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  • Fax and CDs

    [Note: Here is a band that is legendary to me. Not only is the music and vocals superb in every way, but their CD 'Tragedies' was one we listened to over and over again when we first began to do photography. For me to listen to it today is to go back in time on a sentimental journey to 1995. To the cramped basement apartment where we first began to experiment with photography. Magical times. To me, this is a magical album.

    Very special thanks to Rob and Elegy Records for the copy of the fax, Arctic Serenades promo CD and information!]


    [Below: The cover of Funeral's first CD 'Tristesse', which the fax refers to. It was released by the California label 'Wild Rags' in 1994. It remains an extremely rare CD.]

    [Below: CD case back]

    [Below: Inner sleeve]

    [Below: Compact disc]

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    [Below: Here is a scan from 'The Wild RAG!', issue #26, circa early 1994, talking about the above CD.]

    [Below: Here is the cover of 'The Wild RAG!', issue #26.]

    *Note: The fax and the excerpt from 'The Wild RAG!' both refer to this as 'Tristesse', but on the CD spine it is written 'Tristese'.
    The correct name is 'Tristesse', which means a state of melancholy sadness...

    [Issue #26 - Click to enlarge]

    [Funeral bio/information from issue #26 - Click to enlarge]


    [Below: CD Re-issue many years later. This is also very rare.]


    [Below: The cover of Funeral's masterpiece 'Tragedies', released in 1995 by Norwegian label 'Arctic Serenades'. This would be their second and last official release. Like 'Tristesse' this CD is very rare to find today.]

    [Below: CD case back]

    [Below: Inner sleeve]

    [Below: Compact disc]


    [Below: Cardboard sleeve 1996 promotional CD. This is a promo showcasing two other releases of the defunct label 'Arctic Serenades'. All in all they would release very few CDs...]

    [Below: Sleeve back]

    [Below: Compact disc]


    [Below: Band photo taken from 'Tragedies'...]

    "Behold the truth of our demise.
    Out of ruin we'll arise.
    - Funeral's 'Demise'

    [Below: Modern Tradgedies re-release. Transparent orange vinyl, limited to just 200 copies, gatefold cover, this release was the first time Tradgedies was released on vinyl. This LP contains the original four tracks plus it contains three original tracks and two from the 'Beyond All Sunsets' demo. It also contains new extensive liner notes by Anders Eek and Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin.]



  • Flyer and pics

    [Note: ...well, after a moment of speechlessness, I guess all I can say is that is not the Sepultura I remember... although I haven't liked this band since way-back-when, this is a perfect example of how when a band changes this drastically they should change their name as well.]


    [Below: This is how I remember them!]

    [Below: You have never seen Sepultura like this! Check out his 'Nazi' armband!]

    [Below: Igor and Max Cavalera (Dorsal Atlantica days). Looks like I'm not the only 'Nazi' monster in the world. My Cavalera comrades. I'd die for you bros. Haha! (The other shirt is the side project 'Guerrilha'). Thanks to Silvio Gomes for the awesome pictures!]

    [Below: New Sepultura... how about we just cut off the top of the flyer and say this is a new band called 'Kuala Lumpur!?!?]

    [Below: Huh?]

    Brewery Prod


  • Flyer

    [Note: Get ready for some ear-raping good times!]

    Black Mad Lice


  • Flyer

    [Note: Black Mad Lice? These band names just get stranger and stranger. Toxic Bonkers? Imagine the scenario: "Yo dude, you heard the new Toxic Bonkers CD?" "No, but I picked up Black Mad Lice..." Nevermind, let's just forget about this listing.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: So this band is called 'Inside'??? And the release is called 'Hancur Betabur Hambur: Live Abominate'??? Well, at least we'll get some 'Ass'saults' from this 'mp3 recorder to CD' release! Wait a minute, what the fuck does ANY of this mean?!?! And why do they tell themselves to fuck off? 'Just pure fucking drunken 'madness' fuck off inside!!' Very fuckin' strange Inside! Also, they actually admit that they have no skill as musicians and warn you to think twice before you order their CD!]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Check out the tongue on that fair elvin maiden!]

    VM: Value Merch


  • Flyers

    [Note: 'Milking the Goat Machine'?! Where are people coming up with these idiotic-awesome-stupid names?]

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