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Rev. Matt Hale


  • Letter

    [Note: This was kinda funny and stupid, I mailed this card off and forgot the postage. Argh. But I thought it would make a good excuse to talk a little bit about one of America's finest sons: Matt Hale. Recently the tyrants who run the dungeon where Matt (an innocent man!!!) rots threw Matt in the hole. Why? Well the short version is this: Matt got access to email recently, so he emailed a press statement about his case to his mother to publish. When an inmate sends out an email, just like a letter, it first has to get past the censor. This particular press release was approved by the censor. Well a few days later they freaked out and threw Matt in the hole and didn't even tell him why. They cut him off from the outside world - he couldn't even talk to his mother! He had no access to his books and private possessions and didn't even get fed properly!

    Days went by and finally they told him it's because they didn't like the email he sent out!!! He was/is being punished for an email that they themselves passed and suddenly decided that they shouldn't have! Is that crazy? Yes it is. But the prison system in America is very insane. For god sakes much of it is even run by PRIVATE companies! They utilize the prisoners as a work force and pay them pennies. The prison staff is full of cowards, sadists and lowly individuals. They take all of their pathetic life's failures out on the powerless prisoners. True human garbage.

    The only light Matt has is support from the outside. A letter is like a small beam of light in the dungeon darkness. Please take the time to send him a letter or even a postcard. He writes back all mail and is a truly cool person.

    Visit Matt Hale's website run by his awesome mom:

  • Free Matt Hale website

    The address on my envelope above and below is the current address to write Matt as of 10-28-2016! ]

    [Below: Stamped and ready to resend!]

    Mysticism, Myth and Celtic Identity


  • Book review

  • Note: In 2013 a textbook called 'Mysticism, Myth and Celtic Identity' was published in England. It's an unintentionally very funny book that is annoyingly anti-white and very naive in its pseudo-intellectual grasp of Mourning the Ancient, not to mention St. David Lane and other related topics, which it tries to pick apart.

    The pages it puts Mourning the Ancient under the spotlight are downright hilarious to me, especially when our photography is explained. Our photography is explained as follows:

    'It is within these images that the website produces an imagined iconography for their particular rendering of the mythical neo-fascist nation.'

    Huh? Well, I guess I never thought of it like that. This book understands me better than I do myself! It gets even better...

    'With the over-riding theme of 'beauty' and 'barbarity', fifty galleries are filled with photographs of heavy breasted women in, for want of a better phrase, 'cultic tableaux'.'

    Damn, got me again. I wonder if I'll be billed for this expert anylysis? I guess I'll just keep on rendering the heavy breasted iconography of the mythical neo-fascist cultic tableaux.

    Let's see... what else? Well, it says I 'cavort with skulls'! hehe... oh, here's another good one:

    'Mourning the Ancient has clear sympathies with Lane's position and the repeated use of Aryan women in the website's imagery can be understood as representing the fertile vessels through which Lane's future, as demanded in 'the fourteen words', is to be secured'.

    What should I do paint myself black? Would that be better digestible to the author? So the themes of our photos represent the Fourteen Words? Hardly. Although if that were true it would be quite the compliment.

  • Above & below: Hmm.... Not exactly 14 Words worthy. Maybe it's just me?

  • Below: Puh... again, hardly 14 words... errr... well, maybe this time it's pretty spot on! hehe...

    Okay, let's move on:

    'The romanticised ancient past that is being mourned is clearly a racially distinct one.'

    Oops, I guess they didn't see this one. And PLEASE no one show the author Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind!

    The truth is our photography over the years has included elements from various races/cultures of the past. Yet, obviously my own race's history and culture interests me most, which is why those elements are predominant.

    I especially like this next one:

    '...the white supremacism that underlines the rationale of Mourning the Ancient.'

    Where did they come up with that? Well, apparently from one of our photo shoots, a Japanese-styled one at that, and something to do with a micro thong and my crotch? Huh? Yeah, and my crotch is actually taking the place of a rune! One just couldn't make up such nonsense. It is libelous, not to mention unprofessional.

  • Below: The dreaded crotch-rune!

    Listen to their conclusion, dear reader, for this one involves you:

    '...Mourning the Ancient satisfies both post-pubescent fantasies of available and objectified women...'

    I guess this one is talking about all of my post-toddler fans out there. I'll have you know, however, that there are many geriatric fans out there who find the way I 'objectify' myself and make myself 'available' very satisfying.

    At least he leaves it with some warm compliments:

    'The imagery of Mourning the Ancient lends weight to the neo-fascist appropriation of Northern European heathenism. It recasts the runes, already much abused by Nazism...'

    Hmm... I wonder if my ancestors, and the ancestors of the 'Nazis' who used runes and runic imagery, would say that we are 'abusing' them? I wonder if they would feel more at home with me and my beliefs or the writer's? Since most elderly people I've met are largely disgusted with this modern world I can only imagine how the ancients would feel. Insult me, insult the runes, insult my ancestors, but don't ever be so deluded as to think that yesterday's people are on your side. The past, like the future, belongs to us.

    '...Mourning the Ancient becomes a virtual safehouse for racist ideas as well as a cultural resource for dreaming the Wotanist nation into being.'

    Wow, quite an accusation eh? And keep in mind all of this was before we began using overt National Socialist symbolism in our photography. The fact is Mourning the Ancient has had contributors of a variety of races over the years. History and truth teach us that National Socialism has nothing to do with racism or hatred. In fact, those are the very institutions of the victorious Allies of WW2. Now, as to us 'dreaming the Wotanist nation into being'?



    Got me there!

    The Truth is a Lie


  • Book

    [Note: The Hiding Place - like where they hide the truth. The following entry is from a good friend from England. Enjoy...]

    Message in a Book, Duly Noted

    I was browsing the charity book stand at my local store. It's a trestle table usually piled with donated books of all types. It's to the side of the aisles when you wheel your trolley out after the weekly grocery shop. Strategically placed on two voluntary donation tins. So you like a book or two then put whatever you would like to donate in the tin. All done on trust.

    I've had some 'tasty' purchases there. First edition, first impression of Kingsley Amir, W. Somerset Maugham, etc. Signed celeb books. You get the picture. Always browse, always look. If you don't see you don't know. All good adages. All true. Most times there is nothing but the usual piled high romantic, crime, historical novels. Mass written, mass produced. Read one, you have read them all. Formulistic is the word.

    This week though was just a bit different. Just a bit.

    After completing my pre-listed expedition I duly stopped at the tables. Collection of Reader's Digests, romance/crime/mystery pot boilers; another - 'stress, the modern women's curse'; garish covers of horror and ghost novels. The artwork on them would do Black/Death metal promos proud. Perhaps the only real horror is why anyone bothers to write or even read them. One was even titled 'I gave birth to a vampire' (no, it wasn't the autobiography of Hillary Clinton's mother!). Then I spoiled it. Just at the back, on top of a now never used road atlas of the Lake District, 'The Hiding Place' - no! that's not because it was somehow hidden, but the title of the book!

    Tell you what, I'll catalogue it professionally for you. Just like we do in book auctions.

    "One vol. ;The Hiding Place ; Corrie Ten
    Boom; p/b; Hodden and Stoughton, London,
    2004 edition; 221 p/p."

    It's a known work. We call them in the book business 'Holohorrors' or 'Horrorcausts'. They are usually written by part agent/ghost writers for a contracted fee, usually expanding and enhancing the 'horror effect', basic, or semi-eventful, or even completely 'factionalized' (a work of complete fiction based on a factual historical happening, which may, or may not, have directly occurred). Yes, you have to read the small print in these publisher's contracts! All publishing is like this. The book business is awash with them. They usually follow the same formula and accordingly are written in the same lurid style. This one is typical of its breed, John and Elisabeth Sherrill doing the 'haunting' and credited to the front cover, which was almost certainly written into the publisher's contract.

    I haven't the time or the inclination to even bother to read, or even 'gist-read' this one. But what I will do is open it at a purely random page and give M.T.A. readers a flavor of the ghost writing.

    So... closing my eyes...

    Page 114

    First line of each paragraph: -
    "Things happened just like I said didn't they?"
    "The second week in October, during a particularly hectic..."
    "Christmas 1943, was approaching. The light snow which had..."

    Doubtless the whole book is written in this sub 'pulp fiction' style. So, sheet sampling task for M.T.A. readers again...

    ...yes it is. In fact it is even worse. You just cringe at some of the sentences and characterizations. It's Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five' speak or Rachmal Crompton's Just William books writ large.

    Finally, the cover is of the typical 'gothic' type with an agency reproduction, this one credited to the Hulton-Deutsch (library) collection of some death camp, somewhere, could be anywhere, and superimposed above it a stock 'haunting' type image of a young girl in a representation of the Christian prayer.

    These books are produced and marketed like the other 'horror works' found on the charity shop table. They appeal to the same type of mass readership and are accordingly sold to that 'Mills and Boon' market with good publisher's mark-ups.

    Except this one is different.

    Opening it, I truly stared. On the front page in big red biro, under the title is written by some previous unknown reader:

    'This book is a lie.

    I looked at it again. One more time, once more again. Put £1.00 in the collection tin and returned home with it and the groceries. I opened it, looked carefully at the ink from the biro. It had 'dulled' down in parts and was 'dulling' down in others. So it had certainly been in there for some time. That's how you can tell old biro inscriptions from recent ones. Biro ink loses its 'sheen' and 'dulling' can't be faked.

    [Below: 'It was real - in my mind!']


    Why do this? To what purpose? What can I make of this?

    It's tantalizing, but only guesswork and it comes on a many-dimensional platform. First. The M.T.A. mantra of 'The Truth is a Lie' had been going for some years now. It's stark, uncompromising, and is a combination of both statement and explanation. The website is freely available and can even be accessed now in public libraries on the computer systems. Obviously then, a previous unknown reader of the site became similarly, a reader of the book. Appalled at the sheer crassness of the work they vented M.T.A.'s mantra and the site as a pointer for future readers of both the book and the M.T.A. site.

    Again, why? Why do this? They could have just as easily dumped this, or donated it to a charity shop without any comment or note. So why make this statement? Could it be that this is like an aerosol graffiti sprayed on a wall? A message they wanted future readers to take note of ? Could be. Like the M.T.A. mantra they have written 'Lie' in big capital letters. You can't miss it. Like good, effective graffiti it becomes a part of the book. I could make the obvious comment that it's the best part. But I'll pass on that. Too obvious for words.

    Another explanation suggests itself resistance fighters. They used to leave messages in books in libraries as M.R.D. Foot's history books on the resistance testify. Ah, but someone's 'resistance' is another's 'terrorist', especially when they are lucratively financed, supported and equipped by foreign powers as the 'resistance' was against the Reich. Surely you can't be that disillusioned any more when you discover that they did very well out of it. Many building up funds to start businesses after the war. But I digress.

    So, it could be a 'freedom fighter's' message saying there are other comrades out there. You are not alone. Others think like you. Could be. Certainly plausible, as well as being romantic.

    Steamy Windows No, this isn't a product of me having a passionate embrace with Molly in the kitchen, but my favorite explanation as well as telling the tale of our times. Some unknown reader, and they have to remain unknown... but wait, let me change that to anonymous. It's better, and more accurate. So, start again. Some anonymous reader let us all know, almost like wiping a clear view on a steamy window, their utter protest. A protest from the unheard. Who finally rebelled against the nonsense and forced wisdom which dare not break any dissent these grotesque books represent. Like a dissenting prisoner of consciousness. Like a chain-gang brutalized internee in the same globalized neo-liberal cell. The message really says enough is enough. Like a weary, many times put-on horse refusing any more burdens, kicking the politically correct overseer in the shins and galloping off.

    Freedom. There is no going back, not that we would want to anyway.

    So, if you peer through that ever so small wiped-clear view on the steamy liberal window you'll see the sun is now casting different shadows and those shadows are also lengthening across the detested neo-liberal, globalized, financialized, oppressive-and God knows it's suicidal-oppressive, quite literally in some cases, -Western world. Their post May 8th 1945 era is drawing to the eve of its days. Tomorrow will bring another day and it will belong to us.

    That's what this little message is really telling us. Both simple and profound, and if you're too noisy you'll miss it.


    To all M.T.A. readers everywhere, and of course to the inscriber whose fate is unknown being marooned after the shipwreck, who nonetheless managed to throw this message in a bottle to us.

    Duly Noted.

    Mike & Earl

    SS Maiden


  • Figurine

    [Note: This belongs to a friend who sent me these pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you! It is ten inches high and was made in 1979 by an Italian company by the name of Santini. It is hand numbered and limited to 200 copies. The necklaces and dagger that you see are solid silver and the belt is real leather. Lastly, the armband, like the original armbands of the SS, is made from five pieces of fabric.]


  • *Drool*... a few more photos were sent to me!

    Newspaper article


  • The Truth is a Lie

    [Note: A friend sent me this and I thought it interesting and thought you might too. If only the common Englishman and American knew the horrors and genocide that was being imposed on the Germans in Europe after the war...]

    Klara Hitler


  • Drawing

    [Note: I have no idea who did this, but it is fascinating and beautiful work. It is based on a photo of Klara Hitler (August 12, 1860 – December 21, 1907).]

    [Below: The original retouched photograph]

    [Below: Variation]

    [Below: Variation]

    [Below: Variation]

    [Below: Postcard:


    'Im Gedenken an den Tag, da du ins Leben bist getreten, steh ich heute hier für dich und deinen Sohn zu beten, dir zu danken, dass du ihn uns hast geboren, ihn, der ward zum Retter Deutschlands auserkoren. Gott hat ihn durch dich als Führer uns gesandt, dass er schütz sein Volk mit willensstarker Hand, dass er allen leuchtend Vorbild ist, fürwahr -- dafür Dank dir, Mutter, heut und immerdar!'

    Translates as:


    'In memory of the day you came into life, I stand here today for you and your son to pray [and] to thank you, for you gave birth to him, he was chosen to be the savior of Germany.
    God sent him through you as a guide to protect his people with a strong-willed hand, that he is a shining example to all, for sure - thanks to you mother, today and forever!'

    [Below: A rather strange looking rendition]

    [Below: A painting of Klara and Adolf Hitler's father, Alois.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Here's a better look at the painting of Klara above, but in black and white.]

    [Below: Soldiers carry a painting of Alois and Klara.]

    [Below: Mourning the Ancient photo from April 2011 showing a period Klara Hitler chalk work in the background.]

    [Below: Alois Hitler (June 7, 1837 - January 3, 1903)]

    A World Strangled by Their Lies


  • Article

    [Note: Mike and Earl, the duo who wrote the piece above and found the 'Message in a Bottle', return with more enlightenment. Below is their article 'All Publishing is Like This'. Truth is sometimes comedy. One can only sneer, smile and sigh at the extent of their lies and our brainwashing. The men returning from WWII, the 'great' destroyers of Europe, seemed to eat up the enemies' propaganda like no other generation. They swallowed lies by the gallon until an ocean of brainwashing drowned their brains.

    Good became evil.

    Freedom - slavery.

    Darkness - light.

    The lies revealed below are only tiny pieces of a massive campaign of brainwashing. Our fathers and grandfathers were most susceptible to their endless campaign of world enslavement. We, the generations that followed... are not so comfortable in our chains. No, there are a growing many who see through their subterfuge.

    We have awakened from the deadly Siren's Call, the mesmerizing lies that enslaved whole generations. We are generations who have awakened to find everything we have been taught to be a lie. An entire civilization, a whole system designed to control us, use us, and destroy us. But we are a wrench in their machine. The awakened ones seek to awaken others. Some are so deeply asleep that they can never be awakened. Some are so comfortable in their bed of lies that they will never awake. We say "FINE - shut up and go back to sleep!"

    We don't need them. Their bones will be our beds. We are attacking the World Enemy from all directions, with thousands of different weapons and tactics. In a world of shit, of greed, listless boredom, directionless wandering, we've nothing to lose.

    Our pain is our courage.

    Our loneliness is our strength.

    We cling to the beautiful past, twelve divine years of victory.

    Their deeds are cemented in our wounded souls. Their martyrs' deaths smolder in our minds.

    We're not beautiful, like Them. The scars of our shackles tear at our faces.

    Not wholesome, healthy, orderly or clean. But we do our best, to keep alive the dream.

    We are the Wehrwolves. Those left behind enemy lines. Lonely souls wandering eternal night. Vanquished soldiers searching for light.

    The Swastika is our call to battle. Our smiles vanished by the terrible truth. Arise, lonely forgotten soldiers. Arise, broken ones, with crowns of vengeance, eyes of fire, and boundless fucking love.

    A love greater than their hate. A dream in our dead hearts and a song on our sullen lips.]


    All Publishing is Like This

    By popular demand this is a supplement to the 'Message' entry for inmates of prisons

    All publishing is like this. What do I mean by that? Surely not all publishing? Yes and no. Yes, indeed a resounding yes to most and probably all of the autobiographical/testimony type. No, and a resounding 'No' to the technical, business, academic, etc., books that publishers produce.

    Obviously we are concerned with the former. Rather than do a dense, closely argued analysis I'm going to present a bullet-point list with some succinct observations. I've chosent he 'works' at random and in fact will start with a non WWII example for full fairness. It's typical of its type.

    (1) 'PAPILLON': pub. 1969. Henri Charrière. His account of his time as a convict on the French penal colony of Devil's Island, 1931 to 1945 and his death-defying escape. It sold a massive total to date of 52 million copies worldwide. Later made into a huge 'popcorn chomping' movie staring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

    It never happened:

  • Charrière was never on Devil's Island, but on one of the smaller islands.

  • He spent his time largely on undemanding, menial work or in solitary confinement.

  • He was a known felon. This time convicted of murder.

  • There was no death-defying escape. By 1945 the French colonial empire was bankrupt and historically over. The policy on these penal islands was one of 'if you escape, we won't be coming to capture you'. Don't ask, but don't tell. Charrière literally walked out. Bravery was not one of his personality traits.

    Here's what happened:

  • Charrière would obviously talk with other felons on the islands. He collected their very often exaggerated experiences, re-wrote them on bits of paper again with more embellishment and enhancing.

  • This all remains 'dormant' in his life until he lost a lot of money.

  • He hawked the story around various publishers until one, Robert Laffont, who marketed out of his publishing house 'true adventures', bought it.

  • Laffont employed one of his in-house professional 'contract writers' to write the whole thing up.

  • Neither Laffont, Charrière or the contract writer had any idea at the time that it would become such a blockbuster.

  • Accordingly, Charrière gave interview after interview and was almost caught in the lie of the story. It became so big he simply wouldn't escape from it. It drove him on. Guest of honor here, formal celebrity there. He was virtually never out of the glossy media. Likewise, they loved him and he was always available. He became adept at pithy quotes, cracker barrel philosophy and a ready opinion on anything and everything.

  • He died in an affluent bourgeois home in 1973 surrounded by his loving family.

  • The French journalist Gerard de Villiers, after a full and exhaustive investigation stated, "only about 10% of Charrière's book represents anything like truth".

    So all you MTA readers currently ensconced in prisons instead of just gazing wistfully at Molly's body!!!

  • Lots of paper!

  • Lots of pens!

  • Good, heartbreaking stories of early deprived, depraved, disenfranchised childhoods.

  • Your torture, isolation and sheet survival that drove you into an awareness (yes, you can choose your own 'awareness').

  • Lost loves and passions. That lingering love which died (don't they all!).

  • The turmoil of the trial. Do some good characterizations of your 'team'.

  • Those first days and nights in prison. (use words like 'coldness', 'naked', 'the agony of despair', etc.).

  • Some good, 'sexed up' events in prison.

  • More of the above.

  • Even more of the above.

  • Most importantly - how you sought and found redemption. Very important this. Reader's love redemption.

    Then hawk it around to publishers. If they 'bite' get a good lawyer on a fixed fee otherwise the publishers will cream you - like you have never been creamed before.

  • Always remember my adage "The strong take from the weak and the smart from the strong".

    It's true. Really it is.

  • Finally, if successful, you can invite Molly and I to that publishing launch. To nice signed/inscribed limited edition, first impressions for each of us, some canapés for me, Jack Daniels for Molly.


    Part two of felons publishing. This time the prisoners are on the outside.

    (2) Sven Hassel. Series of the 27th (Penal) Regiment of the Wehrmacht. 14 books. Various titles. 1953 thence various dates. Autobiographical and written in the first person, Hassel describes in vivid detail at virtually every theater of the war the Reich fought in, his experiences in a troupe of penal misfits composed of 'Porta', 'Tiny', 'Old un', Heide - the obligatory 'Nazi fanatic', 'Barcelona Blom', another trouper who was a Muslim convert whose name escapes me and I really can't be bothered to discover it but was included to increase sales in Muslim countries.

    You simply couldn't spin the paperback carousel around at any European, US, world airport, bus terminus, or train station without seeing at least 3 to 5 titles from Hassel. He became the WWII traveler's friend. With their garish artwork covers, crude drawings and 'Sven Hassel' in big type - sometimes incorporating the twin 'SS' runes for the 'SS' in his name. They were complete with wallet fumbling titles of 'Wheels of Terror' (the Russian Front), 'The Bloody Road to Death' (Greece), 'Monte Cassino' (Italy), etc., etc.,

    Above all, they were marketed out as authentic. From an actual serving penal soldier in the Regiment and the detail in them was graphic. In 1953 when his first work appeared 'Legion of the Damned' for most readers this was the first glimpse of life in Hitler's army, and indeed of the war on the Eastern Front. Hassel always maintained that the actual events of which he and the troupe took part were both accurate and the characters, including obviously himself, were real people.

    Rapidly turning into many editions, many impressions he became a publisher's dream. The usual round of endless interviews followed. Fáited appointments, guest speaker, guest of honor giving out signed editions at universities. He always spoke in that, by now familiar tone of gravitas mixed with humility. It was well practiced, very convincing, and usually ending with some empty, vacuous moral phrase that the audience wanted to hear. It all served him well. Very well. It made him a millionaire++. His books have sold 53 million copies worldwide, a 'ransom bag' indeed.

    He died in the affluent bourgeois home in Barcelona in 2012 surrounded by a loving family. His son inherits the exclusive rights to the works and makes a very comfortable living from them thank you very much.

    Now guess what I'm going to write next!!!...!!!

    They were all invented. Everything. Everything about them, including the author was sheet invention. They are not even 'faction'.

    I'll dissemble them in bite-sized chunks for you:

  • There never was a 27th (Penal) Panzer Regiment. A penal brigade was attached to the 19th Panzer Division.

  • In fact there was no Penal Panzer Regiments. At all.

  • Sven Hassel wasn't his real name. That was his self-styled 'pen' name. His real name was Børge Pederson.

  • Hassel/Pederson never served in a Penal Battalion. Ever.

  • Hassel/Pederson never wrote the debut work 'Legion of the Damned' in 1953. It was a plagiarized work of 'All Quiet on the Western Front' E.M. Remarque's 1st W.W. title. This was re-worked by the publisher 'Grafisk Forlag' using one of their in-house contract writers. His name was George Gjeddie-Simonson using the notes Hassel/Pederson's wife Laura (who professionally was a 'film translator'-and please, I hope you have spotted the 'glue line' here!) had written together for a scratchy novel to raise much needed funds.

  • After this first success, Hassel's wife wrote the majority of the content in the rest of the 'works', with him throwing in various 'plot' and 'character scenarios'.

  • In 1963 he was exposed by the journalist George Kringelbach as a fraud who had also worked for the Danish Police during the Reich occupation of Denmark as an auxiliary and co-operated with the Hilfspolizei on district level intelligence. This however made him in post-war Danish law a 'traitor' for occupation collaboration.

  • The Danish writer Erik Haaest has also exposed him as a fraud maintaining that nearly all of his descriptions of the war were coming second hand from Danish Waffen-SS veterans whom he and his dreaded wife had met and subsequently massively embellished for the Hassel book production. Yes, don't be angry, as this is how publishing works. It cannot change and in fact it's getting worse. However, I'll finish with some quick shrapnel anecdotes. Just to give you a 'flavor' of publisher locker room talk. It's back to that marketable commodity the 'Holocaust' again. What - you haven't questioned already that the 'Holocaust' was a publisher's marketable name? - tsk. You are getting soft!! I still call it by its right name 'The Final Solution' and I'm neither a 'Final Solution' 'denier' or 'prover'. Anyway-

    'The Diary of Frank Anna'

    "If that book (The Anne Frank Diary) was called The Frank Anna Diary the publishers would have only sold less than half the copies as diaries from women, especially young girls, always sell more, especially as females are MPBs", so said a hard-bitten retired publisher who actually marketed the paperback version. MPBs?

  • Most Probable Buyers. The ones who are most 'typical to actually purchase',


    "It was a gold mine. It really was. At one stage we were boxing them just straight through, without warehousing"


    "God knows who actually wrote it, but they did a wonderful job, a really wonderful job"


    "It reads so well. You can see the experienced hand of a good contract writer there"


    "Makes it come alive"


    "We didn't put those murder camp scenes in the illustrations as no one wants to be put-off"


    I could go on.

    It's all commercialization.

    All publishing is like this.

    M & E

    December 28, 2016

    *Special thanks to you, Mike, for volunteering your time, energy, warmth and wit, to the Cause. You are a comrade and a friend!

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