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Zombie Target


  • Zombie Apocalypse!

    [Note: A friend sent me this to show off his shooting prowess. Check out those patterns, obviously the shooter wishes to cut-down on zombie fertility rates! But beware of zombie women's rights groups coming down on you...]


    My Phone


  • News Update!

    [Note: 'UN assembly slams Ass'!!!! Finally some truth in the mainstream media! The UN has been fucking the world since its inception!]

    Swedish Death Metal


  • Book

    [Note: This 448 page book was first published in 2008 (by Bizillion Points) and is written and compiled by Daniel Ekeroth. It contains tons of rare pictures of various bands early in the death metal genre, heaps of rare concert flyers, demo covers and other assorted treasures, not too mention a whole volume of information and interviews. All in all a great book!

    Special thanks to R.D. for the gift of this book!]


    [Below: An example of one of many of the rare pictures in the book. Here is Ross Dolan of Immolation circa 1989 during a visit to Sweden. Also in the picture are Sharon Bascovsky (Derketa), Will Rahmer (Mortician, who was visiting with Ross Dolan) and Johnny Hedlund of the Mighty Unleashed.]

    [Below: This pic is some kind of form from a Swedish metal store called Heavy Sound. I posted it because I like the picture!]

    United Forces


  • Magazine

    [Note: King Diamond says 'Nuns have no fun', but this picture clearly shows the opposite. At least it looks fun to me!]

    Candy & Buckie Shirakata


  • Strange 1970s records

    [Note: What a stud! You could only dream of being a macho guy like the mighty specimen of manhood above. He is no doubt a warrior of some recognition, even sporting his chainmail in this photo. His heroic deeds are probably why these three lasses are flocked around him naked.

    On another note, I have no clue what this is besides it is from the Netherlands. Same goes for the below, except, well, it's not from the Netherlands...]

    [Above: This is called 'The Look of Love']

    [Above: Southern Exposure - Headin' South]

    [Above: 'Love is Tight Pants'... okay, no one can deny that cosmic truth.]

    [Above: Bill Justis - Raunchy]

    [Above: Based upon the names of some of these songs, like 'Raunchy College Man', 'The Stranger', 'The Midnite Man', 'Flip, Flop and Bop'...
    and maybe 'Cattywampus', I think he may be talking about our romantic friend below...]

    [Above: MTL. Express - Disco All Night -- on the beach? A strange cover for a disco album, no?]

    [Above: A Hitler Youth... I mean Boy Scouts uniform? Well, might as well let girls in now, since they let everyone else in so that they can be politically correct.]

    [Above: All Smiles - and the girl isn't smiling.]

    [Above: Stag Party Record - Stories for sex-minded males. Where the hell were these records sold anyway? You couldn't exactly buy them at your local record store could you? Not that I think you shouldn't be able to buy them anywhere, I think you should be able to. It's foolish how something as natural as the human body became something 'dirty'. But I guess we live in a strange society that thinks it is okay to kill its unborn and mutilate the penises of its infant males. How odd is that? I mean, what if animals did these things? You would probably think it strange if you looked out the window on a snowy afternoon and you saw a group of rabbits tying down a newborn rabbit and cutting the skin around its penis off, while it howled in pain. Or how about other rabbits sticking a vacuum up the vagina of another and sucking out an unborn rabbit. But, maybe I'm wrong, maybe you would find these things normal.]

    Christian Litter


  • Flyer

    [Note: Why oh why do these lunatics leave these vile leaflets on my door? Their intent is to seduce your children into their cult of insanity, that much is clear. At least the followers of Satan have never littered on my property. Heck, they've even given me some of my favorite death and black metal albums!
    Notice their 'knight' has no sword? As if Christians are pacifists... ha! Quite the opposite. They continue to soak the world in blood even today. But, back to the time of 'knights'. Notice there are no dragons or wizards in this little fairytale. Of course not, those are the devil's things. As if a bulldog wearing armor isn't a bit supernatural! And don't get me started on that fox... that amulet it is wearing is clearly of the enchanted variety. Probably even a +5 of Protection from Priests. It certainly isn't a secret why the horse's ass is covered!]



  • Promotional CDR

    [Note: Impurity is a pretty good death metal band from Florida with deep gutteral vocals. This promo copy was sent to labels... but what earns it a place on Trash and Treasure is the very strange "Hail, Champions..." bit. At least I found it to be extra odd. Wait a minute... is this greeting from a Conan movie???]

    Postcard from England, circa 1973


  • Miss Pussy

    [Note: "Dear Pussy, I am enjoying being here. It is a lovely sunny morning and we are sitting on the seas"...?!
    This is very strange... what the hell were they up to in 1973?!]

    [Below: No doubt a music masterpiece - 'My Pussy Belongs to Daddy'... I feel stupid just typing that up!!!]

    [Below: This album was actually re-released recently - in picture LP form! Very odd, you people...]

    [Below: Lp sleeve back.]

    [Below: Lp front.]

    [Below: Lp back.]

    [Below: Another bizarre release by what appears to be a different band? I guess everyone wants to call their album 'My Pussy Belongs to Daddy'...
    ...Next up, Burzum - My Pussy Belongs to Daddy.]

    Cell Phone


  • Varg

    [Note: I awoke on 7-15-2013 to find to my surprise a familiar face on my cell phone news... check out the ancient photo they used of Varg above.]

    [Above: They could have at least used a more recent photo of Varg like this one...]

    [I read Varg's account of this situation later and what a bunch of bullshit they put him through. Our freedom dwindles away under these tyrannical nations with their pseudo-freedoms and fake democracies.]

    Vanilla Ice


  • CD Cover

    [Note: I recently stumbled across this bizarre CD cover and thought I'd share it with you. This looks more like a black metal CD cover than, of all people, Vanilla Ice! It is a strange, strange world, getting even stranger.]

    Halloween Beer


  • Steel Cans and Pull Tops (circa 1981/1979)

    [Note: Beer from the self-proclaimed 'Halloween Capital of the World'.]

    [Above: All of those festivities sound incredibly evil huh?

    [Below: A very intimidating vampire! It looks like they penned in his fangs as an afterthought.]

    Dark Funeral


  • Glossy Promotional Photo

    [Note: Dark Funeral covered in strawberry jam!...

    Just kidding, it's infant pig's blood.

    OK, just kidding again. It's: Water, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, hydroxyethylcellulose, propylene glycol, methylparaben, red 40 (CI 16035), blue 1 (CL 42090)!!!]

    [Above & below: This mini CD was recorded in 1998/1999 and I thought they did a good job with it, despite this CD having the stupidest name ever. 'An Apprentice of Satan' is the only track written by Dark Funeral. 'The Trial' is from King Diamond, 'Dead Skin Mask' is from Slayer, 'Remember the Fallen' (the original is one of my all-time faves!!!) is from Sodom, and 'Pagan Fears' is from Mayhem.]

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