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Homemade Mourning the Ancient Shirt


  • Photographs

    [Note: The King of All Mourning the Ancient Shirts! Meet underground fanatic Oscar Sanchez, who hails from the Sonora Desert in Mexico. By day he is a criminal psychologist. By night he is the editor of the 'zine 'Last Night Alive'. I've met seemingly thousands of people in the underground in the past sixteen years of Mourning the Ancient's online existence, and I must say, Oscar is one the most unique and friendly of them all.

    I met Oscar in late 2013 and we've been corresponding ever since. In one email he mentioned he was trying to find patches for his new jacket, so I decided to send him some old Mourning the Ancient shirt sleeves. I imagined he would cut them out and use the expansion symbols as 'patches' on his jacket (years back our t-shirt printing company accidently printed the expansion symbol upside-down on the sleeves, so they gave us the fucked-up shirts for free rather than throwing them away. Through the years we cut off the sleeves and wore the shirts sleeveless.).

    Instead of using them as patches, to my surprise and amusement, Oscar took the remnants to a tailor AND t-shirt printer. The sleeves were sewn onto a new shirt and the front is as you see in the picture. An extremely curious and cool choice of design elements I must say!

    What an honor to be on the same shirt as the greatest man who ever lived! It's definitely the coolest Mourning the Ancient shirt yet, and I can't imagine we'll ever top it. The work that went into it alone makes it very unique. As unique as its designer. 88 Oscar!]


    [Below: Top text: 'Mourning the Ancient'
    'Macht & Ehre'

    Bottom Text: 'Vampires Underground Dwelling'
    'Omaha Nebraska United Fucking States']



  • Photographs

    [Note: These pictures were included in some promotional posters someone sent me. Not the strangest thing sent to me over the years, but still a bit odd. With no mention of what they are, or why they were sent to me, I can only hand them over to you.]

    Satan in the Suburbs/Say You Love Satan


  • DVD & Book

    [Note: It is a proud fact that America boasts more serial killers than anywhere else in the world. In the 1980s the press made a huge deal about the killing of New York teen Gary Lauwer, which they sensationalized into a 'ritual killing'. In reality, it was a group of heavy metal fans who were heavily into drugs and the fine art of teenage rebellion. The killer, Ricky Kasso, stabbed Lauwer to death in the woods over stolen drugs. However, as Lauwer was being murdered he said: 'I love you mom...', but the killer then made him say 'I love you Satan...'.]

    Kasso hung himself in jail awaiting trial. Not an especially interesting case.


    [Below: Sean Sellers was a wanna-be Satanist who murdered his parents and a convenience store clerk, blaming it on a demon named 'Ezurate'.]

    'I stood there and I looked at them. And my mother... there was blood running out the side of her head. I stood there, and I laughed.'
    -Sean Sellers in a television interview which aired in August 1987.

    [Below: While on death row waiting to be executed, like so many before him, Sellers claimed to have found Jesus. In this book he blames the ills of society on rock music and even Dungeons and Dragons. Very laughable.]

    Widmo 'Zine


  • Issue #4

    [Note: Here is a cool 'zine from Poland. I was impressed with the style and content of this mag, it's always great to see 'zines like this in today's commercially rotten age. Widmo 'zine features many Polish underground acts, in what would appear to be a vibrant scene. Amongst the interviews found within its forty pages are: Seges Findere, Temnozer, Dark Fury and even Dark Throne, along with more unknown bands. The interviews are knowledgable, in-depth and lengthy. Widmo is also hand-numbered, but I'm unsure of its print-run. Strangely, there is no contact address, leaving the reader to 'get in touch if you know how'!]

    [Below: 'Zine back]

    [Above: Front/back]

    Honor/Graveland 'Raiders of Revenge'


  • Flyer

    [Note: The editor of Widmo 'zine sent a ton of great Polish flyers with the 'zine (some of which will appear in coming listings). This flyer advertises the re-release of the infamous Honor/Graveland split, which was originally released in 2000 by Resistance Records.]

    [Above: Front/back]

    [Above: A very early shot of Graveland]

    [Above: Graveland pin]

    Croatian Amor


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'January is August - May is October'. Huh? This is getting confusing. So what then is August and October?! June and December? Let's just forget the whole thing!]

    Iron Maiden - The Trooper


  • Beer

    [Note: What a strange, strange thing. What's next an Iron Maiden edition of an automobile? I have to admit, I'm a sucker for old Maiden, and had to have this.]

    [Above: Front close-up]

    [Above: Back label]

    [Above: Back label]

    [Above: Also available in a one pint can...]

    [Above: Back]

    [Above: Advertising]

    [Above: Bruce Dickinson...]

    *UPDATE: Things have gone kinda capitalistic-crazy with the Iron Maiden beer thing. Check out all these new items...

    The Phantom of the Organ


  • LP Circa 1973

    [Note: Speaking of Iron Maiden... Some time back I was browsing a used record store and saw this from a distance. At first glance it looks like an old Iron Maiden record. Maybe it's just me, but this is very strange... what do you think?]

    [Above: LP back]

    [Above: Side A inner LP label]

    [Above: Side B inner LP label]



  • Flyer

    [Note: I've seen a lot of flyers but this is the first one I've seen done backwards. Why in the world would someone do this? Accident? Some misguided attempt to be cool? Hmm.... !DEDRATER]

    [Above: Back of flyer - in all its original .]

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