Slayer, Megadeth, Morgoth, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Order from Chaos, Immolation, Testament, etc.

4) Mourning the Ancient is definitely a great name but, who those ANCIENT ones would it be for you?
4) Mourning the Ancient is a rather strange name isn't it? But I like it, it stuck long ago. I can proudly say I came up with it myself back in 1995. I think we were considering calling it 'Starvation of Light'. Meaning starved of truth. Mourning the Ancient reflects our interest and longing for the past. The modern world has always bored us. Sure it has lots of conveniences, but I think we pay a high price for these luxuries. I think mankind has become very, very cocky, lazy and egotistical. People don't know real struggle anymore. They are spoiled. They have no reverence for nature, being so far removed from it in the artificial habitats of our cities. I revere the lives of the Germanic tribes and their Northmen cousins. The medieval cities sound like hell to me. Give me an ancient dark forest and a community united by common interests, blood, religion and culture. Instead we're stuck in this cesspool, where zombies with no identity whatsoever wander the land with staring into their phones.

5) In this cold, scornful world we all live in, crammed in anger... hate... sorrowful thoughts... Satanists... serial killers... and all sorts of depraved individualistic crap, isn't easily for M.T.A. to be taken for granted to belong to any/all of the aforementioned stuff? I mean, clearly by these ignorant and highly-prejudiced religious minds, mostly. (FUCK them all any ways).
5) I've never really cared too much about what people would think of me or what I do. The things I do for MTA I do for my personal friends. I'm sure a lot of people who view our photography don't get a lot of the symbolism and themes, but I really don't care. And why should I? It's great to be appreciated by people you respect, but the majority of people in this world I could care less about what they think.

6) M.T.A. has done over a one hundred interviews from inception to date; amazing! This must tell you guys something positive, right?
6) It was a neat opportunity meeting and interviewing so many bands and people that I enjoyed. I certainly met many interesting and cool people in the scene through the years. Around a dozen interviews we've removed from our website over the years. This was at the request of the bands due to law enforcement 'investigations' into a band member or the band. Merely expressing one's opinion in many countries can be illegal and carry jail time. It's always unfortunate to have to remove an interview, but I also understand why it could be necessary. It's such a waste of time on everyone's part. The annoying part of interviewing bands is when you are given the okay to send the questions and you never receive a response. You spend time researching the band and writing up the questions only to be brushed off. I'm sure every 'zine editor knows this frustration very well. A big FUCK YOU to all those 'rockstars'.

7) Be it a band, magazine, record label, zine, etc., in most cases, they will be looking or expecting for acclaim and recognition. Why M.T.A. can clearly be a solid exception for this? Self-explanatory deeds?
7) Well, as I said before, I've never really cared for what people think of what we do, so recognition isn't important to me at all. Honestly, it's been a mostly fun ride doing Mourning the Ancient, that's what is important. You have to do it for yourself first, and if others can appreciate your work, that's great for them.

8) Why, for most people, things like Racism, Satanism, Paganism, Wiccans, or National Socialism will make them feel upset and may represent disgust? Fucking hypocrites Withers and Dies only? Freedom of thought violators?
8) All of those things you mention are controversial because of media propaganda and ignorance. All of our ancient religions were desecrated and destroyed by the alien religion of Judeo-Christianity. Regarding racism, everyone is a racist to some extent. It is natural to gravitate to your own kind and be suspicious of something different. It's also natural for people to group their experiences with other people and races into a stereotypical viewpoint. Some stereotypes work very well. There are characteristics of every race that help define them, and every race has positive and negative things about them. 'Racists' often concentrate on the negative aspects. When it comes down to it though we are all cattle to the tyrants who rule this blood-soaked world. We're all prisoners of an extremely predatory system; capitalist democracy. 99% of the world's wealth in 1% of the population's hands. That's mind-boggling. Ridiculous! We're all paupers living on borrowed land. In 1933 Adolf Hitler began to change all of this. He outlawed usury. He took Germany out of the 'gold standard' of the world and the demonic stock markets. They actually admit that this is the reason why they went to war with Germany.

Here are some quotes on the subject:

'What thrust us into war were not Hitler's political teachings: the cause, this time, was his successful attempt to establish a new economy. The causes of the war were: envy, greed, and fear.'
-British General and Historian John Frederick Charles Fuller (1878-1966)

'Germany's unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.'
-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), speaking to Lord Robert Boothby.

'You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.'
-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), from the book by Emrys Hughes, 'Winston Churchill - His Career in War and Peace.'

Here is a quote from an American poet:

'America at work,
where they rip out your intestines,
and your brain and your
will and your spirit.
they suck you dry, then throw
you away.
the capitalist system.
the work ethic.
the profit motive.'
-Charles Bukowski, from the poem 'commerce' taken from the book 'Sifting through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way'

National Socialism sought to change the age-old tyrannical system. They sought to free Europe and the world. Adolf Hitler even promised the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that the Arab peoples would be free, that the Germans would help them fight their colonial occupiers. They fought to the death, all of them, because it was a fight for life, for freedom, for true peace. Militarily speaking, they lost because they were outnumbered on an extraordinary level, but on many other levels they were victorious. Their Spirits won. They showed us the way. We revere them and love them. We study every minute detail of the twelve years Adolf Hitler was in power. You certainly don't see that kind of love and reverence for the Americans or British in WW2. They fought for greed and hatred. Of course, the majority were brainwashed into believing they were freeing' Europe. Look at Europe today and tell me what did they fight for? What a waste of lives for lies. Dozens of races and countries united under Adolf Hitler's leadership. I'd recommend to anyone to visit a section of our website called: Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind. ( Here is a trove of pictures and information They have hidden from us. Adolf Hitler and National Socialism are the OPPOSITE of what his enemies have pounded into our heads. It is in fact THEY who are the evil ones. They who firebombed civilian cities like Hamburg and Dresden. They who atom bombed the civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They who murdered millions of Germans in concentration camps AFTER WW2. They who murdered their most capable and famous general--General George Patton, because he saw their evil ways and spoke out against them. It goes on and on. Check out for a glimpse of the hell the 'good guys' were responsible for. We've all been lied to. Turn off your televisions and research it for yourself. You will come to the same conclusion that a growing number of people worldwide have come to...

9) Would you consider Racism alone to be acquired or learnt? Why?
9) I suppose racism could be acquired through bad experiences and learned from others. I believe that each race should preserve itself, its racial identity and its cultural one. The whole 'melting pot' thing has created a madhouse of chaos and violence. The city I live in is relatively segregated. In the north it is black. In the south it is Mexican/Latino. The west is/was mostly white. They like to take white neighborhoods and build low-income apartments and rent out houses for virtually nothing. It's their vile attempt to melt all the races into one and be left with a perfect slave race. A black friend of ours one called this desired race 'neutroids' and I think it fits well. A race with no definite heritage. A 'culture' of never-ending garbage clouding our sense of belonging. It's crazy that there exists this agenda. That they spend untold millions of dollars slowly destroying us, but its true. I think the white race has shown that they can be a great danger to the tyrants' plans. That is why the white race is to be destroyed first. This twisted agenda is very real. It inspired the famous 14 words of David Lane. 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.' What's most insane is that to say 'I'm proud of being white' is considered racist. How can pride of your people's accomplishments be racist? In their twisted world it is. But only for white people. Other races are encouraged to be proud. We white people have been made to feel ashamed of being white. It is pure lunacy. The white race has truly become a very weak and easily controlled race of people. I see white people as being easier controlled by the tyrants than any other race of people. Whites are very gullible. But more so they have become a very selfish and greedy race. I hate that these things are true. They are truly like the lambs being led to the slaughter. Eventually the white race will wake up and look around to see a world unrecognizable to his race. A world very hostile toward the white race. After all, the media teaches that the whites are the root of all evil. The white race is already a minority in America. We're a dying people. And it will deserve every hardship that comes its way, because it has sold itself out time and time again. There will be a huge reckoning and a deep price to pay one day.

10) Don't you feel yourself uncomfortable to live in a country ruled by a fucking colored cheap puppet?...
10) I don't think it really matters too much who they place in 'power'. They are all figure-heads. Puppets. Democrat or republican, its all the same. They all have united to destroy America. For example, they endlessly throw their undying support to the terrorist state of Israel. Right now over TWO THOUSAND Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Israel. Murdered with American made weapons and bombs. It is sickening to be an unwilling participant of this. Our tax dollars, billions of dollars a year, pouring into the Israeli war machine. America gives Israel 8.5 million dollars in military aid EACH DAY! The American people need to realize that they are accessories to mass murder. To genocide. They are supplying the weapons. The worst part about it though, largely speaking, is that they don't care! The American people have been conditioned to be robots. If the televison tells them this is good, they trust it implicitly. Whatever the televison believes they immediately adopt as their own views.

11) How about the local, U/G Metal scene in Omaha? Being yourself an Omaha native you must be familiar to this old, Brutal Metal act from Omaha, LEAD!! Are they still around? Any actual band(s) doing a good job in the name of the true U/G metal movement from Omaha?
11) I haven't paid attention to the local scene in years, but I remember LEAD very well! The other person in Mourning the Ancient actually took the band photo of Lead for their 'Meditation of Flesh' release. The photo was taken in the same place we did all of our photography, we just covered up the expansion symbol background. We used to go to lots of local shows and would occasionally party pretty hard with the guitarist/vocalist of Lead, Karl. He was a crazy, cool guy. One night in particular we all went back to a friend's house after the show. We were all very intoxicated when someone showed up with some mushrooms... Let me just say that some people took them, and some people did not... but somehow Karl ended up locked in the bathroom. He refused to come out. People beat on the door and screamed his name only to be answered by silence... finally someone picked the lock and lo and behold: KARL, eating a tube of toothpaste! Haha... I remember him saying, in that low, slow voice of his: "Once that sun rises we're all going to be hating life..." Haha... so true. Hails to you Karl, wherever you are!

12) Okay Molly... please give us your final comments and words. Appreciate deeply your time to do this interview as well as being part of my u/g zine for ish 02. Thank you and... DARK ON!!
12) Thanks for your friendship and support Oscar, and for putting out a killer old school mag.

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