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  • Letter

    [Note: Here is a reprint of a Euronymous letter that is circulating as a flyer. Strange eh?]



  • Sticker

    [Note: I presume this is a band? Well, I've never heard of them, but I like them already. It translates as 'Blood Witness' and 'Fallen but not Forgotten.']

    The Art of Stefan Milde


  • Photo Copy

    [Note: The above drawing is spectacular on so many levels. This is the same artist who did a Mourning the Ancient photo rendition for Der Wehrwolf 'Zine (Check out the MTA drawing -HERE-). I know virtually nothing of this great artist, besides the fact that he is regarded as a prisoner of war, in the vast battlefield of Germany, where so many freedoms are restricted. Not that the land I write from has many more freedoms, it most certainly doesn't anymore, and what it does are dwindling fast. Recent laws passed in America now enable the government to arrest any USA citizen and hold them indefinitely, without a lawyer, without a trial, without even a chance to contact friends or family. They can wire tap us and look into our phone and internet records, all without a subpoena. The list of freedoms they have taken away in the past decade is astonishing. All of this tyranny to 'protect' us!?
    Well, if there is any glimmer of light in all of this darkness it is that their power is waning. The world is awakening. The tyrants know this and are scared. They are very scared of the people. Terrified that the truth will get out. Truths which they have invested untold riches and blood in keeping from the people. If they weren't so afraid of this none of these atrocious losses of freedom would be happening.
    Remember, no regime in the history of mankind can last for long that enslaves its own people.
    One day, sooner than later, the heads are gonna roll!]



  • Lucifer and Maudite

    [Note: Beer has come a long way since your daddy would get drunk on 7 ELEVEN beer and beat your mom. Above, mankind's favorite angel, Lucifer, finally gets his own brew, via Belgium. Below is the beer 'Maudite' which means 'damned', and is from Quebec.]


    [Above: This steel canned beast is decades old. The 7 Eleven chain of convenience stores has been gone from my city for years now, but this unholy relic remains. While I can't say for sure, I'd be willing to gamble and say this beer was horrid!]

    [Above: Here have some 'Old German Beer' made from 'well water'... it all sounds kind of gross.]

    Via Dolorosa & Vociferian


  • Shirts

    [Note: The very cool shirt above is from a band unknown to me. Strange to imagine the Axis soldier in the picture, and that he could have had no idea one day he would be on a music shirt!]

    [Although this French band has been around for quite some time, I've also never heard them]

    The Black Sun


  • Product Catalogue

    [Note: Here is a German catalogue regarding all things Black Sun! From a history at Himmler's castle 'Wewelsburg' to historical data. Here you can order books, .925 silver jewelry and more. There is nothing as cool as this in America.]



  • Spiritism for the Masses

    [Note: "Will Jimmy ask me out to the prom?" -NO

    "Is there really a Santa Claus?" -YES

    "Is grandpa really in hell?" -MOST DEFINITELY

    The answers to these perplexing questions and more can be yours with the power of the the OUIJA! ]


    [Above and below: The animals rejoiced under Adolf Hitler, with more rights and protection than anytime in history. So, to all the enemies of truth, I've got some bad news for you: Your dog is a Nazi!



    [Below: Just in case you need to communicate with grandma on that road trip!]

    ["Ouija... is the government really controlled by the... well, the -you-know-who's?"

    Black Countess


  • Child of the Demonic Moon

    [Note: Recently while researching the Dutch black metal band Countess I was introduced to this Russian band. What can I say? Those damn kids and their demonic moons!...]

    [Below: Inlay.]

    [Below: CD tray.]

    [Below: CD]

    [Below: A 'Nenuphar' is a flower.]

    [Below: Back.]

    [Below: Carnivorous Romance.]

    [Below: Blood, Desire and Dead Nenuphars.]

    [Below: Hmmm... anyone need a black metal foot massage?]

    [Below: Oooooh, I'm next!]

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