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Free Hendrik Möbus

  • Sticker

    [Note: Well, I'm happy to say Hendrik has been a free man for quite some time now. The whole situation is a reminder of this world's dwindling freedom. They chased Hendrik around the world, eventually finding him in the USA. And for what? 'Crimes' that were not even crimes in the United States. Normally a person would be able to attain political asylum when this happens, but not for him.
    Injustice? Get used to it. It's a slave new world and we're all inmates. So don't piss off the guards!]

    [Above: Here is a letter from Evelyn Hill, an incredible woman and a tireless worker for the National Alliance. She was the secretary of Dr. William Pierce for many years. She also was in charge of the Free Hendrik Möbus website. During this time I eagerly helped with her webpage and put the many foreign language versions of the website to html. This letter in particular is one of many fan/hate mail letters that was put on the site.]



  • Glossy postcard flyer

    [Note: This was released on Full Moon Productions, but I don't believe I ever heard it. Neat picture though.]



  • CD tray art

    [Note: I believe this is the art from the CD tray of an Incantation CD, since I don't have that particular CD, I'm not positive.]


  • UPDATE: The above picture is from the CD tray picture from Incantation's release 'Mortal Throne of Nazarene'.

    [Below: Mortal Throne of Nazarene ©1994. Cover.]

    [Below: Mortal Throne of Nazarene ©1994. Reverse.]

    [Below: Mortal Throne of Nazarene ©1994. Tray.]

    [Below: Mortal Throne of Nazarene ©1994. CD.]

    [Below: Here are some Incantation honorable mentions - This must have been released after the band sold out? From death metal to pan pipes?]

    [Below: Damn, Incantation even had a game made based on the band.]

    [Below: And a flyer from July 3, 1992. Must have been a cool show. Revenant was a band that never got the praise they deserved. They were a great band.]

    Dol Amroth


  • Promo/letter

    [Note: Dol Amroth, from Greece, is a band most of you probably aren't familiar with. The many crude looking cassettes they released contained some great, magical works. In the distant past, documents and letters were sealed with a wax stamp, usually containing the person's symbol or seal. The letters with the promos we received over the years from Dol Amroth were sealed with one as well. It was a unique touch, and, I think at least, a neat one.]

    [Below: A selection of four of Dol Amroth's early cassette releases. Diamonds in the rough.]



  • Sticker/shirt

    [Note: Ah, Darkmoon. Here's a great band and one that we interviewed long ago. One of the members used to be in the band Demonic Christ. (see below #28). This shirt was cool but the front print was so thick that is felt like you had a sheet of plastic glued to the shirt.]

    [Above: Shirt, front/back]

    [Above: Some art from the period.]

    [Above: Some more old art from the period.]

    Demonic Christ


  • Deceiving the Heavens - Cassette Demo 1993/'93 envelope/flyer

    [Note: This was the first band that I ever heard that had a female growling death metal vocals.
    Her name is Dana Duffey and that's her on the cover. It was pretty shocking at the time to hear a girl do this. That was back in 1993.
    Two years later Mourning the Ancient would be born. Four years after that we would interview Dana.
    These days it's a lot more common to hear female death metal vocalists.
    I wonder who was the first female to sing in this style? Below are some pictures of Dana and the band.

    [Below: Click to enlarge!]



    [Above: Demonic Christ promo picture.]

  • Letter #3


    [Note: Here's another example of a handful of letters we received back in 1998/99 after Mourning the Ancient images were mistakenly published in a 'zine of the day, The Grimoire. To see a scan and read a little bit more about it click here.

    He he... I especially like the part 'I'm sure you've gotten many letters telling you all of this B-4, maybe not in the same words...'
    Wow, someone sure has their thesaurus handy! You are a wordsmith!]

    Iron Maiden


  • Somewhere in Time figure

    [Note: I mean, sure it's kinda cool, but don't you think you're kinda whoring out your mascot a bit? Oh well, you know you still want one!]

    Nåstrond 666


    [Note: This flyer, which on the back someone had handwritten 'Nastrond' is of the band. Kind of strange to just circulate this picture.
    Ever heard the band Nåstrond 666? Killer stuff from Sweden. My favorite was the 1995 CD Toteslaut, but I haven't heard a lot of the other releases.]

    [Below: I've since found another photo like that above, seen here.]

    [Below: In old Icelandic 'Náströnd' means 'Shore of Corpses', a hall described in both the Poetic and the Prose Edda.]



  • Glossy postcard flyer

    [Note: The lover of old zombie movies in me loves this one. Looks straight out of Dawn/Day of the Dead, but better make-up!]

    Magnum Carnage


  • Band promo portrait

    [Note: This artwork looks like something a six year old might see after taking some hallucinogenic mushrooms.
    I like how 'evil Jimmy' is giving the horns to himself, very clever... ha!]



  • Postcard

    [Note: If you've never heard the band Arcana then you are missing a great, great band. Their release, 'Dark Age of Reason' is a classic. The track 'The Song of Mourning' is one of my favorites of all time.]

    [Below: CD cover]

    [Below: Polish cassette cover]

    The Song of Mourning

    Once again a soul has left us, left us with disappointment and questions.
    Is this really the solution to all our problems?
    Just letting your soul depart from this world!?
    I've seen this all before. It's too late, it's too late now.
    There's nothing more to do, we'll all reunite one day... but until then...

    Myth & Beauty


  • CD-ROM

    [Note: This CD-Rom from 1997 contains an assortment of images from the artist Boris Vallejo. These images are pretty low resolution in today's age, in fact these were probably circulating the internet in its infancy. Check out how some of the images even have modem phone numbers to old BBS sites. Here are some of my faves from the CD, and one that's not!]


    [Below: CD case back]

    [Below: CD]


    [The images below can be clicked to enlarge]

    [Below: ...and one to give you nightmares!]



  • Back patch

    [Note: Remember these dorky things?
    These huge back patches were designed to be put on the backs of blue-jean jackets.
    If there is a Megadeth one you can bet there was a number of Iron Maiden ones! Since they merchandised everything.]

    [Above: Wow, 1987. Overkill had just released Taking Over. This would have been a cool show.]

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