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  • Postcard flyer/CD

    [Note: These older Bethlehem releases sounded utterly and totally insane. The singer's tormented screams and screeches are something spectacular that must be heard to believed. But, regarding the flyer above, does the empty chair signify a member of the band that didn't show up for picture day?]


    [Below: The cover of 'Dictius Te Necare', Bethlehem at its finest. Totally insane stuff. Released by Red Stream in 1996.]

    [Below: 'You Must Kill Yourself']

    Elegy Records


  • Catalogue

    [Note: This ancient Elegy Records catalog is from the dark age of 1995, it's even called 'Elegy Distribution'. Eighteen years later it's still based out of the 'Garden State' of New Jersey. One of the most respected distros and labels in the scene and my personal favorite!]

    *******UPDATE: Alas, Elegy Records, so entwined with the history of underground metal, closed its doors, a victim of 'cancel culture'. Some of his CDs were forbidden. Too extreme for the 'Land of the Free'. Political incorrect. What a tragedy.

    [Above: A catalog from July/August 1995]

    [Above: Here's a glance within]

    [Above: A catalog from February/March 1996]

    [Above: Inside catalog]

    [Above: Back of catalog]



  • Promotional Poster

    [Note: This heart-warming poster was released by Relapse Records.]

    [Below: Back of poster...]

    [Below: 1999 Spanish Repulse Records catalog - inner.]

    [Below: 1999 Spanish Repulse Records catalog - cover.]

    [Below: Poster...]

    [Below: CD case front/back. JL America released this CD in 1993, along with a handful of other Osmose Productions releases.]

    Blasphemy & Obituary


  • Promotional Posters/CDs

    [Note: No clue who released this Blasphemy poster... or even when this Obituary release even came out? And since I haven't been into Obituary for centuries, I don't really care. But there is no denying it--Obituary were one hell of a great band back in the day. Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death will always be classics in my book.]

    [Below: Poster...]

    [Below: Slowly We Rot was released by RC Records in 1989, its follow-up Cause of Death was also released by RC Records in 1990. Cause of Death featured a cool remake of Celtic Frost's Circle of the Tyrants... The singer, John Tardy, was one of the best death metal vocalists ever. I remember first hearing Slowly We Rot, way-back-when, and being blown away by the unique coolness of his voice. He would later appear on many other bands records adding bits of his trademark vocals. Bands like Cancer and Master were just a few of them.]

    Lamberto Bava


  • Autographed Picture

    [Note: Son of legendary Italian horror director Mario Bava, Lamberto forged his own path quite well. He co-directed the films 'Inferno' and 'Tenebrae' with director Dario Argento. He later went on to do such films as Demons 1 & 2, plus a handful of others. ]

    Special thanks to 'Robert' for the picture!

    Sol Evil


  • CD/Letter

    [Note: This CD and blood-drenched letter was so cool I had to steal it from Elegy Records... Sorry Rob, you just can't be trusted to behold such a work of black metal art. Now to send it in for DNA analysis!]



  • Bookmark

    [Note: People who buy used books know that from time to time various papers are left in them as bookmarks. But this has to be the strangest and funniest I've ever encountered! '...this very upright bird, shoulders back and formal, reminded me of you.' HAHAHA! This bird, called a 'Marabou Stork' (it's misspelled on the postcard), as you can tell from the picture, wouldn't win any beauty contests and is in fact a carrion eater! Yep, it gorges itself on the rotting dead. It is also referred to as the 'Undertaker Bird' because of its 'cloak-like wings and back, skinny white legs and sometimes mass of white hair'!!! To make matters worse, another part of its diet is feces! For this bird to remind you of your mother... I sure wish I had a picture of her for Trash and Treasure! Ah, its their first Shabbat in Africa. How darling.]


  • I found more pictures of mom!!!

    [Below: A beautiful picture of mom after getting her hair done. She looks so wonderful!]

    [Below: Mom on Thanksgiving with the in-laws]

    Russian Skull Mask


  • Documentation and Picture

    [Note: Hmm... where to begin. This is very bizarre. This is marketed as some kind of protective combat mask. It even has pictures of what appears to be American soldiers wearing them in a theater of war! Could this be possible? I have no clue. I mean, imagine what the Afghans or Iraqis would think if a group of American soldiers rolled up wearing these masks? "Hello, we're here to help you." Ha!

    This strange thing was made in China, but the main text is in Russian, yet a friend of mine bought it for me here in the USA. Very strange all around. Check out some of the bad English: 'Cacique comes from the conception of death-head bone.' It also is '...memmorial.' It can also prevent 'attacking by BB bomb.'

    Well, read the rest for yourself, and check out the back of the instruction sheet below. They've included tactical diagrams!?

    Lastly, you have to imagine what the Chinese think about the many bizarre things they manufacture for the world. This mask for example... Imagine the good little communist worker asking: "So are we making Halloween masks for America again?" And the answer: "No this mask is for American soldiers!" HAHAHA!]

    [Below: We did this little shoot as a joke in honor of this ludicrous, albeit cool, 'combat' mask. The helmet is WWI Swiss in case you're wondering.]

    Lollipop Chainsaw


  • PS3 Videogame

    [Note: First, this is a mildly fun game and satisfies the insatiable human need for endless violence. What I found strange though is the references to black metal here. One of the enemy boss' favorite bands is Bathory!? There is various death & black metal bands on the soundtrack as well. ]

    [Below: This invitation was stuck in the booklet of the game. What the hell is 'Vampire Lazertag'?]

    [Below: An alternative costume appealing to the puritan gamer...ahem!]

    [Below: ...!]

    [Below: ...!]

    Satanic Revelation


  • Book

    [Note: This is an extremely funny and slightly insane book. Imagine if Anton Lavey would have written the Satanic Bible when he was three years old and after smoking crack cocaine, that's about the level of writing here. The typos and bad English here are astounding. The sentence structure is sometimes so bizarre you have no idea what he's talking about. Oh well, at least this copy came autographed!]

    [Below: This charming picture of the author graces the back of the book. This guy is tougher, cooler and more fucking EVIL than you will ever be, so you might as well retire, all you evil bastards out there!]

    Black Pride Lager Beer


  • Beer Can

    [Note: Here is a fine example of exploitation! I photographed this gem with my crappy phone-camera in an antique store. Below is a close-up of the top of the can, it reads 'A beer as proud as its people'...!
    Regardless, can you imagine ANYTHING saying 'WHITE PRIDE' and not being attacked as 'racist' by the brainwashed mainstream? Interesting that a people with so many things to be proud of aren't allowed to express their pride without being called racists.]


    [Below: Ironically, this can was near the one above...]

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