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Envelope with Mourning the Ancient stamps


  • Letter to Germany

    [Note: Mourning the Ancient pictures on United States postage stamps. There are various places that will do custom postage stamps authorized by the United States post office. I was kinda surprised we got these back after submitting them. I guess I'm just so used to places telling us they can't work with us because they don't like elements of our photography. Well, these ones weren't so extreme... but if only they could have seen other pictures of these particular shoots! HA! Now to see if it reaches its destination...]


    [Below: A few other envelopes/stamps for your scrutiny...]

    [Below & above: Nothing like wishing yourself a happy April 20th!]

    Twilight Zone & Twisted Tales


  • Comics

    [Note: Twilight Zone was a staple of my youth. And these comics, well, they are rather tame. These examples are from 1991 and 1992. Twisted Tales, these examples hailing from a decade earlier 1982-1994, are much more 'adult', with a fair share of gore and nudity.]


    [Below: Twisted Tales example #1]

    [Below: Twisted Tales example #2]

    [Below: Twisted Tales example #3]

    [Below: Twisted Tales example #3]

    [Below: Twisted Tales example #3]

    [Below: Coming to a Black/Death Metal cover near you!]

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