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Devil's Triangle


  • Flyer

    [Note: The guy on the flyer is a police sketch of the 'Zodiac Killer', one the most interesting, intelligent and crafty of all the serial killers. He killed for years, taunting the police and sending them letters with complex encryptions. Eventually he told them he was going to change his M.O. and kill undetected, so they would never know it was him. He said he would make his future kills look like accidents. They never caught him and he did indeed 'disappear.']

    [Above: Two books about the Zodiac. One of the Zodiac's ciphers is in the middle.]


    [Below: Police wanted poster for the Zodiac Killer.]

    [Below: Police artist rendition of the Zodiac Killer in ceremonial dress.]


    [Below: The Zodiac killer references the 1932 movie 'The Most Dangerous Game' in one of his letters. The movies plot is about hunting humans...]


    [Below: Here is a book about a strange copycat killer. Like the original Zodiac Killer he also wrote to the press with cyphers, although unlike the real Zodiac, whose cyphers were very complex, his cyphers were simple. He killed several people and wounded many more.]

    'Sleep my little dead, how we loathe them.'


    Okay, I imagine he got this strange statement from Edgar Allen Poe's quote: 'Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them'

    But somehow got things a little mixed up...


  • Letter #12

    [Note: Here's another example of a handful of letters we received back in 1998/99 after Mourning the Ancient images were mistakenly published in a 'zine of the day, The Grimoire. To see a scan and read a little bit more about it click here.

    What can I possible say? His first two words were spelled wrong. Honestly, who doesn't know how to spell 'HELLO'???]

    Nazgul's Eyrie Productions


  • Order sheet

    [Note: Anyone remember Nazgul's Eyrie? If you have any of the early Barathrum or Countess CDs, that's who released them. They put out some great stuff back in the 90s.]

    Funeral Fog


  • Glossy promo picture

    [Note: What a strange duo...
    You can almost hear the conversation 'I'm going to put on corpse-paint and dress up like a wizard!' and the other guy saying 'Fuck that faggot shit!']



  • Flyer

    [Note: National Socialists from Hellas! Formed in 1998, as of 2017 this band was still active... few people know, even Greek people, that there was a sizable National Socialist movement in Greece in the 1930s and 1940s. To learn more, check out the excellent book 'The Untold History of Greek Collaboration with Nazi Germany (1941-1944) by Markos Vallianatos 2014.]



  • Stickers

    [Note: Can you decifer these logos? I think they say 'Martyr' and 'Vehemence'.]

    Evil Grinder/Impetus


  • Flyers

    [Note: Gotta love the English on these... first, on the left: 'Are your gall bladder crunching?!!!' Haha...
    The second flyer, on the right, at the end of the text: '...and always support soaped soaped stamps'. What the hell?!]



  • Demo/envelope

    [Note: The mighty FROST from Germany! There was a dispute over the name Frost, so this Frost called themselves 'The True Frost'. And I couldn't agree more!]

    Mourning Beloveth


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'A true Irish tragedy.' The true Irish tragedy is that Christianity has taken such a deep hold on Ireland's soul. A few years back Ireland was the only white country having more babies then people were dying -- the only country at replacement level. The World Enemy couldn't have that, so they made abortion legal and poured in non-white 'immigrants' (invaders). Dublin looks like somewhere in Africa now.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Now that is the strangest version of Baphomet I've ever seen. It might be a baphomet from outerspace...]



  • Flyer

    [Note: This is the first time I have ever seen an underground band selling sunglasses! I guess that this might be technically considered 'poser' though, according to 'The Black Metal Bible' page 666, 'Thou shall not wear sweatpants or sunglasses...' OK, but what if the sunglasses are smeared with goat blood?!?! Hehe...]



    [Note: This is one of the most disturbing letters I've ever received. I have no comments beyond that...]

    Scion Zine/Enslaved promo


    [Note: Recently I ventured to a local music store. I had not been in a music store in years, and once there, I remembered why. Black/death metal music's popularity and mainstream acceptance have hit new all-time lows. 'Underground' CDs selling for up to $20.00. Vinyl re-issues selling for $25.00 and more. Ridiculous greed. Upon leaving, there was a rack of your usual local band flyers and free 'zines. What surprised me was seeing a stack of Enslaved promos. Here's a band I hadn't heard in years, but with the popularity of old bands trying to sound more and more mainstream these days, I was wary. And for good reason. The CD opens up with a very radio-friendly track. This is not the band I remembered. But what was worse than that is who put this out. Toyota. Yes, fucking TOYOTA! The car company. They also put out the magazine pictured and sponsor metal fests. What's next Absurd and Burzum put out by Chevy and Ford?!]

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