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Iron Maiden


  • Tour flyers/digital announcements/CD bootlegs

    [Note: Iron Maiden merchandise is as vast as the stars in the universe. You name it and Iron Maiden is stamped on it. Some of it is undeniably cool, like the early stuff, but a lot of the new stuff is garbage. The original artist and creator of Eddie, Derek Riggs, created works of genius which you could stare at for hours they were so intricate. For reasons unknown and just plain wrong, in 1992 the band decided to accept contributions from other artists for their Fear of the Dark album. Others artists drawing Eddie? No way! None of them could come close to capturing the magic of Riggs. Without Riggs there is no Eddie.
    Here is but a tiny glimpse into the endless advertising and merchandise of Iron Maiden...]

    [Above: World Piece Tour '83]

    [Above: The Beast on the Road]

    [Above: World Slavery Tour, circa 1984]

    [Above: Powerslave Tour 84-85]

    [Above: Powerslave! Tour! Advertisement!]

    [Above: Monsters of Rock 1988]

    [Above: Somewhere on Tour 86/87]

    [Above: Maiden England European Tour 2013]

    [Above: Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead Tour '03]

    [Above: The Final Frontier World Tour - Europe 2010]

    [Above: The Final Frontier World Tour - Europe 2010-11]

    [Above: The Final Frontier advertisement]

    [Above: Maiden England '88]

    [Above: Somewhere Back in Time - World Tour Final Leg - 2009]

    [Above: Paul Di'Anno - The Last Tour - Mexico 2013. Paul Di'Anno is my favorite Iron Maiden singer, but it's a close one with Bruce Dickenson. All in all I think Di'Anno put more realness and soul into his work with Maiden. Don't get me wrong though, Dickenson is legendary, and a truly gifted singer, and probably technically better than Di'Anno. However, there is a rare magic sometimes found in music, be it primitive black metal, or complex classical. Di'Anno had that magic.]

    [Above & below: In recent years the original self-titled Iron Maiden record was released with a new cover, as seen below. The original is above. Which one do you like better? I think, while the new art is cool, I still prefer the original.]

    [Above: Shirt Print. Eddie in occupied Germany. Circa: TODAY.]

    [Above: This is a pinball machine that bears the name Iron Maiden, but is obviously unrelated to the band. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool!]

    [Above: German poster advertising the pinball machine.]

    [Above: Back of pinball machine.]

    [Above: Here is the back of a real Iron Maiden pinball machine. As cool as this is I was never good at pinball!]

    [Above: The Iron Maidens -- an all female tribute band, one of many others, but what separates this one is that Derek Riggs actually did some of the Eddie art for them! This is from 2014.]

    [Above: The Iron Maidens.]

    [Above: The Iron Maidens.]

    [Above: Children of the Beast, Brazilian cover band.]

    [Above: WTF is this?]

    [Above: Famous Greek magazine Metal Hammer from 1988.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. Iron Maiden has tons and tons of bootlegs and unofficial live CDs. Below are just a small handful of some of them. This one is called 'Las Vegas '87'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Into the Abyss - First Night in Tokyo 85'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Immortal Sins'. Okay, at least this one is kinda funny.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Eddie in Denmark'. Very strange artwork choices on these bootlegs.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Charlotte & The Harlots - Cologne '88'. What kind of animal exploited these fine lasses to appear topless on an Iron Maiden CD!?!?]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'I Met Santa Eddie at Earl's Court - Second Night'. Some people just have too much time on their hands I guess. Note the Powerslave era pyramid they thoughtfully included in the background!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'The Red Knickers Incindent'. I love missspeleled boooteleggs.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Children of the Devil'. This definitely wins the prize for the most evil Iron Maiden cover.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Hell Ain't a Bad Place'. Is that supposed to be Eddie??? Well yeah I guess it isn't a bad place... especially if you are not there!!!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'No Prayers for Capone'. Shouldn't this be 'No Prayers for Corleone'???]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Mariners in Newcastle'. I guess even Eddie jumped on the transvestite boat?!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'The Curse of the Seventh One'. I would guess they are referring to 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son', but then why the hell is there a woman on the cover?!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Ed Hunter - Tour '99 - Live in Helsinki'. Why is Eddie dressed like a Canadian Mountie in Finland?!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Saturday Night in Venezuela'. Based on the female I'd say this is more like 'Sunday Afternoon in Scandinavia'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Queen Mary's College - Charlotte and the Harlots Secret Gig'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead in Zlin'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Dark Side of the Mind'. Hmm... below is 'Light Side of the Mind' after inverting the inverted image!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Silent Holy Night'. Finally the truth about Jesus!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Budapest '88'.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Partners in Crime'. Why would this guy (who does not look anything like Eddie) partner with a Mexican woman with a whip?]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Voice of the Dead'. This cover image was taken from the movie House by the Cemetery by Lucio Fulci, as seen below.]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'The Coca-Cola Factor'. What in the hell does this have to do with anything???]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Madrid '82'. This is Paul Di'Anno with a groupie back in the day. He looks kinda strung out from touring and partying!]

    [Above: CD bootleg/live recording. 'Sponge in Time - Michigan 1987'. I saved the best for last. I'll take back what I said earlier -- this is the most EVIL Iron Maiden cover of all time!]


    Nihilistic Holocaust


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'Shake your local zombies'??? Maybe this sounds better in French??? Anyway, this is a really cool underground label that releases some good stuff.]

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