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  • Longsleeve shirt

    [Note: Someone must have really liked this Burzum shirt, because it is pretty worn out.
    I don't blame them, this shirt is very cool and since I've never seen it before I think it is rare as well.
    I'm not sure if it was an offical release or not.]

    *UPDATE: Here is a picture of Varg wearing the shirt, so we can assume that it is official. But some bands are known to collect unlicensed stuff of their own band, like Slayer for example.

    *UPDATE: It was official and from Florida's Full Moon Productions (which was one of my favorite labels/distros).

    [Below: Here's a flyer from the late-great Full Moon Productions.]

    [Below: A different Burzum shirt bearing a swastika.]



  • Three Picture LPs and 12"

    [Note: Here are three interesting W.A.S.P. picture LPs, if you count the gold LP as a picture.
    The pig's head LP and gold LP are the 'Fuck like a Beast' variety, while the female one is somewhat newer. The record at the bottom is from 1987 and is also a 'Fuck Like a Beast' variety. Ah, the 80s...]

    [Below: Front]

    [Below: back]

    [Below: I quickly assembled the front and back into one picture for your viewing pleasure. Funny stuff eh?]

    [Below: Here's another picture LP, this one from 1984. Front.]

    [Below: Back.]

    Chris Holmes, the guitarist of W.A.S.P. said in a recent interview with Riff-Mag.com:

    'Well, unless you're the opposite of me ó a hip-hop artist or a rapper ó you won't sell in America anymore. There's no rock magazines anymore... The white culture and all the kids act like that; they wear their pants down. I think it'sÖ I'm not 100 percent sure, but when they go to school and they listen to hard rock, it's called 'pussy music.' [They are told] 'You need to listen to gangster rap.' I think that's what it is.'

    Also, in 2011, a Russian website called Headbanger.ru did an interview with Holmes:

    'In your opinion, can you reach big success with your new band like you had in the 80s with W.A.S.P.?

    No. Music's changed. I donít know about here, but in the States itís all black rap, all white kids are listening to black stuff. Gangsta rap Ė white kids are into that, too.

    Yes, I know, but I donít like this music.

    Yeah, it sucks! It's so-called nigger music. Iíll say that word, I donít care if niggers are in the room and don't get my opinion, thatís the way it is. Rap is just starting to hit Europe, and it kind of makes me sick, because I donít like it when kids act like niggers. Is the word ďniggerĒ bad to say here? When you say it in the States, everybody is pissed off.'



  • Flyer/shirt

    [Note: Merrimack, from France and founded in 1994, derives their name from ancient Celtic and means 'depth of Hell' or 'Hellpit.' .
    Merrimack is a cool band with a true slogan: 'Freedom can only take place in a world blackened by ashes of purification.']

    [shirt, front/back]


  • Letter #2

    [Note: Here's another example of a handful of letters we received back in 1998/99 after Mourning the Ancient images were mistakenly published in a 'zine of the day, The Grimoire. To see a scan and read a little bit more about it click here.

    Anyway, this letter came in a Valentine's Day Card.
    While this guy sounds normal enough check out these lines from the letter:
    'I've been to a bunch of places, but not Nebraska. The man who lived in the Apt. next to me was from Nebraska, but I found him dead in the front hall a few months ago, so now I don't know anyone from that state.'
    Ha ha ha... A very strange introduction, don't you think? And you must admit, a fashion designer martial artist is kinda strange.
    Lastly, the back of his letter, below, was well... weird. It's all kinda funny though, unfortunately I don't think he intended it to be!]


    ...the Soil Bleeds Black

  • Stickers, envelope and cassette tape for Mourning the Ancient film

    [Note: Mark and Mike of ...the Soil Bleeds Black are some of the coolest, most talented people I've met in the underground.
    Everything they did they put 1000% into it, from the calligraphy writing on the letters they wrote you,
    to the making and printing out of a cassette sleeve for the music track contribution for our film.
    These were among the little extras that set them apart.]


    City of the Living Dead

  • Laserdisc

    [Note: If you are a fan of Italian horror, then chances are you know of the director of this film, Lucio Fulci.
    Sometimes known as 'The Gates of Hell' in America, this is one of the coolest and goriest movies known to man!]


    The Gates of Hell

  • V H S

    [Note: Here is a 'deluxe' copy of The Gates of Hell. This tape comes in a giant oversized box, which in the early days of VHS tapes, many of them did.]



  • Century Black Compilation CD

    [Note: Here is a unique CD. Look closely, it contains a wooden match within the CD case.
    Pretty daring for such a big company to do. I can imagine the arson lawsuits.
    The later releases of the CD didn't include the match, I guess for obvious reasons.]

    [Above: ...and speaking of matches, here's a funny one from WW2 that was given to American soldiers...]

    [Above: Ha! 'You can't beat the Axis if you get VD'! This is a WW2 era poster... I wonder who the picture of the girl is and if she knew she was modeling for a VD poster!?]

    [Above: VD is not victory! Oh but murdering millions of your own race is?]

    [Above: 'Women: STAY AWAY FROM DANCE HALLS'! Hahaha... The Syphilis infested guy on the front left seems to have homosexual inclinations for the guy next to him. Check out his shifty gaze!]

    [Above: ...here are some US government issue soldier panties from World War Two.
    HA! OK, just kidding... these ultra childish and stupid things were actually given to their girlfriends and wives.]

    [Above: 'Booby trap', how clever. Let's wait and see if anyone falls for it...]

    [Above: Got one! Busted! This idiot now has Gonorrhea and her sister Syphilis.]

    [Above: Here's a picture of the above guy the day after all of those diseased kisses.]

    [Above: But maybe it was just a bad case of lice?]



  • Death of Beauty CD-R

    [Note: Wow, what terrible art! This must have been drawn on the same cave wall as those Master stickers!]



  • Lust, Sin, Chaos and Blasphemy, Parts I and II - V H S

    [Note: This is a pretty wicked VHS sent to me by Acheron main member Vincent Crowley. It's filled with tons of disturbing footage and dark images, all set to Acheron music.
    Death, destruction, news clips, porn, gore, this has it all. One giant, crazy collage, and quite lengthy too. I'm told this was made by a fan.]

    [Above: Here is another VHS sent to me by Vincent Crowley with live Acheron footage.]


    St. Madness

  • Sticker

    [Note: Doesn't look very 'fun' to me. Looks kinda boring...]

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