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Envelope and stamps


  • Anti-drug campaigns

    [Note: This Austrian stamp has to be one of the coolest postage stamps ever produced. This is from circa 1973 and translates to something like 'Stop! Drug abuse is suicide.' Perhaps so, but it makes for one hell of a postage stamp!]

    [Above: Enlargement.]

    [Above: Stamp with themed envelope. That's a poppy plant on the left.]

    [Above: Libyan anti-drug stamp/envelope.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: United Nations anti-drug/poppy envelope.]

    [Above: United Nations anti-drug/poppy envelope. Note the stem of the poppy plant is a noose!]

    [Above: Libyan anti-drug stamp/envelope.]

    [Above: Stamp series close-up.]

    [Above: Anti-drug stamp/envelope from Pakistan. This shows the burning of poppy plants.]

    [Above: Stamp close-up.]

    [Above: Some anti-tobacco stamps from Brunei.]

    [Above: Anti-tobacco stamp from Bophuthatswana.]

    [Above: Indian anti-drug stamp.]

    [Above: 'Smoking is a curse'! Indian anti-smoking postcard.]

    [Above: Anti-drug stamp from Oman.]

    [Above: This is a magazine from Libya with an Anti-HIV cover.]

    [Above: For the relatively obscure CDI system, 'Uncover Featuring Tatjana', circa 1996. I believe this game was originally released in Europe, but made its way to the USA via import distributers.]

    Games, Games, Games


  • CDI, XBOX, Playstation 2, Gamecube, PC

    [Note: Like the 3DO game system of its time, the Phillips CDI pushed the envelope far beyond that of today in terms of sexual/nudity content in its games/software. Ironic that endless graphic violence is deemed OK in the game industry, and television for that matter, but nudity is a No-No. Silly Judeo-Christian foolishness. Here's a selection of a few of the games that pushed the envelope in the mainstream in recent years.]


    [Below: Voyeur, circa 1993. Front cover of slipcase. Voyeur was first famous back in the day on PC.]

    [Below: Back.]

    [Below: Less well known was Voyeur II, released in 1996 on PC. Front.]

    [Below: Back.]


    [Below: Playboy's Complete Massage, circa 1993. Front cover of slipcase. Wow, that guy looks pretty fuckin' macho, eh? Err... wait, nevermind, that is two girls. Sorry for the mix-up.]

    [Below: Back.]


    [Below: A Night in Nylon City, circa 1995. Front/back and CD. A very strange CDI release made for the European market.]


    [Below: The Joy of Sex, circa 1993. Front cover of slipcase. A sort of digital manual on how to have the most boring sex imaginable.]

    [Below: Back.]


    [Below: Leisure Suit Larry has been around on the PC since the 1980's. Here is a 1997 re-issue of five games and one unreleased one. Although these games are highly retarded and juvenile they have quite the cult following.]

    [Below: The large 298 page book that comes with the CD set. The book basically details the games and history.]

    [Below: Leisure Suit Larry - Love for Sail was released for the PC in 1996/1997.]

    [Below: Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude was released in 2004 on Playstation 2.]

    [Below: Back of game case.]

    [Below: Leisure Suit Larry - Box Office Bust for the XBOX 360, circa 2009. This was an absurdly bad game.]


    [Below: Rumble Roses for the Playstation 2, circa 2004. Anyone remember G.L.O.W. - Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting? This is based on that premise. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it shouldn't be hard for you to figure out!]

    [Below: Game Book.]

    [Below: Game back.]

    [Below: Rumble Roses XX on XBOX 360, circa 2006.]


    [Below: Playboy The Mansion for Playstation 2, circa 2004.]

    [Below: Game back.]

    [Below: ...and a year later, Playboy The Mansion for XBOX, circa 2005.]

    [Below: Game back.]


    [Below: The Guy Game on XBOX, circa 2004. This quiz show game offered video footage of topless girls when the player answered the correct answer. This game generated a fair amount of controversy upon its release. Apparently one of the girls featured in the game was a minor.]


    [Below: BMX XXX for the Gamecube, circa 2002. There are many partially nude videos of strippers to be unlocked in this shitty game. Or you can just use a code and unlock them all at once.]

    [Below: BMX XXX for the XBOX, circa 2002.]

    [Below: BMX XXX for the Playstation 2, circa 2002. I wonder why Sony didn't want to 'Keep it Dirty'?!]

    [Below: Discs for all three formats, circa 2002.]


    [Below: 7 Sins for Playstation 2. This game was not released in the United States. While I've never played this, I've been told it sucks. Then again I've also been told that jackolopes are real. No shit, I once knew of a guy who bet a friend of mine twenty bucks that jackolopes are real. They ended up calling a veterinarian, leaving a message for him to call them back, stating they had an 'urgent' question. When the guy that swore up and down that they existed finally got the vet on the line and asked him, the response was classic: "That is biologically impossible." Not yet deterred the jackolope believer whined "But I know a friend who lives out in the country who swore to me he sees them once in a while." To which the matter-of-fact vet replied "Your friend is a liar." HA!]

    [Below: 7 Sins for the PC.]

    [Below: 7 Sins for the Playstation 2. Here is a Spanish version of the game. Note that you must be 16 years or old to play it, while in Europe you must be 18 or above. Further, in America you are not worthy to play it all. Polls show that when Americans are exposed to nudity, even cartoon video game nudity, they go berserk, killing everything in sight. Thank the gods that our benevolent government protects us from games like this.]

    [Below: 'Biologically impossible'? Not quite, here is a jackolope I caught basking in my backyard!]


    [Below: Yourself Fitness for Playstation 2, circa 2004/2005. Your own personal virtual trainer, 'Maya', leads your fat-ass on a journey that only would have been worthwhile if:

    A - She was naked.

    B - You could kill her.

    Or C - All of the Above.]

    [Below: Maya even pestered XBOX users to get off their fat-asses.]

    [Below: Maya, looking as haughty as ever!]

    [Below: Maya, selling her virtual fucking soul to McDonalds!]


    [Below: Duke Nukem - Land of the Babes for PS1.]

    [Below: Duke Nukem Forever for PS3/XBOX360.]

    [Below: Duke Nukem Forever for PS3/XBOX360.]

    [Below: Duke Nukem Forever for PS3/XBOX360.]

    [Below: Okay maybe this one isn't official!]


    [Below: And last, but not least, The Bible Game. Now we get into truly wicked territory. Interesting that this is rated 'E' for everyone, since the bible contains some of the most violent, creepy and sadistic themes imaginable. The Judeo-Christian god commits all sorts of vile atrocities against mankind.]

    [Here is an interesting list of some of the atrocities listed in the bible by the so-called god of love and peace. -Click HERE-]

    (Thanks goes to the original creator of this eye-opening list.
    In the name of unholiness and the blackest evil, two thumbs up to you Judeo-Christianity, you rock!)


    [Below: Here's some beer for you to help you cool down!]

  • These are 2013 advertising from the German beer 'Astra'.

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