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  • The Bloody Streets of Nebraska

    [Note: Driving mindlessly through traffic, lo and behold, this gruesome truck in front of me. I feel safer already, those evil geese!? I'm unsure what this exactly is for... check out the blood dripping down the back of the truck!?]

    Religious litter


  • Trash

    [Note: This flyer was recently donated to Trash and Treasure via a Jehovah's Witness who stuck it in my door. I feel sorry for the trees that had to die so that this drivel could be made. 'Would you like to wake up every morning with happy, positive thoughts?' No, I'd like to wake up to an idiot ringing my doorbell to tell me about their sadistic, sickening god, as was the case in this instance. Luckily, I ignored the intrusion and went back to sleep, later to wake up horribly depressed, with pounding evil and insanity shooting through my head, the way I like it and am used to, of course. So please, don't murder any more trees for me, you smiling psychopath!]



  • Newspaper Advertisement

    [Note: I was recently reading some WW2 related reports from a November 1941 newspaper and came across these strange ads. Apparently there was a cold medicine called '666'. So now we know why America chose to fight on the side of evil in World War Two! No doubt taking too many of these devilish 666 cough drops...]

    [Below: An ad in the same paper yields more evidence. 'Gargoyle coffee' anyone? Nothing like a fresh cup of 'Gargoyle' after firebombing hundreds of thousands of women and children, or the exquisite pick-me-up it gives after wreaking atomic devastation on two civilian cities!]

    Motivational Stickers (2)


  • Ashes to Ashes

    [Note: ...]

    Formula 1


  • 'Queen of Lie' Album Cover

    [Note: 1992 would yield this Russian metal release sporting a hot undead babe for our mortal enjoyment...]

    [Above: Battle Star Galactica?]

    Der Wehrwolf


  • Flyers

    [Note: Here's a flyer from July 2012 for Der Wehrwolf 'zine, one of the best old school mags in existence. Click for larger view.]

    [Above: Der Wehrwolf 'zine selection]

    This is Odinism


  • Raven Banner Pamphlet

    [Note: Here's a pamphlet first published in 1974 by something called the 'Odinist Committee', later republished in 1983 by something called 'Raven Banner Editions', and further, recently photo-copied by someone unknown. This work attempts to explain one of Europe's foremost ancient religions, and does a pretty good job at it. Would it clear the brainwashing fog of 99% of people today? Probably not. Perhaps Ragnarok will make it more clear to them?]

    Boots N' Brace - Raising the Standards II


  • Pamphlet

    [Note: Here's a pamphlet of David Lane's writings published in Quebec Canada. I think this is mainly for prisoners, as it also contains resource addresses geared toward political prisoners and the like, and all of these writings are readily available online.]

    Spinner Dominoes


  • 'Deluxe Edition'

    [Note: Deluxe edition indeed! This is one ballsy company to put swastikas on their dominoes. Why did they put swastikas on their dominoes? Hmm... no clue. Spinner should supply these domino sets to prisons!

    "Domino motherfucker!"]



  • Package, CD and wristband

    [Note: I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this fine South African band. But it took three packages sent to finally receive this one! (many thanks Maritz for your perseverence! It was worth the trouble!) Apparently the South African mail service likes to sample packages. Maybe it should be written "WARNING: This package contains the EBOLA virus, steal at your own risk"?]

    [Below: 3rd time's a charm!]

    Charles Manson


  • 'Songs From The Sick City' LP

    [Note: This LP contains 19 tracks by Charles Manson, which are derived from studio recordings he did back in 1967. It also includes a short 'interview'. This LP was released by 'Neue-Aesthetik' and 'New Era Productions' and is limited to 500 copies. To those who don't know, Manson was a talented musician/singer/songwriter. Unfortunate circumstances of the time ended any chance of Manson's music ever seeing a proper release, as most of the music seems to still be in demo stages. However, I have heard some tracks that are remarkably polished, and would have been extremely radio friendly, especially back in the 1960s when they were recorded. Songs like 'The House of Tomorrow' (on this LP), 'I Keep on Wondering' (not on this LP) and 'Eyes of a Dreamer' (also not on this LP) showcase his true talent. Another promising and diverse work however, and also one of my faves, was recorded in a session without Manson by the 'Family' and I think is unnamed, a haunting and strange track written by Manson but the vocals are performed by someone else... the chorus "I'm scratching peace symbols on your tombstone... scratching peace symbols in your mind..." and later "the only thing you know is what they told you, the only thing you know is what they said, they showed you by their actions, that all that was true and real was dead." It's an interesting, diverse and catchy track, if you have the time, find it on the web and check it out!]

    [Below: LP back/inner ring]

    [Below: Speaking of Manson, here is a very strange postage stamp from Somalia of all places bearing the image of Sharon Tate. This stamp was issued in 2001.]

    [Below: Here is Sharon Tate in London with Maxine and Alex Sanders, the 'King and Queen of the Witches', during a rehearsal for the movie 'Eye of the Devil' in 1966.]

    [Below: This is the movie poster for 'Eye of the Devil'.]

    [Below: Susan Atkins later turned to Christianity in prison. She even reported seeing visions of Jesus in her cell. She died in prison in 2009, after spending nearly 40 years there. She was denied parole 18 times. Based upon this newspaper evidence she should have declared her vampirism and the fact that she is being judged unfairly by her choice of food.]

    [Below: This photo of Sharon Tate was taken by Jay Sebring, the day before their murders.]

    [Below: Helter Skelter. The end.]

    [Below: Manson Family CD cover. I love the werewolf and the swastika in the center.]

    [Below: Damn... how horrible. I'm not sure who she is.]

    [Below: Again, horrible... no clue who this was.]

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