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  • Flyer

    [Note: I haven't heard anything new from Barathrum in quite a few years, but their old stuff are absolute classics. From Finland, the land of the mighty Beherit, Barathrum will always have a place in my music collection.]

    [Below: Technically the first Barthrum demo - Witchmaster demo '91]



  • Sculptures

    [Note: Here's an example of real art, unlike the garbage they showcase today.]

    [Above: Unknown]

    [Above: 'A Girl Spinning' by Paul Raphael Montford.]

    [Above: 'Centaur Hugging a Bacchante' by Johan Tobias Sergel.]

    [Above: 'Paradise Lost' by Jean Gautherin.]

    [Above: 'Spirit of the Waves' by Henry Charles Fehr.]

    [Above: 'The Bather' by Paul Raphael Montford.]

    [Above: 'Medea' by Victor Tilgner.]

    [Above: 'Water Nymph' by Paul Raphael Montford.]

    The Coming Race


  • Book/Bovril

    [Note: Otherwise known as Vril The Power of the Coming Race, this book was written in 1871 by Edward Bulwer Lytton, a popular Victorian novelist. This book is a highly interesting science fiction novel with political undertones and wide influence. Oddest of all, Vril, the power or life force in the book, has influenced a very popular beef extract product in the UK! Bovril was first marketed in the early 1880s. It is a mix of the words 'bovine' and 'Vril'. Meaning a strong elixir. The idea of Vril has a rather cult following and even has mythic connections to the Third Reich.]

    [Above: A friend of mine in England sent me a jar of Bovril recently, but I haven't tried it yet. Here in the United States Bovril is completely unknown, which is strange, since it is so popular overseas, and has been around for so long. I have no clue why this is a limited edition???]

    [Above: 'Alas, my poor brother'... How... sad! I don't think this label would be used in America. Americans seem to like their dead animals to be smiling on the labels and beckoning them to eat the animal in question. As if the animal were saying 'please eat me! I'm so yummy!']

    [Above: Back of glass jar.]

    [Above: Click for larger view!]

    Vital Remains


  • Evil - Death - Live DVD

    [Note: A crucified naked girl forming a goat head? You can't get more metal than that. This 2007, 130 minute Polish DVD contains live footage filmed in Poland at Metalmania in 2007 (plus a bonus video and interview).]

    [Above: DVD]

    Art Dekko


  • CD-R

    [Note: Some songs are infectious, the more you listen to them the more they grow on you. The song 'Onward to Constantinople' by the band Art Dekko fits this definition perfectly. It's a very cool track that is also very unique. While the band unfortunately isn't currently active and never released a CD, you can hear some of their works here: http://www.jango.com/music/Art+Dekko.
    Thanks to my good comrade Joe Badoglio for sending me this is CD form!!! You rule!]

    The Serpent of Paradise - The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage


  • Autographed book by Miguel Serrano

    [Note: This hardcover book, written in 1963, is a 'strangely moving account of a pilgrimage in search of a secret hermitage in the Himalaya which closes with the author's finding that hermitage in his own heart.'
    The book, originally written in Spanish, by famed National Socialist, occultist, writer and diplomat Miguel Serrano, describes the author's wandering 'often on foot, from the ice caves and lingams of Shiva in the Himalaya to the temple of the Virgin Priestess at Cape Comorin in the extreme south. He describes the Ashrams of Aurobindo and Ramana Maharshi while the exotic figures of Ananda Mai, the Swami of Ashahabel and Krishnamurti and many other holy and less holy men and women come to life in their infinite variety. With a deep understanding of Hindu religion and yoga he paints an unforgettable picture of the pageantry and poverty in India.'
    Despite the rather daunting sounding description it is an interesting and easy 270 page read. Serrano's books are being translated and published at a much greater rate today than in years past. But what makes this old book special is his inscription and autograph. Quite a rare thing to find from this magnificant writer and human being.]

    [Below: Back of book]

    [Below: Inside jacket. The book's former owner, to whom the book is inscribed, has left her name in pen 'Elaine S. Michelsen'...]

    [Below: Inscribed opening page: 'To Mrs Elaine S. Michelsen with friendship - Miguel Serrano - August 1966' ]

    Amen Corner


  • Flyers

    [Note: I've heard others mention that this band is pretty good, but I've never heard them myself. Sometimes these flyers can be unintentionally funny. Like imagine the guy with the inverted cross on his forehead and pentagram on his chest. You can picture his decision to go full-fucking-evil-black-metal, saying to his bandmates 'fuck you pussies, I'm smearing an inverted cross on my forehead as part of my corpse paint...']

    Last Levy:
    The Defence of Berlin


  • Miniature figurines

    [Note: Wow, this is an unexpected surprise. Strange that someone would make something like this, but nonetheless very interesting and cool. The Battle for Berlin was perhaps the most epic battle ever fought on earth -- Adolf Hitler and the forces of light fought a war that is being fought until this very day. The heroics of that final battle and the fact that the majority of the defenders were not even German (!) will forever be revered and remembered.]

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