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Black Sabbath


  • Born Again LP

    [Note: Iconic cover art! A lot of Black Sabbath fans have mixed feelings about this release from 1983, featuring Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan on vocals. Personally, I like it. I've heard that when Ian Gillan heard the finished record he hated it and was angry and said that they made his voice sound evil in editing. Whether this is true or not I'm not sure but his voice doesn't sound that evil to me. Now the Jewish Star with the Spider Man looking guy in the middle, seen below, which is found on the back of the LP, now that is E V I L ! ! Ha!]


    [Below: There is a plethora of Born Again merchandise available. All of the items shown below are modern. From shirts, picture LPs, patches, bootlegs featuring unmixed tracks, and much more. Directly below are 'Born Again' shirts.]


    [Below: 'Born Again' picture LP.]


    [Below: 'Born Again' Japanese CD.]


    [Below: 'Born Again' patches.]


    [Below: 'Born Again' bootleg CDs. Apparently a mix-tape was stolen during the recording sessions and this rough mix is the result. There are various different CD versions of the same recording. The track 'The Fallen' is an unreleased track from the 'Born Again' sessions.]

    [Below: A very ugly version.]

    [Below: This version is by far the coolest looking--with the original baby used for the cover shown. The baby picture was painted over to make the cover. When the singer Ian Gillan was shown the cover he thought it was horrible. Personally I love it!]

    [Below: Before the baby gave his soul to Satan and began listening to VENOM!]

    [Below: The lyrics to Born Again, poetic, symbolic and brilliant...]

    Black Sabbath

    Born Again

    As you look through my window
    Deep into my room
    At the tapestries all faded
    Their vague and distant glories
    Concealed in the gloom
    The icy fingers of forgotten passions
    Softly brushing my lips
    At the tips of my primitive soul

    As you look through my door
    Deep into my room
    Can you feel the mighty wall of power
    It's waiting waiting in the gloom
    The distant shadows of forgotten champions
    Those who live in me still
    And will rise when we challenge and kill

    Born again
    You'll be born again

    Look at this prince of evil
    Fighting for your mind
    Fighting all priests of shame
    For the thrust of my challenge is aimed
    At the hearts of mutant gods
    Who think we're all the same
    They're controlling our minds
    And they use us for fortune and fame

    As you look through my window
    Deep into my room
    At your future and freedom
    The grey and plastic retards all floating in circles
    And as you taste the fruits of new sensations
    Softly brushing your lips
    As we rise when we challenge and kill

    Born again
    You'll be born again

    If you want to be a king for a day
    Just do what I say

    Everybody's got to think like a hunter
    Just search for your prey

    Be alive through the night and the day
    Just do it my way

    [Songwriters: Harvey, Osten S / Wallace, Christopher / Walker, Jeffrey Leon / Pierre, Harve. Born Again lyrics Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC]

    Black Sabbath


  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP

    [Note: Speaking of iconic covers and Black Sabbath, here is a cool one from this 1974 release. The Satanic artwork must have been something to behold in 1974!]

    [Above: Back of LP]

    [Above: I'm not sure what the story behind this is, but it is interesting. Did someone take off some wallpaper to reveal a mural of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath? Something done years ago by some unknown tenant? Hmm...]



  • Freak Connection LP

    [Note: ...and while we're on the topic of eye-catching covers, who could forget this one, from the legendary French band Cerrone! OK, just kidding, I have no clue who this guy is, but he does have a ballsy cover and, AND, his very own personalized umbrella! Beat that Black Sabbath!]

    *UPDATE: After looking up Cerrone I was surprised to find out he has not only sold MILLIONS of records, but also is very popular. He is of Italian lineage, but lives in France (yes he is still alive). Here are a selection of more of his over-the-top album covers for the sheer comic value...

    [Above: Apparently this cover had to be changed for the American market because of the jar of 'cocaine' on the floor. As if Americans don't love cocaine. HA!]

    [Above: This is what the cover above was changed to... I wonder what idiot thought this one up -- okay sure, Americans don't love cocaine... but they love... HAWAII!!!!]

    HAHAHA! Man, what a god damn stud.

    Grim Reaper


  • See You in Hell/Fear no Evil LPs

    [Note: 1984/1985 saw the release of these LPs. The cover of 'See You in Hell' is one of the best of eighties metal. Yet their next release had art that looks like someone drew it on their junior high school book cover. OK, it's not THAT bad. Many people don't like this band, but the title track 'See You in Hell' kicks ass.]

    [Graphic from the back of 'See You in Hell' LP.
    Looks like it could have been taken off of a black metal CD of today.]



  • Lyric plagiarism

    [Note: Old Samael has always been among my top favorites in black metal. I've listened to the first three releases 'Worship Him,' 'Blood Ritual' and 'Ceremony of Opposites' thousands of times over the years it seems. So when I opened up the lyrics to the Czech band 'Tower' lo and behold what do I see? On a song called 'Silent Scream' are verbatim lines from the Samael song 'After the Sepulture.' Four of 'em! Arranged in such a way that they no longer even make sense. In case you are curious, here they are:

    'We aspire to the light
    You will see the dark
    From the cot to the grave
    Nothing ever stops'

    Well, nothing ever stops alright, especially in the case of thieving idiots.]



  • Postcard

    [Note: The most evil postcard anyone has ever seen!]



  • Laser Disc

    [Note: 49.98?! Wow, I like Argento films as much as the next person, but not for that price. The Laser Disc format was indeed for the wealthy.]

    [Below: Here is a rare VHD format Phenomena from Japan.]

    Hellhammer, Mortuary, Morbid Saint, Sodom, Sigh, Desaster, Darkthrone and Pestilence


  • Cassettes (9)

    [Note: OK, to start, the Hellhammer cassette came out in 1984 on Metal Blade.
    The Mortuary came out in 1992 on JL America. This band played some pretty good death metal, and I believe they were from Mexico.
    Morbid Saint came out in 1992 on Grind Core, I don't know much of anything about them since I never really got into them.
    The Sodom came out in 1989 on Steamhammer. 'Remember the Fallen' is one of my fave's on Agent Orange, which was a superb release.
    The Sigh demo is from 1991, released on Wild Rags. The inside picture of the band is classic. They don't look old enough to drive they are so young!
    The Desaster demo came out in 1995 I believe.
    The Darkthrone release graced us in 1991 on Peaceville and lastly, Pestilence's first official release, on Roadrunner, came out in 1988.]


    Morbid Angel


  • 'Gateways to Annihilation' shirt

    [Note: It's a strange concept how Morbid Angel albums are alphabetical...

    A) Abominations of Desolation/Altars of Madness

    B) Blessed are the Sick

    C) Covenant

    D) Domination

    E)... Oops, I don't know the 'E'? Did they skip it? Anyway...

    F) Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

    G) Gateways to Annihilation

    ...I'll stop here, since this is where I stopped caring about this band.]

    Fires of Kuwait


  • Laser Disc

    [Note: Here's a great family documentary. Sit around with the whole clan and watch oil fires rage out of control! I can imagine the conversation now...

    "Why are the oil fields burning mommy?"

    "Uhh, well, ...shut up kid and watch the damn pretty colors..."]


    [Below: Here's another one to watch with the family... imagine if Germany or Italy or Japan had used the atomic bomb on America or Britain during WWII, you would never hear the end of the unholy evil it took to do this inhuman act.
    Instead the 'good guys' used it on two civilian cities and wiped out 200,000+ people. One of democracy's prouder moments. This list only continues to grow. Thank god for the good guys!]

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