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  • Cassette with song contribution for Mourning the Ancient video/envelope/customs papers/stickers/pictures

    [Note: I remember fearing that this package was lost in the mail because it literally took a few months to arrive. It turns out it was sent ground mail, which takes forever!]

    Anorexia Nervosa/Bethzaida/Bloodthorn


  • Flyer - 1997

    [Note: I've heard of these bands over the years but never heard any of their music that I can remember.
    Well, I know I have never heard 'Anorexia Nervosa,' you don't forget that name. Is this a joke band? I mean, why would anyone name their band that?
    Lastly, if 'You are what you listen,' as Season of Mist proclaims, does that mean that anyone who listens to this band are nervous anorexics?!]


    [Below: CD tray paper.]

    [Below: Here is some sort of Russian CD tray paper.]

    [Below: Here's another release (2001) from Anorexia Nervosa. The artwork is from an artist named 'Jan Saudek'. The band Darzamat from Poland has also used Saudek's work on two of their releases, as seen below.]

    [Below: Darzamat's 'In The Opium Of Black Veil' was released in 1997.]

    [Below: Also from 1997 Darzamat's 'In the Flames of Black Art'.]

    [Below: 'In the Flames of Black Art' has seen a few cover changes over the years, from the mediocre, below, to the horrible, further below.]

    [Below: Here is another band that used Saudek's work...'Drastisch'.]

    Conan The Barbarian


  • Soundtrack LP/VHS/cassettes/CD/books/game

    [Note: Not only were these movies great but the soundtracks were great too.]

    [Above: VHS]

    [Above: VHS from Holland]

    [Above: VHS]

    [Above: DVD releases...]

    [Above: Remastered Blu-ray 2011 releases. Conan the Barbarian was released in 1982, with Conan the Destroyer following in 1984.]

    [Above: The soundtracks on CD and cassette]

    [Above: Promotional photo]

    [Conan was originally created by Robert E. Howard in 1932 and was first found in books and magazines.
    In past decades there were many iterations of Conan and his travels.
    Conan's popularity created many imposters, like the book above (right).
    Even Nintendo licensed Conan for play on its game system (below). The picture looks about as horrible as the 2011 Conan movie. Conan has changed his race apparently. Changing from white to other races has become quite popular in Hollywood in recent years. A recent movie even has some of the deities of Asgard cast as other than white. You know, while we're at it, I think there should be a new Malcolm X movie. Starring a red-headed Irishmen as Malcolm. Better yet, girl-power(!), a red-headed Irish woman! How stupid is all of this... this is truly the age of nonsense.]

    [Below: This movie is an insult in every way. Horrible, horrible stuff.]

    [Below: Here's another example of the lunacy of putting non-white races in the roles of white people, be they historical or fictional. Julius Caesar! I want a white actor to play Shaka Zulu...]

    [Below: Ahhh, Sir Lancelot... that's exactly how I've always pictured him.]

    [Below: King Arthur!]

    [Below: Achilles!]

    [Below: "My Viking hero!" At least he has blue eyes!]

    [Below: What? You thought the pilgrims were white? HAHAHA! In all seriousness, they dare call this 'Spot On'! And why is that black pilgrim touching that sheep's ass?]

    [Below: Peter Pan anyone?]

    [Below: Worse still, the population replacement of white people in white countries. Here is the new 'traditional Swede' being advertised in modern Sweden. There are even worse ones than this one out there... total insanity. Only idiotic and weak white people would let this to happen and allow things to get this far!]

    [Below: Here are some traditional Swedes...]

    [Below: Ugh...]

    [Below: A landslide of lunacy... white people will become a minority not only in Sweden in the near future, but in many historic white homelands, like the USA.]

    [Below: Wow... don't they have their own culture, customs and lands? Why must they try to steal ours? But anyone who understands what's going on realizes that it is all part of Their plan of population replacement. It isn't the blacks printing these books or puting them in these absurd roles...]

    [Below: This is from a Swedish government funded ad for a new television show about the first people that settled Sweden.]

    [Below: Here's a picture showing various anti-white insanity.]

    [Below: Ah, well, you crackers were black just a few short centuries ago. You see? All of your lands belong to the black man anyway.]

    [Below: The so-called 'Cheddar Man', Britainís oldest homo sapien skeleton dating from around 10,000 years ago, had blue eyes, dark skin and dark curly hair. So it wasn't just the Vikings that were black...]

    [Below: First they took away our race's accomplishments, then they took away 'us'.]

    [Below: Here's more insanity for ya. As of March 2019, Britain released this 'facial reconstruction' of a 5,600-year-old Neolithic woman from Sussex. They say this is the original inhabitant of Britain, and, get this, the race that built Stonehenge!!]

    [Below: And more insanity...]

    [Below: And more. The ride never ends...]

    [Below: Wait. What???????]

    [Below: Clown World to the extreme.]

    [Below: Oh the fucking irony. At least they aren't speaking German, right?]

    [Below: Hahaha... is this what you want, white man? Is this what you want to leave behind for your children? This is what happens when you let your enemies control your world. And all of this is just the beginning.]

    [Below: Hmm... okay, sure.]

    Anyway... back to Conan!

    [Above: Conan finally meets his match in 1985's Red Sonja...]

    [Above: Here is a European release. The movie might as well have been called 'Schwarzenegger' by how big his name is on the top of this cover... "Schwarzenegger starring Red Sonya..."]

    [Above: Conan the video game was released in 2007 on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It was a decent game of mindless fun...]

    [Above & below: These were pre-order bonuses of some kind for the 2007 video game...]

    [Above: An example of the artwork within...]

    [Above & below: Magazine-sized comics from the 1970s/early 80s. These comics were pretty graphic for their time...]

    [Below: ...hmm, a bit prophetic for the future perhaps. A world with millions of 'Shorgs' running wild, and no 'Conans' to save the day!]

    [Below: Kull the Destroyer from 1979. Kull wanted to be Conan oh so badly.]

    The Chopping Block


  • Comic magazine

    [Note: Anyone remember 'Wild Rags?' How about 'the wild RAG!' It was a 'zine/catalogue of sorts put out by the label/distro Wild Rags. There were many rumors at the time that this distro ripped people off, but the handful of times I ordered from them everything was fine. Anyway, I'm not sure why they did this comic thing, but they sent all their mags out free, so that's how I got it.]

    Wehrwolf Propaganda


  • Rudolf Hess shirts flyer/Photo

    [Note: These look great, but unfortunately they were never printed.
    Rudolf Hess embodies strength and determination. Even after being imprisoned for 46 years his faith and belief never wavered.]

    [Above: Special thanks to M. for the photo]

    [Above: An old Hess postcard, it says: 'Und einer halte die flamme lebendig' (And one keep the flame alive)]

    [Above: A Hess shirt from the 1990s]

  • Update: In 2011 they exhumed the remains of Rudolf Hess. The cemetery refused to renew the contract of the plot rental! The all-wise, all-noble powers-that-be said they were tired of people using it as a place of pilgrimage. His remains were cremated and the gravestone destroyed. Do they honestly think they can erase their crimes by destroying any vestige of evidence? Let me tell you, they only make the soldiers of truth more determined, more sure in their resolve.



  • Flyer

    [Note: Never heard this band, but the guy's corpse paint looks pretty unique and neat. The album, seen below, was released by Somber Music in 2004.]

    Sinister Sirens


  • Sticker

    [Note: Is this a band? I'm not sure, but I presume it is... the picture below appears to be the Sinister Sirens in question, but I feel ripped off, they look nothing like the sticker!!!]

  • Letter #7


    [Note: Here's another example of a handful of letters we received back in 1998/99 after Mourning the Ancient images were mistakenly published in a 'zine of the day, The Grimoire. To see a scan and read a little bit more about it click here.

    Yes, just a dream, now go back to bed...]



  • Plastic poster

    [Note: Here was a cool idea by FMP. These plastic posters would have looked great in color.
    I'm not sure what others were done, if any.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Here is one of the best examples of a chaotic and illegible logo. No idea who this is...]



  • Comic

    [Note: This is a comic book from 1996, and as you might guess, not a good one. Sometimes you can judge a 'book' by its cover. The advertisements were certainly more entertaining than the the comic itself. See below.]

    [Above: You gotta love the 'FUCK ALL AGES' thing. Be you THREE, THIRTY, or THREE HUNDRED... FUCK YOU!]

    [Above: The 'NECRO-NUDE' is SOLD OUT!!! Ah the terrible ironies...]

    Iron Maiden


  • Pillow!

    [Note: Ah, here is my Iron Maiden pillow from when I was a baby...
    Just kidding! This is pretty lame and no baby would want this.]



  • 'Thundercross'

    [Note: This thing was pretty cool.]

    Theatres des Vampires


  • Advance CD-Rs and CD-R with music contribution for Mourning the Ancient film

    [Note: Here is a selection of advance CD-Rs from over the years, including the CD-R containing the tracks for our film, upper right. The bottom two are just covers thrown together by one of the band members before sending. Cool huh?]



    Shadows of Michelangelo


  • 'Zine

    [Note: This came out I believe in the mid 90s, no clue if it is still around. Very strange name for a mag, eh?]



  • Support your local Einsatz-kommando shirt

    [Note: Wow. Now here is a cool shirt released by Misathropy back in the day.]

    [Below: Here are the original graphics from the Misanthropy website.]

    [Below: Here are two of Burzum's earliest cassette demos.]

    [Below: This is Burzum's first official release on Euronymous' Deathlike Silence label. It is very hard to find.]

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