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The Panic Beats


  • Album Cover & Artwork

    [Note: I found this band while researching an old horror movie called 'The Panic Beats'. From what I can gather, it is a punk band. The artist does lots of other work and has some very flashy stuff.]

    [Above: You gotta relate to this one! Pictures of girls taking pictures of themselves, many times in an explicit manner, have flooded the internet! Of course, yours truly would never do something as despicable as that!]

    [Above: Okay, so I lied! Am I crazy or do I look like the hooded killer in the picture below?! Bizarre coincidence...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    Kiss Me, Satan!


  • Comics

    [Note: Err, the good ole Angel of Light has crept into comic books I see. This comic is only for the True, no doubt.]

    [Below: In the immortal words of Deicide's Glen Benton: 'I hope it all just crumbles and we can all just be barbarians.' ]

    The B-Music of Jean Rollin
    Various Artists 1968-1979


  • CDs

    [Note: For those who don't know, Jean Rollin is/was a French film director. His films were very strange, dream-like, and...did I already say strange? Love them or hate them. I found them unique and always interesting. These soundtracks contain some of the strange music featured in a handful of his films. Something only a fan would enjoy. Collector's items for sure.]

    [Below: CD back]

    [Below: CD]


    [Below: Digipack CD cover]

    [Below: back]

    [Below: inner CD case]

    [Below: CD]

    The Pyramid Prophecy


  • Booklet

    [Note: This 16 page booklet is filled with incredible knowledge on Biblical cyphers and the hidden history of such. It includes numerous tables and diagrams, all done by the great David Lane. In the last years of his life Lane was an authority on the topic. It's very interesting stuff and I wish I had the time to read into it more.]

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