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Visions of Heaven & Hell


  • Book/CD-ROM

    [Note: This book was printed in 2010 and contains a variety of 120 images. Its accompanying CD-ROM contains these images in two sizes for ease of use. The images are royalty free, but the book asks that a person not use more than ten images, here are ten of some of the more interesting...]


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    [Above: 'The Punishment of the Damned', done in the 19th century by an unknown artist. This devil looks strangely very black-African...]


    [Above: '(Lust) from the Last Judgement' done in 1393 by 'Taddeo di Bartolo'. The poor bastard at the bottom is roasting on a spit that appears to end in the other person's mouth!]


    [Above: 'Zeus and Semele' done in 1896 by 'Gustave Moreau'. A very strange painting of Zeus... it reminds me of Christian images.]


    [Above: 'The Last Judgement' done in the 14th century by 'Giusto di Menabuoi'. Very, very strange.]


    [Above: 'Zeus and Thetis' done in 1811 by 'Jean Auguste Ingres'. This is one of my favorites. Astonishing!]


    [Above: 'Odin in Asgard' done in the early 20th century by 'J. Augustus Knapp'.]


    [Above: 'The Damned' done in 1620 by 'Peter Paul Rubens'. Wow. The complexity and detail...]


    [Above: 'The Wild Hunt of Odin' done in 1872 by 'P. N. Arbo'. An utterly cool picture, needless to say. You may recall this painting was used for Bathory's 1988 album 'Blood Fire Death'.]


    [Above: A picture from 'The Book of the Seven Mortal Sins' done in the 15th century by an unknown artist. Freaky stuff!]


    [Above: 'The Treasures of Satan' done in 1894 by 'Jean Delville'. I've always loved this one. You may recall this painting was used for Morbid Angel's 1991 album 'Blessed are the Sick'.]

    European Comics


  • Circa 1970s

    [Note: Zombie-love, cannibalism, ritual murder, demonic fornication... what more can you ask for!?]

    Geese in the Graveyard


  • --

    [Note: On a recent excursion to a cemetery I found these two shady characters wandering about... totally black, dark, fucking evil shit. This would make a perfect black metal CD cover...]


    [Below: Yeah, you better run! They were probably scoping out grave-robbing opportunities...]

    [Below: I can see it now.... totally dark necro stuff...]

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