[Above: a-blaze magazine (Germany)]

  • Branstock is a fearless and ferocious German black metal band that, needless to say, we have a high appreciation for.

    [Above: Branstock CD - cover/inner sleeve]

    [Above: Branstock CD - back]

    [Above: Branstock cassette - front/inner]

    [Above: Branstock 'Ohne Opfer heinen Sieg' cassette - front/inner]

    [Above: Branstock 'Uckermark' (2012)- CD - front cover]

    [Above: Branstock 'Uckermark' (2012)- CD - front cover/inner
    *Note: This release features a poem of ours called 'The Forbidden Symbol' for the track of the same name]

    [Above: Branstock 'Uckermark' (2012)- CD - back]

    [Above: Branstock 'Uckermark' (2012)- CD - inside]

    [Above: Spikekult Flyer]

    [Above: Well, here is an interesting story. We didn't exactly contribute this one. Some years ago, Bill of the Grimoire mag wanted to feature some of our photos in his 'Grimoire Girl' section. We didn't want to, for pretty obvious reasons. Nonetheless, some kind of 'misunderstanding' ensued, and he took pics from our website and went to print. We were pretty pissed. Especially myself, whose face appeared in a context I found idiotic. Since the Mourning the Ancient address was also printed we received a batch of mostly very strange letters (some of which we've posted for you to read here: Trash or Treasure.
    Well, at least I was girl #14! And all in all, it's a funny part of our history.]

    [Above: To make matters worse, I only found out years later that the Grimoire printed a page in the next issue. I mean it is a free advertisement, but still one that I didn't make or put together. Oh well.]

    [Above: The page in question from the Grimoire #21.]

    [Above: One of our photos was used for the cover of the superb Spanish magazine 'A SANGRE Y FUEGO'.
    This magazine also came with three CD's, which the same picture was used.]

    [Above: CD cover]

    [Above: This 'zine used an MTA picture for their cover, although we would soon regret doing an interview with them and letting them use our image, as the spelling and grammar of the 'zine was terrible. They retyped our interview and did an absolutely horrible job, making us appear like 3-year olds! HA!]

    [Below: Der Wehrwolf 'Zine Mourning the Ancient Edition - Front/back]

    [One of our proudest contributions to date, also our largest! This is a Mourning the Ancient issue of the great German underground 'zine 'Der Wehrwolf.' The huge amount of material here has been selected by its editor from our website and put into classic underground format. This issue also contains one of our most candid interviews to date. Stefan Milde, the P.O.W. German artist whose work is seen on the back of the 'zine, did the work exclusively for this issue. Needless to say, we were in awe!
    This issue also comes with a professionally pressed CD containing the tracks contributed to us by various bands for our 2002 film (see listing below). These have never been available outside of our VHS, so it was cool to finally preserve them on this format. It also contains some tracks from our music project 'Primitive Supremacy' and some demo material.
    This 2012 issue, number four, is limited to 314 copies.
    It was interesting to see Mourning the Ancient in this format, especially since this was our original vision afterall. Mighty thanks to M. of Der Wehrwolf for the time spent showcasing our work. The honor is all ours comrade.]

    [Below: Der Wehrwolf Issue #4 - CD Front]

    [Below: Der Wehrwolf Issue #4 - CD Back]

    [Below: Der Wehrwolf Issue #4 - CD inside]

    [Below: Der Wehrwolf Issue #4 - CD]

    [Below: Flyer #1]

    [Below: Flyer #2, circa July 2012]

    [Below: Flyer #3, circa July 2012]

    [Below: Flyers #4, 5 and 6, circa July 2012]

    [Below: Xeroxed flyers #7, 8 and 9, circa July 2014/15]

    [Below: Flyers for another issue of Der Wehrwolf]

    [Below: Sadorass CD 'Strength and Wisdow' (circa 2002).
    Sadorass is a superb German black metal band, so it was an honor when they used one of our poems, 'The Hateful Flame Invisible' for a song of the same name.]

    [Below: CD back.]

    [Below: CD inner page, lyrics.]

    [Below: New World Black Metal. This seven inch released by Plastik Musik contains tracks by four bands, including the mighty Bitter Peace. On the back of the EP sleeve is a Mourning the Ancient photo circa January 31, 2011 from the photo shoot 'Kraiten'.]

    [Above: Back/front of 7" EP]

    [Above: Back/front of inside of 7" EP]

    [Above: Flyer advertising 7" EP]

    *R.I.P. Nathan (Plastik Musik)

    [Below: Unfortunately Heathen Force magazine never came to fruition.]

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