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National Vanguard

  • 1990s Magazines

    [Note: These were great, informative magazines, not sure if they are published anymore... here is a selection through the years. Click to enlarge!]

    [Above: The back of several issues.]

    Ordo Equitum Solis


  • Video

    [Note: Live in Russia, a really cool video with artistic elements, from one of my fave bands.]



  • obscuritatem advoco amplectere me

    [Note: The CD, cover, inner cover, back and spine are all blank black.
    The secret ends when you open the cover up to a logo and information. On the infamous Deathlike Silence, from 1992.]

    [Below: IT of Abruptum. It was said that 'IT' was a dwarf.]

    [Below: IT passed away on February 14, 2017]

    [Below: Circa 1993]

    Midnight Syndicate


  • Postcard flyers

    [Note: Complex and interesting dark atmosphere from the USA.]

    Ad Hominem


  • Poster

    [Note: A killer black metal band from France, this poster courtesy of Elegy Records.]

    Iron Maiden


  • 18" figure

    [Note: Here's another Eddie for you, this one even bigger than the last...]

    [back illustration]



  • 'Zine

    [Note: I believe this mag was from England. It had a very high quality presentation for its time.]

    [Above: Medieval woodcut of Vlad Tepes]

    Vlad Tepes


  • Postcard/Romanian Envelope

    [Note: Nothing like getting a Vlad Tepes postcard from Romania! And with pope John Paul stamps to boot! Ha! (I forgive the fact that the envelope that mailed this postcard mispelled our name!)]

    [Below: Here is a Romanian Vlad Tepes postage stamp from 1959.]

    [Below: And another postage stamp from 1976.]

    [Below: Romanian postcard and stamp from 1997.]

    [Below: Three stamps from the set.]

    [Below: Another postcard and stamp from the set.]

    [Below: Partial sheet of the set.]

    [Below: Romanian envelope and pre-printed stamp.]

    [Below: Romanian postage paid postcard from 1998.]

    [Below: The second Romanian postage paid postcard from 1998.]

    [Below: Dracula returns to visit the country of Bram Stoker's birth, Ireland.]

    [Below: Irish author Bram Stoker set off a firestorm in peoples imaginations involving Vlad Tepes, whom he renamed 'Dracula' in his 1897 book.]

  • Click here to see more Vlad Tepes inspired postal material from around the world

    Pagan Hellfire


  • Picture/CD-R with track contribution for Mourning the Ancient photo CD #2

    [Note: Pagan Hellfire is a black metal band from Canada. I haven't heard anything from this band in ages but the lone member of this band did great work though.]



  • 1980s misc. Slayer droppings... (patches, pins and necklace pendant)

    [Note: Here's some assorted Slayer swag for you to drool over...]

    [Above: Strange Relapse Records sampler from 1999 using the Slayer logo style]

    [Above: Slayer patch]

    Misanthropy Records/Napalm Records


  • Product Catalogues

    [Note: Mourning the Ancient was yet a fetus when this Misanthropy catalogue came out...]



  • Flyers

    [Note: Some crude flyers from an awesome band.
    Remember the label JL America? They released a bunch of great stuff back in the day, like Samael 'Worship Him,' Beherit 'Oath of Black Blood' and 'Drawing Down the Moon,' amongst others, although the releases were very minimal and cheap and I heard they ripped artists off.]



  • Flyers

    [Note: What the hell are those, rabbit masks?!]

    Neptune Towers


  • Flyer

    [Note: This was an ambient side-project of Fenriz... this particular release is from 1994.]

    Slayer Mag


  • Magazine

    [Note: Slayer mag from Norway was pretty legendary back in the day. Lots of great interviews.]

    [Below: In 2014 Bazillion Points released the Slayer magazine in hardback book form.]

    [Above & below: Front/back]

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