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Romantic Images


  • CD covers

    [Note: Wow, that is truly disturbing. Unlike the photos below, the above needed no Photoshop... ]


    [Below: Dig the cowgirl boots on this nekro-whore...]

    [Below: Seems the image had an upgrade here, but what the fuck happened to the boots?!...]

    [Below: The blue friendship bracelet really shows that this band is supportive of social issues...]


    [Below: Love the bathroom make-over showcased here, especially the toilet paper holder chain idea, no doubt to be next years trend.]


    [Below: What REALLY happens after grandma dies and is sent to the funeral home!...]


    [Below: ...and if you are out of shrinkwrap, tinfoil is a good alternative...]

    [Below: Yep, works great, and acts as a beauty mask too!]


    [Below: I wonder if she still wants to cuddle afterwards?...]


    [Below: Wait a minute, I understand that she is an elf, but what the fuck happened to her arm?!...]


    [Below: What a handsome undead stud!...]


    [Below: Here is a clear statement about responsible family planning and birth control alternatives...]


    [Below: How come I never get invited to parties this cool? This photograph proves that hell is one big party after another... orgies, music and interesting characters abound, I call the handsome fellow playing the horn!]


    [Below: And to leave you near where we began, here is something truly disturbing... Have a great day, and as these pictures prove, never let anyone tell you that the underground is insensitive or not romantic!]

    Car Clock & Temperature


  • A Perfect Moment in Time

    [Note: Some of my favorite numbers in the world! If you don't know why, then you are missing something...!]

    Brood of Carnage


  • Flyer (received in January 2013)

    [Note: A death metal band from 'Lahad Datu, Sabah'!? I'm not sure if I should be excited, disgusted or amazed... Strange to market your band being from somewhere no one outside of Malaysia knows anything about. Well, maybe it is a place where goats wearing corpse paint roam the blood soaked streets under a full moon 24/7. Where NSBM plays in elevators and the national anthem is 'Skull Full of Maggots'...]

    Macedonian Metal Attack


  • Flyer (received in January 2013)

    [Note: That is perhaps the saddest, most pathetic demon (left) in existence...]



  • Flyer (received in January 2013)

    [Note: This flyer is just full of irony. Calling itself 'obscure metal' and you can barely read the band logo and email address because of the white background. Obscure indeed!]

    Celtic Frost


  • Flyers (received in January 2013)

    [Note: 'Pop/Hip-Hop/Techno Rock'??? This sounds horrible. Why in the world did Celtic Frost ever do this?]

    [Below: Two Celtic Frost flyers at the same time by different people. Must be some sort of revival!]

    Tales of the Morbid Butchers


  • Flyer (received in January 2013)

    [Note: Is it just me or does that guy on the far right look like he is masturbating and about to break the 11th commandment of 'Thou Shalt Not Gay' with the guy bending over in front of him?!]

    Deathly Scythe


  • Flyer (received in January 2013)

    [Note: I love the 'This is not for you' part! Then why the hell are you giving me this flyer?!]

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