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Wooden Matches


  • 1990s National Socialist themed matches

    [Note: These were sent to me sometime in the late nineties. Neat huh?]

    [Above: Front]

    [Above: Back]

    [Above: Side view]


    [Above & below: More fantasy matches, this time sold as real in 2018. Young collectors must be wary of fake crap like this.]


    [Above: Authentic Third Reich matches from the National Socialist War Victim's Care (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung, NSKOV). The NSKOV was a social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans.]


    [While the individual below appreciates the images on the matchbooks, he definitely doesn't appreciate their flames... check out some of his expressions below... they're almost... human!]

  • The following photos can be clicked to enlarged!

    [Above: Check out the picture on the right, the expression is eerily cartoon-like!]

    [Above: Check out the picture on the right, mesmerized by the flame!]

    [Above: Check out the picture on the left, pure concentrated hate!]

    [Above: And the best for last, check out the picture on the right, what the fuck?! Ha!]

    Iron Maiden


  • Live!! +one Greek LP

    [Note: Here is a cool Greek live Iron Maiden release, which is quite rare here in the United States (it's the only one I've ever seen at least), and I can only guess that it is probably hard to find even in its country of issue. I found this strange gem used years ago, and can only wonder how stuff like this gets from point A to B. Did someone from Greece move to the USA and bring it? Was it imported it from a distro? Random teleportation? We'll never know! What I do know for sure is this: The original vocalist of Iron Maiden, Paul Dianno (featured on this release), was the best, but granted, it's a very, very close race!]

    The tracks are:

    Side A:
    Phantom of the Opera
    Women in Uniform
    Innocent Exile

    Side B:
    Running Free
    Remember Tomorrow
    I've Got the Fire

    Adolf Hitler


  • Picture LP

    [Note: How cool is this? No idea who released this or when.]

    Rudolf Hess


  • Commemorative bronze/silver coins and shirt/picture

    [Note: Rudolf Hess is such a grand symbol of courage, loyalty and strength. His enemies only strenthened his legend by murdering him.]

    [Above: Very cool. I'm surprised they let whoever did this erect this...]

    [Above: Front/back. .999 silver. Beautiful bars from the late 1990s.]

    Hitler, Mussolini and the Graf Zepplin


  • Commemorative silver coins and bar

    [Note: ...and speaking of commemorative coins, here's some more eye candy for you.]

    [Above: .999 silver. A rather odd looking image of Adolf Hitler...]

    [Above: .999 silver. Beautiful coins from the late 1990s.]

    [Above: Later, brassy, lower quality re-strikes of the above. The busts almost look undead.]

    [Above: Steel. A very crappy looking coin.]

    [Above: Front/back. This is a postwar fantasy coin.]

    [Above: Fronts/backs. More of the type above.]

    [Above: Front/back. Not a bad job but the swastika is very crooked.]

    [Above: Front/back. A different strike of the above coin.]

    [Above: Front/back. The back of this coin is copied from a real period 3rd Reich coin, except the swastika on this has been removed for some unknown reason.]

    [Above: Front/back. Here's a similiar version with the swastika.]

    [Above: Front/back. A nice looking fantasy coin.]

    [Above: Front/back. A bizarre looking fantasy coin. I like how the maker made it a huge amount of Reichs Marks, as if that would make this beast more appealing.]

    [Above: Front/back. A fairly good fake, although like many others they fail to get the swastika correctly aligned (although somtimes even under the Third Reich certain private creations suffered the same fate).]

    [Above: Front/back. A Hitler/Hindenburg fake.]

    [Above: These beauties are recent (2015/2016) replicas made in China.]

    [Above: Here is the original 1933 period commemorative.]

    [Above: Front/back. This is a table medal from 1938.]

    [Above: Here's an example of an excellent modern fake.]

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