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  • Fluoride is Poisonous!

    [Note: This strange poster I found laying beneath a telephone pole, someone had apparently torn it down. I guess we have angry Kony supporters in Nebraska! Kony 2012 is defined as 'a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony infamous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice'. Jospeh Kony is a military leader who uses children in his army in that cauldron of violence we call Africa. The sticker that someone plastered over it represents another controversial topic. The fluoride chemical added to drinking water and toothpaste is highly toxic and poisonous. It even stunts brain development!? Why does the American government make it a law that every city's drinking water must have fluoride in it then? Well, I can only guess. I remember a few years back someone I knew moved out into a rural area and had to have a drinking water well drilled. They soon had the government knocking on their door informing them that they have to fluorinate the well water. Wow, does the government really care that much about our teeth? Doubtfully. In these dark days one can truthfully say that wherever the government is involved something evil is surely afoot! The health and well-being of the common man is the last thing on a politician's agenda. So, rotten teeth or a rotten brain? Hmm... I'm gonna have to think about this one! Ha!]



  • DVD

    [Note: This 2009 piece of theatrical ignorant trash is co-written by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame. Very Hollywood'ish and not a shred of reality here. If you are going to use someone's name and identity I think you should stick to the facts. I mean, as long as we're fictionalizing real people, look at the possibilities... we could make a film about Churchill and Roosevelt and have them actually fight on the side of good. It sounds about as ludicrous as this film to me!]

    [Above: Front]

    Ozzy Ozbourne


  • Shirt

    [Note: This strange bootleg tour shirt bears some interesting art! I think the Klan is about to burn him at the stake for being such a sell-out, but they decide to just cut his head off instead!]

    [Above: Back]

    Ladies' Sno-Mobile Suit


  • Clothing pattern

    [Note: I stumbled upon this treasure and decided to share its unintentional humor with you. It looks to me like the girl in the foreground is being stalked by a crazy looking serial killer! Maybe the Zodiac Killer below?!]

    [Above: Zodiac Killer composite drawing. The Zodiac Killer would dress up in the strange costume above when he killed.]

    [Above: Zodiac Killer wanted poster.]

    Led Zepplin


  • CD and 7 inch

    [Note: The coolest of all Led Zepplin songs: 'Immigrant Song.' This seven inch came out in 1970, the tracks derived from the release 'Led Zepplin III.' I don't know of any other bands in 1970 glorifying Viking conquest, especially popular ones. Later they even released a shirt dedicated to the song with warriors on the front and 'WE ARE YOUR OVERLORDS' on the back. I'm not sure what the below CD, made to look like the seven inch, was released for. It comes in a brown paper slipcase with the words 'cdBACKtrax' printed on it...]

    Here is the lyrics of Immigrant song:

    Ah-ah, ah! Ah-ah, ah!

    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow
    The hammer of the gods
    W'ell drive our ships to new lands
    To fight the horde, and sing and cry
    Valhalla, I am coming!

    On we sweep with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore

    Ah-ah, ah!
    Ah-ah, ah!

    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
    How soft your fields so green
    Can whisper tales of gore
    Of how we calmed the tides of war
    We are your overlords

    On we sweep with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore

    So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins
    For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing

    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

    Songwriters: Jimmy Page / Robert Plant
    Immigrant Song lyrics Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

    [Below: 1980s Led Zepplin Immigrant Song shirt]

    [Below: Back]

    They Sold Their Souls For Rock & Roll


  • VHS tapes

    [Note: Here are some disturbing and very comical tapes. I'm not sure when exactly these were put out, but sometime after the year 2000. Like most Christian propaganda, it is ignorant, uninformed and spewing misconceptions and hate. These tapes are especially radical in their literal interpretations of all genres of music, especially heavy metal (although Rap, Country and Pop are mentioned).

    Let's begin at the beginning: A group of yuppies and a token black man are sitting around a candle lit table. They talk in a modulated sounding, echoing voice, almost robotic instead of the intended demonic, about how music is going to be used to steal souls from Christ. You guessed it, these men are demons! Oh my... anyway, the black man has the most convincingly demonic sounding voice, since everyone knows that blacks are the seed of Satan, right? All of this while 'scary' keyboard music is played.

    You have to wonder what sick, perverted bastard edited these men's normal voices into demon-robot sounding ones, and wrote the super-dooper-evil background music. Maybe they should use this piece of music for how evil music is for their next film?

    The tape begins by quoting Neil Young "Hey hey, my my, Rock & Roll will never die, there's more to the picture than meets the eye." And the equally ominous and no doubt Satanic quote, also from Neil Young, "Rock & Roll is outta the blue and into the black." Pretty hardcore eh? He is clearly referring to Lord Satan.

    Next everyone's favorite topic when ridiculing music or video games: Columbine. The Columbine shootings, that is. First they point out that one of the killers wore a shirt by the band KMFDM, which apparently stands for 'No Pity For the Masses' in German. The band most mentioned when hearing about these slayings though is Rammstein. The host informs us that a few members of this band were 'jailed after simulating male anal sex on stage with an erupting phallis.' Well, that's enough to make anyone kill I guess!

    After some Marilyn Manson footage the singer is quoted as saying "Hopefully I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity." Wishful thinking I guess.

    Next are more interesting quotes, this time of statistics: 'Since 1986 there has been a rise of 1740% of children treated with knife and gun wounds' and '1500 are arrested a year that are under 18 years of age for murder and manslaughter.' I'm sure music had a lot to do with that!

    Let's see... next we learn that David Lee Roth of Van Halen recorded a song called 'Yankee Rose' because they are the last words of the Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey. Huh?!

    [Above: The last page of The Satanic Bible. Sure enough, 'YANKEE ROSE', what this means I have no clue. Maybe David Lee Roth is Satan himself!? I'm confused...]

    OK, moving on... MTV is 'Satan's vehicle.' No, probably not, but I'll agree that it is definitely evil, in a total crap kinda way. Succubus hell-rocker Madonna did an interview in the LA Times where she is quoted as saying that she's a "tormented person most of the time" and "is possessed by many demons." Of course all of this is taken literally. As if any demon would want to possess her!

    The host goes on to compare Brittany Spears and Madonna to the serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Well, I agree with that one. (hehe...)

    Did you know that Jimi Hendrix was possessed by demons too? Yep. Even Country Music star Garth Brooks was influenced by Satanic bands and homosexuals. Oh, and Kid Rock is a 'Satanic rapper.' They even show some evil footage of him being driven around the stage in a little clown car. Very ominous!

    Next we reach part two after some lengthy preaching ending part one. Part two is obsessed with Aleister Crowley. They proclaim that Crowley is the 'father of Rock & Roll' and even the 'father of modern culture'! Wow! Did you also know that in his book 'Magic' Crowley admits to 'sacrificing hundreds of children'? I wonder how he managed that without being caught? Must be the powers of Master Satan.

    Elvis Presley ushered in the Satanic New Age. Where bands like Ozzy, Mercyful Fate, The Beatles, Danzig and even a splash of Deicide are mentioned.

    Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin, who bought one of Crowley's old houses, apparently 'slipped' in the words 'Do What Thou Wilt' on the 'run-off matrix' of the LP of Led Zepplin III (the run-off matrix is the part of an LP where you'll notice strange scratchings of numbers and words, after the album ends.) Whether this is true or not I'm not sure, they only showed a bad photo of it and I don't own it. Regardless, who gives a shit?

    At this point, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to eject the tape about half way through. Sorry, I know you were looking forward to hearing about the rest.]

    [If you doubt the evils of Rock & Roll, check out the dark and sadistic stickers below from the video game 'Guitar Hero II'. That blue bear is enough to make anyone go on a shooting spree! Is he jumping into the fire, or out of it?!]

    [Below: I saw this on the internet and found it all too ironic. If you Google 'why are christians' this is what comes up...! They have a pretty good name for themselves, don't ya think?]

    [Below: The following five books are placed here in the unholy name of David Lee Roth.]

    [Below: 'The Satanic Witch' was originally called 'The Compleat Witch'...]


    [Below: In honor of the evil destructive power of music, especially our beloved metal music, we've whipped up a little photo shoot for your amusement. Click on the photo to go to the page and see the full set. Enjoy!]


    The Streets of My City


  • Picture

    [Note: Hitler Hitler Hitler! (some trucks are just born cooler than others)]



  • Picture

    [Note: Wow, do they have to rub it in that crippled people can't do those things listed below?! Oh, and they forgot MOSH!]



  • 3DO Games

    [Note: What an odd name for a game, eh? This was released in 1994 on the equally strange 3DO game system. The cover art of this is just dying to be used on a Slayer (the band) bootleg's cover. I remember hearing somewhere that someone in Slayer likes to collect bootlegs of their own band. I wonder if other bands do this? As much as Slayer sucks today, admit it, we all liked them back in the day.]


    [Above: Another odd game for the 3DO system. 'Hell' was also released in 1994.]

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