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Beautiful Gems of Thought and Sentiment


  • Book 1890

    [Note: I found this enchanting, old decaying book recently and thought I would share with you a few of the prints within its crumbling pages. 122 years ago it was given to Mary Berkshire by her father on Christmas, December 25, 1893. You can imagine the young girl's wide eyes and smile upon unwrapping this richly embossed tome. It is filled with various writings, poems, songs and the like and interspersed with beautifully engraved pictures, some in color. The scans pay no justice to the eye-popping visuals of the actual book. They simply cannot be reproduced digitally. You can imagine that Mary treasured this book and probably kept it for her entire life. Its fate after that is anybody's guess. They say 'Books have a destiny all their own', and I believe it. If these old books could talk they would tell us more about the old world than what's written within their pages. Can you imagine what Mary or her Father would think if they were told that one day their book would be on the internet?! Imagine trying to explain that one... The pictures here may not be too exciting by today's standards, but if your heart lies in the past, as mine, maybe you'll enjoy them. If not, then back to your facebook idiocy.

    [Above: Here is the presentation page.]

    [Above: The Old, Old Story.]

    [Above: The Masqueraders.]

    [Above: Lost on the Alps.]

    [Above: Psyche First Hears the Flute.]

    [Above: An Unwilling Patient.]

    [Above: The Sisters.]

    [Below: That angry ebola monkey is throwing an ebola infested bat at the photographer! Run!!!]

    [Below: Did they have to show a picture?!]



  • Posters/Ebola-Chan

    [Note: Click to enlarge the posters!]

    [Below: Liberian poster]

    [Below: Liberian poster. I love the 'If you get a fever that starts quick-quick...']

    [Below: One could easily see this picture on the inside sleeve of a black metal band!]

    [Below: This artist is a genius! The life-like drawing look so realistic you can almost smell ebola! Is it true that you can catch ebola through a computer monitor?]

    [Below: What a bizarre language... like someone didn't know how to spell in English so they just wrote down whatever... wait, I found out what this is! It's called Pidgin English. Here's a little more:

    'It is said that Nigerian Pidgin is a language of approximately 3 to 5 million people and is a second language to at least another 75 million.
    Variations of Pidgin are also spoken across West Africa in countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.'

    [Below: I love this official booklet: 'Do not touch vomit, saliva, urine, blood and POO POO...'!!!]

    [Below: Here is an interesting sign that promises immunization to Ebola through prayer.]


  • During the height of the ebola scare people on the internet began posting picture and messages about a meme named 'Ebola-Chan'. It got so popular and well-known that people in Africa began to hear about it and its associated rumors. Rumors like ebola was the weapon of a goddess and she was cursing Africa. That white people had sent the virus and it made white people stronger when infected -- this stemmed from a quote from one of the Americans infected who said 'I am growing stronger every day...'. He said this when he was recovering from the virus, but the quote was used, along with a picture of him with glowing eyes, to mean that the virus was making him stronger. Well, some Africans actually believed this. There were also rumors that white people were stealing blood and drinking it! There were already rumors in Liberia that ebola was fake. The Ebola-Chan legend had the potential to make matters even worse. Below are some of the sea of examples of memes and propaganda on the internet.]

  • All images courtesy of search engines!

    [Below: Here is an example of the propaganda of the infected aid worker mentioned above.]

    [Below: Note the ebola virus on her ponytails... Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Some of the Ebola-Chan artwork was top-notch. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Ebola-Chan even made the newspaper in Germany -- and probably other countries as well. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Some people even took it further and designed costumes of Ebola-Chan...]

    [Below: We can't forget about the band Ebola either!]

    [Below: Ebola - Hell's Death Metal]

    [Below: Ebola/Inferis Split]


    P.S. We love you Ebola-Chan!

    [Below: Here is some bonus madness from Africa for you! I like how they advertise a chainsaw next to a circumcision sign! And don't be caught in 'HEVEN' with an uncircumcised penis -- you'll be in a bad way for sure! At the entrance to heaven St. Peter will be like 'Yo dog, let me see yo junk'. And if you are natural, THE WAY YOU WERE CREATED, then off to hell you go, with all those other uncut demon-men!]

    [Below: Megade Afjdzi De Afisia O. says 'NO MORE SHITTING IN THE STREET!' and you better listen to 'him' or else. In case you can't read there is a lovely picture for you.]

    [Below: HA HA HA! This is hilarious and utterly strange.]

    [Below: Okay, not Africa, but here's an Indian billboard to warn you to stop shitting in the streets!]

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