• Here is a section where we will post stuff involving Mourning the Ancient's past and present. Whether it's items bearing the Expansion symbol, props, projects we've released, like our photo CD's, or unreleased stuff like pins, playing cards, etc.. We'll update this section as we find time to post more. Enjoy the archive!

    [engraved lighter]

    [handmade leather wallet]

    [Primitive Supremacy - our music side-project]





    [Elegy Primitive Supremacy/MTA film postcard flyer]

    [Elegy Primitive Supremacy flyer - front]

    [Elegy Primitive Supremacy flyer - back]

    [yes, that is an 8-track! We recorded some songs on this long dead format experimenting with old formats]

    [our first photo CD-R from 1999]

    [While we planned on doing 1000, due to circumstance, we only did a little over 100!]

    [This is a lighter version we didn't use]

    [our second photo CD-R from late 2000]



    [if you have the version like that below, you are one of the few. These were the last few we produced. They had technical revisions plus a few extra photos.]

    [engraved chalice - we used this in the 'mud angel' photo shoot]

    [pins, pins, pins]

    [close-up of pins #1]

    [close-up of pins #2]

    [close-up of pins #3]

    [close-up of pins #4]

    [close-up of pins #5]

    [we had a friend who worked engraving tombstones - he made this in his spare time]

    [playing cards]

    [book used in opening scene of our film]

    [ink stamper]

    [various necklaces used over the years]

    [Mourning the Ancient film]

    [back/front cover]

    [V H S cassette]

    [back/front cover - demo - this is what was first going to be the cover before we decided on the other picture]

    [business card]

    [sticker #1]

    [sticker #2 - this sticker was homemade in 2019 by a comrade]

    [flyers for the MTA photo CD #1, front]

    [flyers for the MTA photo CD #1, back]

    [flyers for the MTA photo CD #2, front, uncut]

    [here is a test cover for the paper 'zine of Mourning the Ancient (#1)]

    [here is another test cover for the paper 'zine of Mourning the Ancient (#2) -excuse the water damage-]

    [and lastly, here is another test cover for the paper 'zine of Mourning the Ancient (#3)]

    [sheet of mailing labels]

    [tarot cards we made for a scene of our film]

    [3 different expansion symbol pendants used over the years]

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