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  • The Many Faces and Names of 'Calm Before the Storm'

    [Note: Here is one album that has went through a lot of cosmetic changes! It's even had a few name changes. Did I miss any?]


    [Below: Japanese release]

    [Below: Cassette!]

    [Below: And there is always the pretenders to the throne, like this band, who dared to use the name 'Calm Before the Storm' as the name of their album!]

    [Below: And lastly my tribute to the many faces of Calm Before the Storm!]

    The weaknesses of vampires:

    Wooden stake

    Holy Water


    German Shepherds!

    Rock Band Metal Track Pack


  • XBOX 360

    [Note: Back in 1991 At the Gates released the killer album 'The red in the sky is ours'. Back then practically the whole world thought we were crazy listening to music like this. 18 years later here they are on a popular video game rated 'Teen' for 'mild lyrics'. The lyrics of my favorite At the Gates song come to mind... "Kingdom fucking gone!"]

    Mardi Gras Coins


  • Pan!

    [Note: This strange aluminum coin is from 1971 and bears the image of the God PAN. These coins often bear names and images of pagan deities, but not exclusively, they bear a near endless variety of graphics and topics. The coins themselves are called 'doubloons' and are thrown off of the floats of the Mardi Gras parade.]

    [Below: Circa 1981, this one has the Egyptian God Thoth on it. Thoth is usually depicted with the head of an ibis, a type of bird, or a baboon. He is the god of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdow. In later years he became associated with magic, writing, science and judgement of the dead. The Greeks equated Thoth with their god Hermes.]


    [Below: A friend of mine was in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and brought back a mess of various beads. These beaded necklaces are thrown thrown from floats in parades and off balconies unto the crowds below. Somewhere along the line it become tradion for girls to flash their breasts for in exchange for the necklaces. Below is a sample of some of the amulets and beads she brought back.]

  • Below is a mess of different coins with imagery of pagan deities and mythological themes. Click to enlarge!

    [Above: Front of coins]

    [Above: Back of coins]

  • Here is my own stupid tribute to this likewise stupid tradition!


    Until the Light Takes Us


  • DVD

    [Note: This is a 2010 DVD documentary on Norwegian black metal. It features new interviews with Burzum's Varg and Dark Throne's Fenriz, amongst a slew of others. It attempts to examine the 'black metal phenomenom' of the 1990's and beyond. Here is a quote from the back of the DVD: 'To capture this on film, directors Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell moved to Norway and lived with the musicians for several years, building relationships..."
    Does that sound strange to you? Imagine doing a film and having the money to move 'for several years' to another country.
    OK, that peculiarity aside, back to the DVD (or two DVDs in this case, since this is the special edition containing various deleted scenes and extra footage)...

    It is rather comical that the booklet states that the early Norwegian bands were fighting two things "McDonalds and Christian churches"! HAHA! Imagine Burzum's 'Aske' with a McDonalds burning instead of a church on its cover. Now that would have been "T R U E" !

    For the most part this bored me. Hearing the same rehashed stories about Euronomous over and over again. They really weren't that interesting the first time we heard them almost two decades ago. There unfortunately is nothing unique or really interesting here.

    Perhaps the only really interesting thing here is a deleted scene of Fenriz in a classroom drawing out on a blackboard the influences of Norwegian black metal, which pretty much could be the influences of planet Earth's black metal. No surprises or arguments with his interpretations. He lists Bathory as the single most important band. I'd have to agree.

    When I first heard Bathory I was entranced, and still am. I'd loved Venom for years, but this was different. Bathory were fallen gods. They were everything Venom had been missing.

    There are a ton of interviews with Fenriz on this film, and I guess I can see why, he definitely comes off as very down to earth and with a sense of irony and humor a lot of the others seem to be lacking.

    The really bad aspects of this film are showcasing an 'art' exhibit of black metal pictures and 'paintings', not too mention a few other idiot segments. But overall, you'll be more bored than offended.]

    [Above: DVD case back]

    [Above: booklet, containing various pics and "psycho-babble"]

    Zombie Zin


  • Wine

    [Note: Zombie themed wine. How will they whore out the living dead next? Did you know they even make zombie themed bullets?! So now people can get drunk on zombie themed wine and kill themselves with matching bullets. But don't expect to re-animate as a zombie, since most people already are one!]

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