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Cannibal Ferox

  • Laserdisc

    [Note: Here is the infamous laserdisc edition of Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox, complete with seven inch vinyl and vomit bag!]

    [Seven inch record]

    [Vomit bag]


    [Below: This picture circulated on the internet for years, portrayed as an authentic death picture. It is in actuality a still from Cannibal Ferox!]

    [Below: This one is sometimes passed off for real too. It's from Cannibal Holocaust (1980).]

    [Below: Here's another vomit bag from the era from the film 'Mark of the Devil']



  • Letter and Immolation envelope

    [Note: 'Keep yourself immolated...and AWAY FROM GOD!!' ]

    National Alliance


  • Business card, circa 1990's

    [Note:...RIP William Pierce.]

    [Below: New business card, circa 2015.]

    [Below: This is a fairly old image used by the National Alliance.]

    [Below: Here's a flag from the William Pierce era of the National Alliance.]

    [Below: While taking the flag photo (upside down) this guy walked up and just had to be in the photo!]



  • Misc./shirt

    [Note: I'm sure this shirt got some attention!]

    [shirt front/close-up/back]

    Mortal Wish


  • Broken CD courtesy of the postal service!

    [Note: No love for Brazilian black metal band Mortal Wish from the postal service!]



  • Old Deicide promotional advertisements

    [Note: A rather strange, smiling picture of the band.]

    Ares Kingdom


  • Flyer

    [Note: Featuring some of the members of the infamous Order from Chaos.]



  • Flyer/CD cover

    [Note: What does that say? As an added touch the zombie guy is reading the 'Fucking Bible'...

    Update: Okay, I found out who this is... Necroholocaust - this is their 2007 demo.]

    Money Order Receipt


  • 14/88

    [Note: Not only one of the greatest Americans of all time, but one of the greatest men of our time. David Lane was the most down-to-earth, polite, wise, spiritual and intelligent men I ever had the honor to speak with.]



  • Master matches!/demos

    [Note: Paul Speckman, the frontman of Master, was a cool guy, and one of the very first interviews we ever did. For a few years afterward he sent us promotional tapes unsolicited. These matches were way too cool to use!]

    [a few demo cassettes from the 1990s]



  • Cut-out flyer

    [Note: Someone's been using the thesaurus...]

    Holocausto Canibal


  • Flyer

    [Note: Beware all you 'pseudo brutal freaks'...]



  • 'Zine

    [Note: This 'Zine is from the glorious year of 1995, from Lithuania...]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Storm was a truly great collaboration, too bad they only released one CD. I believe it was Satyr from Satyricon, Fenriz from Dark Throne and Kari from The 3rd and the Mortal. I remember hearing back in the day that they got shit locally because people said that the CD was 'racist' because it was too 'nationalistic.' Politically correct nonsense!]

    [Below: Nordavind CD]

    [Below: Kari Rueslåtten picture from the Storm booklet. Kari was already beloved in the scene for her gifted singing with the band The 3rd and the Mortal.]

    [Below: From the booklet.]

    King Diamond/Mercyful Fate


  • Metal Blade glossy promo pictures

    [Note: Love 'em or hate 'em, but King Diamond is one of the most unique acts in metal. These pictures are funny... look how normal the rest of the band looks and then look at King Diamond himself.]

    [Below: An early live shot of King Diamond (pre-Mercyful Fate). Strange eh?]



  • Flyers

    [Note: Countess was always one of my faves. Truly top notch black Metal.]

    [Below: CD tray from Countess' 1997 Hell's Rock & Roll]

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