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Meat Shits

  • CD pictures

    [Note: Wow, what can I say? Definitely some romantic stuff here.]

    [Below: Gorenography, circa 2002]

    [Below: Gorenography, back]

  • Envelope


    [Note: Vampirism, from Germany, with love! (that's a large sticker) Greetings Kai, remember this thing?]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Enter the trolls you pathetic puke!]

    Lamentations of the Flame Princess


  • 'Zine

    [Note: Good or bad, it was free...]

    ...the Soil Bleeds Black


  • Cassettes/Flyers/Photo

    [Note: An array of promotional cassettes and flyers from the band over the years.]

    Anima Damnata


  • Flyer

    [Note: Shit-Sex-Satan. Huh?]

    [Above: Cover of the EP 'Tormenting Pale Flesh of the Syphilic Holy Whore' from 2005]

    [Above: Anima Damnata hails from Poland.]

    Mikael of Thy Primordial


  • Cassette with track for Mourning the Ancient film/band picture/envelope

    [Note: Mikael wrote an amazing keyboard track for our film.
    What's most amazing is that he had never really played the keyboard, since he's a guitarist. It turned out to be one of my faves on the film.]

    A Tribute to Hell


  • Flyer/CD

    [Note: This was a huge compilation put out by Full Moon Productions. Over 30 bands, two CDs.]



  • VHS Film

    [Note: This was a pretty cool short film. The top left picture is a frame used in the film. A different one came with each video.]



  • Patch


    Iron Maiden


  • Pins

    [Note: An assortment of Maiden pins from over the years...]

    Mutilated Christ


  • Sticker

    [Note: 'Blood of Bastard' was this bands four song 1997 demo.]

    [Below: Blood of Bastard demo cassette cover]

    The Hobbit


  • Story book and 7" record

    [Note: Inspired more metal bands than anything in history!
    You wouldn't guess that by looking at this though! Bilbo looks a bit under the weather, wouldn't you say? Ha!]



  • Flyer

    [Note: This is from Lincoln Nebraska many years ago I believe. The 'Wherewolf Front' seemed to have usurped this flyer. And since when is 'werewolf' spelled 'wherewolf'?!]

    Voracious Gangrene


  • Flyer

    [Note: Some very strange names for stuff these days.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Looks like this fine black metal fellow has been smoking a bit too much.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Another side-project from one of the Abruptum guys. The debut of this project had guest lead-vocals from Jon of Dissection...]

    [Below: A later release]

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