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  • The Many Faces of The Oath of Black Blood

    [Note: In 1992 JL America/Turbo Music released Beherit's 'The Oath of Black Blood'. It was a collection of demo material and its level of rawness, darkness and violence the world had never heard previous. And like nothing before it, it was truly a 'love it or hate it' kinda thing. Personally, I loved it! Its uniqueness I prized. It was a dark gem in the raw. The fact that 99% of people absolutely hated it back then made it the definition of 'cult'. It's been re-issued a few times over the years, sporting different covers... but I'll always favor the black and white masterpiece I knew in my youth.]

    [Above/right: In 2006 Season of Mist re-issued The Oath of Black Blood with colorized art... BLASPHEMOUS!]

    [Above: 11X17 sized poster. I'm not sure who printed this or when, but it was probably in the 1990s.]

    [Above: The man himself - Holocausto!]

  • Various other Beherit pictures

    [Above: Damn, we were all once so young!!!]

    [Above: Circa 1990]

    Masonic Ritual Music


  • Colored Vinyl

    [Note: ...and you thought you had some dark ambient music in your collection!! Ha! What could match the evil and darkness preserved here? Mortiis? Ordo Equilibrio? I think not! ...but, seriously, these are some strange birds eh?]

    [Above: Inner label #1 side A - New York, you are a haven for all things EVIL]

    [Above: Inner label #1 side B]

    [Above: Inner label #2 side A - Star-Spangled Banner?! Lord's Prayer?! WTF?]

    [Above: Inner label #2 side B]

    Seges Findere


  • Digital Flyers/CDs/LP/Shirt

    [Note: There are not many bands in black metal more ballsy then Brazil's Seges Findere. Their propaganda, music and imagery is a huge 'fuck-you' to the powers-that-be. The band is also very prolific, since their forming in 1999 they have had many releases, demos and EPs. The pictures below are digital flyers/advertisement distrobuted by the band/label.]

    [Below: I guess it was inspired by this image... it's from a Russian propaganda movie called 'Come and See'...]

    [Below: Seges Findere promotional photos.]


    [Below: Master CD layout materials.]


    [Below: Here are a handful of Seges Findere's CD releases.]


    [Below: Here is an LP copy of 2013's 'Dessemitize'. It is a limited edition of 100 copies.]


    [Below: Catch Seges Findere live in Chicago on March 28th & 29th, 2014...]


    [Below: Seges Findere first live performance at the 'Knife Blade Fest'.]


  • Read the August 2012 interview we did with Seges Findere

    Neverheard Distro Presents: Witchcraft


  • Flyer

    [Note: Hmm... I've never heard of this distro! Ha! (Sorry, let's just move on to the next item)]

    Flesh Art


  • ART BRUT Flyer

    [Note: Wow, the whole 'CUNTBLASTING I FUCK YOU DEAD' sounds mighty promising. Well, I've never heard this band, or heard of them until now, but that's not why this flyer made it into the coveted halls of Trash and Treasure. It's the back of this flyer, see below.]

    [Above: Often times you will see a stamp on the back of flyers of a band/distro/label/zine (hijacking the original flyer, or otherwise catching a free ride), ironically this flyer has that too (Gravesite Productions), but what is fairly odd is the neatly hand-written information from 'Vinterriket'. How many flyers could he have written all of this information on? And neatly at that! Maybe he is locked up in a cell somewhere in hell and spends his eternity doing this? Yep, that has to be it, there is simply no other explanation. Maybe one of us should write Christoph and see if he is okay?!]

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