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  • Postcard

    [Note: Did you know that the word 'Sadist' was taken from the Marquis De Sade? His books are truly something you have to read to believe, very funny and very sadistic/perverted. De Sade himself was imprisoned for many years (he spent 27 years in prison, half his adult life, in eleven prisons under five different regimes) where he penned his most celebrated works. He was also very anti-Christian. Many of his stories involve the lunacy and hypocrisy of Judeo-Christianity and the 'authorities' in general.
    Now 'Sadomachinism' is something De Sade couldn't have imagined, being as he lived in the 1700s... but anyone who has owned a computer dreams of putting their PC in bondage and torturing it from time to time! Check out below for some of De Sade's books, which are pretty difficult to obtain.]

    [Above: This hardback compilation contains 'Justine', 'Philosophy in the Bedroom' and other writings, plus letters and analogies.]

    [Above: Slipcase for the two-book set.]

    [Above: This two-book paperback contains 'Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue', 'Philosophy in the Bedroom', 'Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded', '120 Days of Sodom', 'Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man' and others.]

    [Above: This hardback book contains De Sade's 'Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue'. ]

    [Above: Advertised as 'his most infamous novel', this paperback contains the story 'The Bedroom Philosophers'.]

    [Above: This paperback contains the story 'The Crimes of Love'. ]

    [Above: This is a French paperback version of 'Justine' or 'The Misfortunes of Virtue' as it's also called.]

    [Above: The cover of the book above uses a picture from the opening page from the 1791 edition of Justine.]

    [Above: The Mystified Magistrate And Other Tales (a total of thirteen)is considered to be his most light-hearted work, and unlike all of his other works, this one is predicted to not offend anyone.]

    [Above: The man himself. The Marquis de Sade.]

    [Above: Some sort of Spanish graphic art publication named Justine & Juliette.]

    [Above: I'm unsure what this is but it is quite bizarre.]

    A History of a Time to Come


  • Flyer/cassette

    [Note: I think this was a compilation from the 1990s from Bulgaria. I always liked the name... the top is the flyer, the bottom is the actual cassette.]

    Hungry AK-47 Productions


  • Flyer

    [Note: I don't know if they planned on that name being funny, but I'm sorry, it is...]

    Profane Grace


  • CD-R with track for Mourning the Ancient film

    [Note: Like all of the dark ambience of Profane Grace, this track is superb...]



  • Sticker

    [Note: Immolation were the kings of death metal, not to mention a very cool and down-to-earth group of guys.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: he he he... nice corpse-paint!]

    [Above: Necropolis release]



  • Cassettes

    [Note: It was strange to see Burzum on cassette and licensed to Necropolis and Full Moon Productions.]

    [Above & below: FMP release]

    [Above: Inside]

    [Above: Full Moon Productions flyer]

  • Newspaper clipping/photo


    [Note: That racist corn at it again...
    Oh no! Call the Army! The Airforce! Call in an airstrike! Oh, no! We're so scared!
    Better call in the 'rabbis and clergy...' How utterly overblown.]

    [Above: Here is another instance of fear and lunacy: Brandenburg Germany, where larch trees were planted amongst pine trees in the shape of the swastika. It is said that a mayor in the Third Reich era planted the trees in honor of Adolf Hitler, although there are other theories. The 'Allied' world first discovered the trees under the communists, who didn't bother with them. Later, in 1995, under the 'freedom' loving and tree hating democracy, they tried to 'obscure' the trees by cutting some of them down, but they grew back. In 2000 they finally destroyed the evil, scary trees. I'm surprised the Americans didn't send in a whole squadron of B-52 bombers to carpet bomb them!]

    [Above: Here is a full view including '1933' to commemorate the assumption of power of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP in Germany]


  • Below is a stone portrait of Adolf Hitler that was carved by an admirer in a remote cave, probably in the year of 1933!

    [Above: The cave.]

    [Above: Cave entrance.]

    [Above: Divine Adolf Hitler set in stone.]

    [Above: View from inside cave.]

    Witchburner/Twisted Tower Dire


  • Sticker/flyer

    [Note: These remind me of the late 1970s English band Witchfinder General, who have a great song called 'Friends of Hell.' (see below)]

    [Below: Witchfynde is a British heavy metal band from the 1970s.]

    [Below: Speaking of, let me just leave you with these facts: In Germany alone 133 people were burned to death in one day in 1589, and in Toulouse France forty more people were burned to death previously in 1557.*(1) No one will ever know the total death toll of this madness. Some estimate up to 150 million*(2), up to 85% of them women.*(3)

    [*(1)The Salem Witchcraft Trials by Katherine W. Richardson (C)1983]
    [*(2)The Protestants claim that the Papacy is responsible for this number]
    [*(3)The Burning Times] .]



  • Magazine

    [Note: This magazine is circa 1999 and is from Greece. It's too bad I can't speak Greek because it looks like a cool, diverse mag]

    [The above picture taken from the 1984 release of 'Bullet' No Mercy. Never heard of them? Me neither!]

    Cold Meat Industry


  • Flyer (front/back)

    [Note: The pic on the right is Ordo Equilibrio...]

    White Room Records/Scott Marrow


  • Envelope/insert/sticker

    [Note: The pic on the right is the insert laying over the envelope on the left... You really have to see this in person to see how neat it is. The transparent envelope and the paper inside really worked out great. As to the band, 'Scott Marrow' I have no clue...]

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