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Clash of the Titans


  • CED Movie

    [Note: I love this movie! Seeing it on such a strange format as CED is really cool to me. CED stands for 'Capacitance Electronic Disc'. The technology itself was invented in 1964, but due to various problems it wasn't released for 17 years--in 1981! After being released RCA lost 600 million dollars and canceled it three years later in 1986. It is certainly an obscure technology that few people have ever heard of. The movies themselves, packed in their plastic cases, look like a cross between a laser disc and a vinyl LP. Strangely you stick the entire plastic case into the CED machine and it removes the disc, you then pull out the empty case. The disc cases aren't meant to open otherwise. CED technology actually uses a stylus, like that of a conventional record player. The movie quality is somewhere between a VHS and a laser disc.]

    [Above & below: The artwork was very cool...]

    [Below: Here is the Clash of the Titans laserdisc version.]

    [Below: Laserdisc inner ring.]

    [Below: The original Clash of the Titans is a classic, unlike the remake garbage of resent days. Here is an original poster.]

    [Below: Medusa still.]

    [Below: Medusa still, strangely beautiful.]

    [Below: Medusa by Arnold Böcklin, circa 1878.]

    [Below: Medusa by Franz Stuck.]

    [Below: Medusa by Franz Stuck. Variation.]

    [Below: Medusa by Franz Stuck. Variation]

    [Below: Medusa by Caravaggio (1571–1610).]

    [Below: Medusa, in bronze, beneath a blue sky.]

    [Below: A beautiful National Socialist German piece.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: The ancients were very fond of putting Medusa on their coins. Here is a tiny selection.]

    Night of the Living Death Fest


  • Advertisement

    [Note: This advertises a Mexican fest held in 2011.]

    [Below: On the subject of zombies and their helpless female victims, check out the awesome art on this release of 'Merciless Death - Evil in the Night'.]

    [Below: Hmmm... remind you of something?]

    [Below: In 1959 the Coppertone suncream campaign starred a 3-year-old girl. This image became their mascot for many years. Enter today: innocent three year old replaced by innocent zombie and evil whore.]

    Jesus Christ


  • Painting

    [Note: Wandering an antique store I was awestruck by the sheer magnificence and timeless artistry of this ancient painting! I'm joking, of course. This is really horrible and it would probably cause Jesus to break the commandment 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' and brutally murder the creator of this monstrosity.]

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