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Art of the Devil


  • Coffee Table Book 2009

    [Note: This huge book is packed with strange and downright bizarre images, many of them from medieval or even ancient times. Any aficionado of metal will certainly recognize many of these images from various album covers over the years. Certainly some of these artists must have been taking mind-altering drugs... Below is a small example of the many strange images within this book.]

    [Above: Beginning of 1st millennium B.C. bronze statuette. Everyone's favorite demon 'Pazuzu'. This ancient statue's image was used in Exorcist II.]

    [Above: 'Triptych of Terrestrial Vanity and Celestial Redemption' by Hans Memling, circa 1490. Here is a painting on wood of a monk and his fellow Christian sinners getting the talon!]

    [Above: 'Hell' by Taddeo di Bartolo, circa 1393-1413. No wonder why this demon is so angry, check out his crotch! Plus he has Christians coming out of his ears! Ha!]

    [Above: 'Last Judgement, Hell Panel' by Dieric Bouts the Elder, circa 1468. This is an oil on wood. What a bizarre demon...]

    [Above: 'Devilry' by an anonymous artist, circa end of 15th century. Another devil with a face on his crotch... hmm...]

    [Above: 'The Last Judgement' by an anonymous artist, circa end of 14th century. Oil on wood. Ahh, how nice, those devils are giving those filthy Christians a bath.]

    [Above: 'Saint Augustine and the Devil' by Michael Pacher, circa 1483. Now that is fucking strange! Looks like that devil stepped off a flying saucer. My guess is the book he is holding is a list of interplanetary criminal charges of Crimes Against Humanity and Mass Child Molestation. And we can only guess why they sent this particular devil... well, with a face on his backside for protection! HA!]

    [Above: 'Good and Evil: The Devil Tempting a Young Woman' by Andre-Jacques-Victor Orsel, circa 1832. He's probably offering her a new smartphone or tablet for her soul, of which she'll accept, no doubt!]

    [Above: 'The Conception of Merlin, in the Story of Merlin' by Anonymous, circa 1450-1455. This poor, pathetic devil just wants to be loved.]

    [Above: 'Judas Hanged' by Giovanni Canavesio, circa 1492. Holy shit that is an ugly owl! Is that another face on its crotch?!]

    [Above: Frontispiece to the French translation of Johannes Tinctor's 'Treatise Against the Vaudois' by anonymous, circa middle of 15th century. The 'Kiss of Shame'! This goat must be thinking: 'These fucking humans sure do dig my ass!']

    [Above: Frontispiece to the French translation of Johannes Tinctor's 'Treatise Against the Vaudois' by anonymous, circa middle of 15th century. Is this some sort of monkey goat?!]

    [Above: 'The Arrival at the Sabbath and the Homage to the Devil' by Antoine Francois Saint-Aubert, circa unknown. This is a partial pic of a larger painting...]

    [Above: 'Three Witches Applying Ointment' by Hans Baldung Grien. Circa 1514. Three babes preparing for a night on the town...]

    [Above: 'The Sin' by Franz von Stuck. Circa 1893. This oil on canvas is one of my faves...]

    [Above: This is the right half of 'Beethovenfries' by Gustav Klimt. Circa 1902.]

    [Above: 'Attirement of the Bride' by Max Ernst. Circa 1940. I think it is safe to say this artist was on drugs or had a high fever when painting this oil on canvas... pretty interesting nonetheless.]

    [Above: 'The Mouth of Hell' by Anonymous. Circa 1440. This is what killed Boba Fett in The Return of the Jedi!]

    [Above: This is a partial picture of 'Triptych of the Last Judgement' by Hans Memling. Circa 1467-1473.]

    [Above: This is the bottom part of the partial picture above this one called 'Triptych of the Last Judgement' by Hans Memling. Circa 1467-1473.]

    [Above: 'The Last Judgement' by Jan van Eyck. Circa 1430. You might recognize this from the death metal band Cianide's 1992 album 'The Dying Truth'.]

    [Above: 'Punishment of Lust, Last Judgement' by Giorgio Vasari & Federico Zuccari. Circa 1572-1579.]

    [Above: Close-up]

    [Above: This is a small part of the picture 'The Damned' by Luca Signorelli. Circa 1499-1505.]

    [Above: This is part of the picture 'Hell' by anonymous. Circa 16th century. Check out the goat demon forcing a man to drink pig blood using a funnel which he's forced down the man's throat! (close-up below)]

    [Above: 'The Last Judgement' by Fra Angelico. Circa 1432-1435. Check out the greedy bastard getting molten gold poured down his throat! Or the people chilling out in the hot tub. Or how about the people eating themselves (see below).]

    [Above: 'De Civitate Dei' by Saint Augustine. Circa 15th century. He's gonna get a god-awful stomach ache!]

    [Above: 'Hell' by the Limburg Brothers. Circa 15th century. You might recognize this from the death metal band Cianide's 1994 album 'A Descent into Hell'.]

    [Above: An old Cianide promotional band photo.]

    [Above: 'The Berliquette Fairy', an advertising image from the department store 'Au Bon Marche'. Circa 1900. That is one stupid, fucked up and pathetic looking demon! I imagine no one is going to pick him to be on their next black/death metal album cover!]

    [Above: 'Woman on a Wooden Horse' by Felicien Rops. Circa unknown.]

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