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  • Flyers

    [Note: Now these are strange. Wow.]

    New World Order Comix


  • Comic Magazine

    [Note: This was released by The National Alliance and the late-great William Pierce. It was an attempt to awaken white youth to the coming extinction of their race. Population statistics show that the white race is not having children at even a sustaining, replacement rate. Maybe a magazine in 50 years will show White Will's grandson, 'Extinct Erik'?!]

    [Below: An ad from Resistance Magazine]

    Putrid Cult


  • Flyer

    [Note: Freezing Blood's description is... A W E S O M E ! Ha! I especially like the 'coolness of black'. They get right to the point and are obviously E V I L as fuck.]

    Janusz Walus


  • Flyer

    [Note: Janusz Walus (January 14, 1953 -) is the assassin of Chris Hani, the communist chief of staff of the armed wing of the ANC. He rots in jail for life, when instead he should be given a medal. COMMUNISM = DEATH.

    Walus wrote:

    'They (the ANC) are communist and they will destroy this wonderful country. They will squander all that was built here by Whites with such difficulty. It pains me that everything here will be destroyed in the name of a multi-racial utopia that will never work here. They want freedom and democracy. In a few years freedom and democracy will be all they will have.'

    And guess what? That is exactly what is happening.]

    Janusz Walus


  • Flyer

    [Note: Two Cthulhu flyers at once?! This must be a sign of our Masters return!]

    [Above: Another R'lyeh 'zine flyer.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: Cthulhu first appeared in a 1928 pulp magazine called Weird Tales.]

    [Above: Bumper sticker. It doesn't get any better than this!]

    The Golden Dawn


  • CD

    [Note: Greece's Golden Dawn political party are the saviors of their land. But the Dark-Lords-of-Evil won't lessen their grip on this blessed land without a fight. The Dark-Powers-That-Be have arrested the Golden Dawn's leader and various politicians in a feeble attempt to destroy them.
    I got this CD when I showed my support of the Golden Dawn by purchasing a shirt from the Golden Dawn store ~HERE~

    It is very impressive stuff. Coolest of all, track five is the symphonic masterpiece 'Horst Wessel Lied', Germany's unofficial anthem during WW2, but with Greek lyrics.

    All peoples worldwide are waking up to the message of the Golden Dawn. The world is tired of the ceaseless insanity of this planet. They are tired of being slaves to an evil fucked-up system. The Golden Dawn are birth pangs of a new world.]


    [Above: November 29th 2014 Rally in London outside the Greek Embassy in support of Golden Dawn members who have been illegally arrested.
    Jail us, shoot us, but the truth will prevail! Hail the Golden Dawn!]


    [Above: Golden Dawn sticker]

    The National Alliance


  • Flyers and Pamphlets

    [Note: The National Alliance gets the lucky number 666. William Pierce (September 11, 1933 - July 23, 1002), its founder, was a teacher and mentor to many seeking truth, including us at Mourning the Ancient. Here are but a few of the many pamphlets done by Pierce and his group in an attempt to awaken America and the world.]

    [Below: The 'algiz' rune, the symbol of the late-great National Alliance, symbolizes life and protection.]

    [Below: Two LEGENDARY men, William Pierce and Hans Schmidt from the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler! Schmidt wrote many incredible books, including of his time in the SS (see below). LOOK HIM UP!]

    [Below: SS Panzergrenadier by Hans Schmidt]

    [Below: I'm not sure if this is his autograph or if this is printed?]

    [Below: William Pierce and friend, at his headquarters in Virginia.]

    The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM)


  • Threatening Letters

    [Note: Here is a rather funny and ludicrous story. A friend of mine here in the Unites States, who is a distributor of black metal in Europe (including Germany), started getting strange letters from a German government organization in the mail. The problem was, they were all written in German. Like most Americans, he only speaks English. Didn't they think of that?! I guess not. The letters turned out to be threatening letters from a tyrannical group called 'The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM)'. You can read a page of the English letter, which he finally received in the mail, above. I especially liked the part about '...glorifies sexual satisfaction as the only reason for human existence, often accompanied by grossly depicted genitals.' Yep, that perfectly describes black metal. But seriously. Black Metal--you are an 'indecent, extremely violent, crime-inducing, anti-Semitic or otherwise racist' disgusting cunt. And that's why I love you so fucking much!!]

    The Anti-White Metal Brigade


  • Flyer

    [Note: A Brazilian friend of mine, who isn't white, and I were discussing how brainwashed the public is on everything regarding WW2 and National Socialism. It is strange to me, but no surprise, that even in places like Brazil they have it pounded into their heads to hate everything involving Adolf Hitler and WW2 Germany. My friend sent me this flyer to illustrate an example of a band of brainwashed idiots from his country. Apparently not only do they hate the swastika, but also 'White Metal', whatever the hell that is?

    Perhaps one day people like this will wake up to the fact that we are all slaves to an evil minority of people who have crafted a devilish system to enslave mankind--no matter your race. We're all cattle to them. But most importantly, they'll realize that Adolf Hitler and the many, many races of his allies sought to free this world. A lot of 'National Socialist Black Metal' completely misunderstands National Socialism. It was not about hate, but ultimately freedom. It was not any more racist than what was natural and was far less racist than its enemies.

    The symbol of the swastika is the symbol of resistance. A reminder to the tyrants of this earth that their time is running out. You cannot kill an idea. And every just and true idea eventually comes into fruition. The fact that National Socialism never died in WW2 proves its invincibility as an idea and its eternal truths. Its enemies invested untold riches in destroying it and perverting its meaning. All for nothing. All peoples, of every race on this embattled world, are waking up to its truth.

    It is The Way to a future of peace. It is the system of things that will save our species and send us to the stars. Together, or never.


    The Magnificent Art of Chris Vochatzer


  • Drawings

    [Note: I don't know much about this great artist, other than he is German. What an honor it was to have a Mourning the Ancient picture done by this artist! Many thanks to M.R. for sending these to us!]

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