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King Diamond

  • Autographed Conspiracy poster

    [Note: King Diamond is a prime example of a band you either love or hate. Personally, I've always loved this band. It's an awesome creative force in every way. This particular album, 'Conspiracy' is my favorite of all. The song 'Sleepless Nights' even had a video made for it, although it's been many years since I've seen it. Maybe King's unique vocal style is something you have to be introduced to when you are young to appreciate it. I guess I just can't figure out those who don't like King Diamond as much as I do. Fuck 'em!]

    [Below: Here are some bonus pictures of the King]

    Ordo Equilibrio


  • Postcards

    [Note: I was appalled the first time I saw this postcard. The effect hasn't lessened. I don't think I have to point out which postcard I'm talking about. At least, I hope not! If you've ever heard this band, at least their first few releases, since I haven't heard anything after, then you know that their music was top notch. They were masters of dark ambient music. In no way when listening to or viewing the CDs would you think they would do postcards as retarded as these. I could never quite listen to them the same after viewing these...]

    [Below: Here are a couple of other old promo shots of the band...]

    Satan's Sweet Slavery


  • Business Card

    [Note: The things that get circulated in the underground. I have no idea what this is...]



  • Alcoholic Thrash Metal - CD cover/flyer

    [Note: Alcoholic Thrash Metal? What exactly does this mean, I have no clue, but it sounds pretty damn stupid.
    Then again, I could be wrong, and it could be a new music genre that totally kicks ass... puh, nevermind, it's stupid.]

    [Looking through a stack of flyers I found another release for ya!

    Zombie -Dawn of the Dead


  • Laserdisc/poster/VHS

    [Note: Here is the Japanese version of Dawn of the Dead. In Italy they call it 'Zombi' (since there is another film of the time called 'Zombie' by Lucio Fulci.) This version is pretty rare and sought after by collectors, and I can see why, it has a strange, great look to it.]

    [Below: Check out the awesome art on this German VHS bootleg from a company called 'Astro']

    [Below: Spanish poster]

    [Below: The rarest of the rare - VHD format]

  • Letter #4


    [Note: Here's another example of a handful of letters we received back in 1998/99 after Mourning the Ancient images were mistakenly published in a 'zine of the day, The Grimoire. To see a scan and read a little bit more about it click here.

    Wow, where to begin? He wants to be one of my MANY hell slaves and fill my emptiness... he shudders at the thought of tasting my blood... He speaks with the passion of an eight year old. Sorry, I don't like 'dark lovers', I like white ones! he he...]

    Nelsonian Black Metal Sabbat 1999


  • Concert flyer

    [Note: This is a flyer from New Zealand. Playing at this fest was one of my favorite bands, Beltane.
    An amazing, unique band, but fated to die after recording only a few songs. At this show the person I knew in Beltane was wearing a Mourning the Ancient shirt, when it got too hot and he took it off a fan stole it from him! Pretty funny eh? But worry not, I sent him a replacement!]



  • The Elder Land flyer

    [Note: 'The Victory is Ours!' This release was pretty cool, but they came and went before anyone knew it.]

    [Below: The Elder Land came out in 1998]



  • Evil Genius CD

    [Note: This release was supposed to come with a razor blade. The ones I've heard of have been missing it. Anyone actually get one? I feel cheated!]

    [Below: It and All of Abruptum]

    The Hobbit


  • Six cassette set

    [Note: Here is a cassette set of The Hobbit before it became a mainstream craze. Before the movies, one could find some odd merchandise here and there. It's amazing to think about the impact this book and the trilogy has had on metal in general. A mountain of bands have been inspired by them. Lyrics, band names, album names, art, etc. etc. So, horns high to you, Tolkien!]



  • Satan's Conjuration CD

    [Note: A cool sounding unofficial release. This unofficial CD contains 8 tracks from Sodom's second demo 'Witchhammer', plus a cover version and the earliest known recording of Sodom live.]

    [Below: CD cover/inner booklet]

    [Below: Since we're talking about Sodom... This is the cover of Sodom's 1988 release 'Mortal Way of Live'. It surely sports one of the funniest metal covers ever. Check out the guy sneaking a lick at the cat!]

  • Click to enlarge!

    [Below: Which reminds me of the painting The Fall of Rome.]

    [Below: A close contender for its irony... Sodom's 'Til Death Do Us Unite from 1997.]

    [Below: And since we're on the subject, here is a the album cover of the mighty Barathrum's 6th album, 'Okkult', from 2000.]



  • Mother North PAL-VHS

    [Note: 'This is Armageddon!' Nemesis Divina was the last release of this band that I liked. The song 'Mother North' was a great track, and I thought the video was good too.]

    [Below: The 2002 film Spun contained the song/video from Satyricon's Mother North. How or why is beyond me. The scene featured a freak on meth watching the Mother North video. Yeah, pretty derogatory and shameful to license your serious song to something like this. The film also had Rob Halford of Judas Priest in it playing a porn store worker who looks at gay porn. Now that sounds about right, the Mother North, however, well I guess Satyricon thought meth went well with their album. Anything for money, I suppose. Puh.]

    The National Alliance


  • Sticker - THE WHITE RACE

    [Note: Recently in the news (June 2011) it was announced that for the first time non-whites are now having more babies than whites in the United States.
    Various places in Europe are the same.
    A dying race indeed...]

    [Above: The man himself, one of the most important men of the latter 20th century: William Pierce. His words of wisdom and his writings and speeches freed me from the brainwashing of the dark world. I have nothing but love and respect for him!]

    [Above: William Pierce... we could call this picture 'Two Cool Cats'.]



  • Magazine

    [Note: This magazine is from Spain circa 2004. Its name translates as 'Inheritance'.
    From what I can gather, it covers not only music but philosophy, art, nude photography, culture, race and more.
    I wish my Spanish was better because it's quite a cool mag.]

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