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Iron Maiden


  • Ed Hunter Music CD/CD-ROM Game

    [Note: An Iron Maiden video game? What next? A Burzum video game? You could be Varg with a knife chasing Euronymous around in his underwear. Anyway, this double CD + the CD-ROM video game was released in 1999, many years after I had given up on expecting anything good from Maiden. As you can see and read below, the CDs are compilation CDs, of which the band has released quite a handful over the years. I wasn't able to play this Windows 95/98 game on my new Windows machine, but something tells me this game sucks.]

    [Above: CD case back]

    [Above: Booklet]

    [Above: CDs]

    From Mexico with Love


  • Letter & Stationary

    [Note: Not all stationary is created equal... just check out this example from my friend-in-metal from the Sonora Desert. Finally something from over the border that I actually wanted here!]

    Ozzy - The Ultimate Sin


  • LP

    [Note: Sporting one of the coolest album covers in its time, and not a bad release either. The release had four instant classics: 'Lightning Strikes', 'Killer of Giants' (my favorite!), 'Shot in the Dark' and 'The Ultimate Sin'. Circa 1986. This was the last Ozzy album of any value to me, and I must admit, it's forever tainted by all of he and his disgusting wife's publicity antics. Sharon Osbourne, you money-grubbing whore, you ruined a legend.]

    [Below: Close-up]

    [Below: Back]

    [Below: Inner record sleeve]

    [Below: LP center]

    [Below: One of the rarest formats there is: VHD! Only released in Japan, the players and many of the films are very rare today. Here is Bark at the Moon.]

    [Below: Reverse. Bark at the Moon.]

    [Below: Cartridge and insert. Bark at the Moon.]

    Hornady Zombie Max


  • 00 Shotgun Shells

    [Note: Further proof the whole zombie craze is getting out of hand! This gimmick comes in a variety of other calibers as well...]

    [Below: Back description]

    [Below: 12 GA. Shell]

    Adolf Hitler


  • Postcard circa 1933

    [Note: This postcard celebrates Adolf Hitler as Chancellor, but what's really interesting is the message, which reads:

    "You see here the leader of the German people.
    Under his leadership it is now getting much better in Germany!
    Our new flag! Do you want to get one?"

    Yes! I do!]

    [Below: Back description]

    Pencil rendition of Mourning the Ancient photo


  • Circa 2013

    [Note: As I vaguely understand it, this odd rendition was done by the editor of the Mexican 'zine 'Last Night Alive' for a Greek death metal band.]

    [Below: The original photo, from an April 2000 shoot called 'Sand and Certainty'. See the rest of the shoot -here-]

    Bram Stoker's Burial of the Rats


  • Comic Books

    [Note: This comic book--issue #1, circa 1995, was based on a Roger Corman film of the same name. What I found interesting was the Noise label advertisement. Strange huh?]

    [Below: Back of comic. Coroner was a quality metal band from Germany.]

    [Below: Example of the art from the inside.]

    [Below: Issue #2 cover.]

    [Below: Example of the rather strange art inside...]

    [Below: I've never seen the movie this comic was based on...]

    Maximum Filth - The Unauthorised Biography of Cradle of Filth


  • CD

    [Note: This is perhaps the dumbest and most bullshit CD I've ever heard. As you can see below, it has 'song titles', but there is no music. It's not even an interview CD, although it does contain a few seconds of sound bytes of the band. Yippee. What it does contain is 55 minutes of a woman talking about the band. Well, more like worshipping the band. She talks of the band as if they are the greatest thing in metal. This is a masterpiece of boredom and gaydom. These pictures speak a million words of why this band is so hated, but of course the biographer of this CD doesn't mention that.]

    [Below: CD back.]

    [Below: Oh cool, he's eating the roses... that is so uber-evil/dark/true...!]

    [Below: Here's a newer tour poster]

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