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Last Night Alive


  • 'Zine

    [Note: It's nice to know in the age of this digital wasteland there are still mags that do it the old way. While this 'zine, only on issue #2, is new on the scene, its maker has been long immersed in metal and the underground. This project is more a labor of love than a commercial venture -- as it's not for sale. There is a plethora of interesting topics found within Last Night Alive's pages, but unfortunately it doesn't have many interviews. But hey, it does contain a Mourning the Ancient interview, so I can't fault the 'zine too much! Ha! I'm hoping we see more of this great and creative 'zine, with a full public release.]

    [Above: Table of contents. Hand-numbered to 88 copies. Why didn't I get #14 or #88?! ]

    [Above: Okay, fixed it. No one would ever know. Hehe...]

    ~ Last Night Alive Mourning the Ancient interview ~


  • Below are pictures reprinted in Last Night Alive... they are especially gruesome and sadistic. BE WARNED! They were taken on February 20, 2008 by 32 year old Matthias Schoormann Leer of the German black metal band Carpe Noctem. Matthias was an unemployed mechanic who apparently was friends for some time with the 27 year old victim, Bianca, who was a nurse at the local hospital.

    [Above: Cowardly psychopath Matthias Schoormann Leer ]

    Apparently Matthias had romantic feelings for Bianca, which she didn't share. On the blood-soaked night in question he lured Bianca to his home and strangled her to death. He then cut up her body and posed it for about twenty pictures, which he posted online that night on a metal forum.

    He then set fire to his home and, taking Bianca's severed head with him, he jumped in his car and left. Some time later he drove his car into a truck at a high speed rather than be captured by a police vehicle which was pursuing him.

    He was nothing more than a pathetic coward.

    The file names are as found and are probably the originals. The tragic and disturbing pictures are as follows...

    [Above: You cannot 'un-see' these images. They are truly the work of a madman. It's interesting, that in a genre of music which talks so much about death and suffering, that when it happens, there is nothing 'cool' about it. It is also a strange fact that as human beings we like to gawk at death. We crowd around car accidents and every other bloody event. We're fascinated with horror movies and all manner of violent media. Yet when it's real, and personal, someone you know or someone close to you, it is not entertaining. It is tragic, sad and definitely uncool.

    [Above: An unrelated, but rather shocking picture... did something partially eat her?]

    [Above: Here are some photos of a dead soldier girl whose corpse is being molested and defiled by her enemies. These sort of horrible events have been done since the dawn of man. They are often perpetrated by young men who have been given not only the encouragement to kill, but the authority as well. Do these people sleep at night? How do they go home after doing these vile and evil things? Well often they don't do well back in society. Their misdeeds haunt them. Often it is labeled PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).]

  • One of the freakiest, craziest and god awful evil killers I've ever read about -- Richard Trenton Chase. Also known as 'The Vampire Killer'...

    [Above: Earlier arrest photo of the monster known as Richard Trenton Chase.]

    [Above: Richard Trenton Chase at the time of his arrest.]

  • Just read some of these quotes and be horrified...

    'Chase entered this woman's home and surprised her in the bathtub, shooting her. He then went and shot her child, and then went and shot an infant in his crib that she was babysitting. Her boyfriend then came over and Chase shot him as well.

    Chase then took the body of the female victim to the bedroom, carved one of her eyes out, cut open her insides, played with them, scooped out blood and drank it, had anal sex repeatedly with the corpse, ejaculating in it, then took a knife and stabbed her in the anus over and over again. He then took the dead baby from it's crib and tore open it's skull in the bathtub, but got spooked when neighbors started knocking on the door of the house, since the victim was supposed to take a neighbor child on a ski-trip with her family.

    Chase then stole the dead boyfriend's car and took the dead baby with him so he could do more things with it. When it's dead body was later found abandoned, he had stabbed it in the anus as well and cut off it's head.'

    [Above: One of the Vampire Killer's victims. Note she's been disemboweled.]

    [Above: 'Next to the body were rings made out of blood. They were from a yogurt container that Chase took out of the victim's trash bag that spilled onto the floor during the attack. He used the yogurt cup to scoop blood out of the disemboweled body and drink it.']

  • It gets worse...

    'Chase also had a fear that his blood was drying up and that people, perhaps aliens or nazis, were poisoning him, because his mother was jewish. He once was hospitalized for blood poisoning because he was injecting himself with blood from rabbits. He also would buy pets such as newborn puppies and kittens and then kill and drink their blood.'

    [Above: And another victim of the Jewish Vampire.]




  • 'Zine and flyers

    [Note: This kick-ass 'zine is from Germany. Unfortunately for English readers, Garm is only in German. Below are some examples of its pages though so you can get the idea.
    Garm is a dog or wolf associated with the underworld and the forces of destruction.]

    [Below: Left page contains a listing of underground musicians who have died. I haven't heard of most of these bands!]

  • In the Völuspá, an Eddic poem, Garm is mentioned:

    'Now Garm howls wildly
    Before Gnipa Cave.
    Chains will snap
    And the wolf will run.'

    [Below: Issue #2 of Garm. Back/front.]

    [Below: Here is a reprint of a letter from Euronymous to the band Impurity.]

    [Below: I couldn't believe it that Clive Jones of Black Widow died! I didn't hear about it until reading this. It seems like we just interviewed him... apparently he died of an aggresive form of cancer.]

    [Below: Flyer.]

    [Below: Flyer.]

    [Below: Flyer/front.]

    [Below: Flyer/back.]

    Political Stickers


  • Stickers

    [Note: An interesting bunch of stickers mixed in with some black metal flyers from Europe.]

    Cry of the Wolf


  • Flyers

    [Note: Another excellent 'zine from Germany. Cry of the Wolf is in English and comes very recommended!]

    [Below: Flyer.]

    [Below: Flyer.]

    [front of flyer]

    Lower Silesian Stronghold/Creativity Movement


  • Flyer

    [Note: This flyer has seen the world. Originally from Poland, sent to me in the USA from Mexico. I've never heard of this band, but I've certainly heard of the Creativity Movement. The Judeo-tyrants tried to destroy this white organization a few years back. First they used their crooked courts to strip it of its name, then they sent its leader, Matt Hale, to prison for forty years (!) for bullshit charges that simply weren't true. Creativity was founded by Ben Klassen (February 20, 1918 - August 6, 1993) in 1973. He wrote eight books in his lifetime, not only about the problems facing the white race, but healthy living, history and religion. After his death Matt Hale took the reins.]

    [Below: back of flyer]

    [Below: FREE MATT HALE!]

    [Below: Ending White Slavery is a book written by Rev. Matt Hale and was published in March 2015 -- after he had already endured eleven dark and torturous years of solitary confinement in a six foot by ten foot cell in a 'Supermax' dungeon. This is a testament that his spirit lay unbroken, unbowed and unchained. That the truth he speaks cannot be thrown into a Judeo-capitalist-democratic dungeon. Luckily you can't judge a book by its cover, as this book's cover is pretty bad! However the writing within it is top notch and of paramount importance.]

  • Below are a few quotes from Ending White Slavery:

    '...can we even utter the words ‘White people’, today? Have not the chains upon our minds become so tight, so fixed, that the very notion of a ‘White people’ has become anathema to us? Are we not in fact imbued with the idea that we shouldn’t even utter or contemplate such words, that there are Whites, yes, and there are people, yes, but ‘White people’, together? Such a notion as ‘White people’ is a mistake, a misfortune, a moral failing, we have been told. We are not supposed to have an identity as White people; rather, we are supposed to be individuals who just happen to be White.' (p. 3)

  • He continues on page four:

    'You think I exaggerate? Then let me ask you this: would you feel comfortable donning a T-shirt in public that says ‘I’m proud to be White’ upon it? If you are a political leader, would you be comfortable stating on camera that you are concerned about the future of White people? If you are a wealthy businessman, would you be willing to publicly announce an endowment to create a United White College Fund? If you are a ‘community organizer,’ as our current president was, would you be willing to openly organize Whites as Whites? If you were a college student, do you feel free to create a White Student Alliance alongside the Black, Latino, and Asian? Do you feel free to open your mouth in class to defend the so-called ‘dead white males’ as they are being castigated by a professor? Do you feel free to proclaim to the world that you are proud to be White and see no reason to apologize for anything your ancestors supposedly ‘did’ to the other races? If not, you are indeed in chains, your actions fettered by the enslaved minds of others – or by the chains that grip your own mind.'

  • Keep in mind the white race is a tiny 1/14 of the world's burgeoning population and under 2% of that is of female child-bearing age.

    As Hale said, many more white people die each year than are born. But also consider that Europe and the other traditionally white countries are being flooded with non-white 'immigrants'. The television actually brags that the United States will have a minority white population within a few DECADES.

    FACT: Anytime white people stand up and talk about these dire problems they are destroyed. Matt Hale is but one small example of the armies of white men and women who are killed and imprisoned for thought and speech crimes every year.

    Why is this happening?

    Who has an agenda to destroy us?

    It certainly isn't the blacks or the Arabs or the Asians or the Indians or the Mexicans... they have not the power and, for the most part, not the desire, to destroy the white race.

    So who is it?

    Well, take the chains off of your brainwashed mind and take a look. Only one race remains. Only one race has the power, influence and endless money to achieve this wholly evil end.

    Think about it.

  • I bought my copy of Ending White Slavery on Amazon and recommend you do the same.

    Here is the website where you can get information on how you can help Matt and even write him a letter (he ALWAYS answers his mail): http://freematthale.net/

    [Below: Matt's newest 2016 book 'The Racial Loyalist Manifesto']

    The Communist Manifesto


  • Bookmark

    [Note: I was flipping through a used book I had recently obtained and lo and behold! This filthy beast! Not the little girl, the horrid book, to be clear. I hissed like a vampire to a cross and fled back to my Panther tank...!]



  • 'zine

    [Note: Someone sent me this old 'zine from 1992 recently. At first glance it looks like standard underground fare, right? Until you read its articles, ads and editorial, that is. It constantly argues the editor's warped opinions about... age. You can read below some tame hints at what I'm talking about. It is rather shocking how upfront he is about his twisted beliefs and how pathetic his attempts are at convincing the reader. This guy is probably in prison right now being raped by others with his refined 'Satanic' tastes.]

    Lucifer Hummingbird


  • The Face of Evil!

    [Note: I'm sure you've always wondered what the face of Lucifer looks like -- well, now you know.
    Just look at that cold, black glare. The human mind cannot begin to fathom what horrors are going through its mind. This ancient evil creature surely killed the photographer after this picture was taken.
    So, what is known about the Lucifer Hummingbird?
    I can tell you that this wicked bird is found in deserts and arid areas with agave plants. Worshippers should point their upsidedown crosses to the southwestern United States, from southwest Texas, extreme southwestern New Mexico to extreme southeastern Arizona, and in central and northern Mexico. It is also found in the Madrean Sky Islands of the northern end of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico.
    It's Satanic diet consists mainly of nectar, spiders and small insects. Now if that isn't a diet fit for the most evil black metaller I don't know what is!
    In all seriousness I have no clue why this creature is named this, but I thought I'd waste your time with it anyway! But hey, at least now you know the name of your favorite hummingbird.]

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