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Iron Youth


  • Flyer/Pin

    [Note: Many flyers have passed my hands from this band, but I have never heard them. Gotta love their record label though!]



  • Flyer

    [Note: What in the hell is this supposed to mean? I felt silly just typing up the name...]

    Destroyer 666


  • Sticker

    [Note: Now here is a familiar great. Although I haven't heard the last few releases, the first few are spectacular. The song 'Australian and Anti-Christ' from the 1997 album 'Unchain the Wolves' was a favorite of mine. You gotta love the track's lyrics (what a terrible thing when the act of saying you aren't afraid of being proud of your white race is an act of defiance!):

    'And I don't believe in your god above
    And I don't believe in your tales of love
    Can you hear me?

    I'd rather reign in Hell, than serve your god
    Don't wanna be chained to your cross
    I'm not ashamed to be white
    Paying penance to fools is a waste of my life'

    Remember Dresden!


  • Postcard/Sticker/Pen/Flyer

    [Note: The postcard above is from something called the 'Action Coalition'. It is advertising a march to mourn the deaths of those murdered in WW2 by Allied bombs.
    If you are unfamiliar, you should know about these war crimes: Between February 13-15, 1945, 3,900 TONS of incendiary bombs were dropped on the civilian city of Dresden. Note that this had no military value, and was done soley to mass murder civilians for the purpose of terror. In March of 1945 the death toll was published as 200,000 up to 500,000! Wow. These are the 'good guys'? Good in whose opinion? Not anyone sane, that's for sure.
    Below is another commemoration of those murdered, this time a sticker. It says something like 'Murder was her means and Dresden was the target.']



  • Flyer

    [Note: I'm really, really crossing my fingers that the 'Die Hard' edition, limited to 50 copies, mentioned below, comes with a dead rat or two. But seriously, they make it sound kind of ominous telling you to 'be prepared.' Anyone know what the hell this was?]

    Slava Productions


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'Finally released now, the official tape version'...? I guess this is for all you who have the crappy CD version and have been holding your breath waiting for the cassette version. I find it strange to see a re-release on cassette. Personally, and I think most people would agree, cassettes are sleeping restful in their grave, and there was no love lost when they died. Now 8-tracks and reel-to-reel, that is a different matter... I love the convenience of reel-to-reel!]


    [Below: Behold the long awaited Primitive Supremacy on reel-to-reel!

    The high fidelity...
    The richness of sound...
    The convenience...
    In the car or on the go!]

    [Above: Front]

    [Above: Back]

    [Above: Spine]

    [Above: Inside]

    [Above: Reel]

    [Above and below: The ease of use!!!]

    Gone to the Dogs


  • Flyer

    [Note: Another mystery... what the heck is 'Riot Grrl'!?! First it was heavy metal, then death and black metal, now RIOT GRRL! Sounds fucking dark and brutal to me!]

    No Future for Democracy


  • Flyer

    [Note: Fuck you democracy for being a hypocritical liar, an oppressive mass-murder machine and for creating a style of music called Riot Grrl. Fuck you.]

    [Below: This is more like it!]



  • Booklet Flyer

    [Note: Here is a music/occult 'zine from Mexico. Inside of the child-friendly covers of this flyer/booklet is various information. Among this information is a reprint of a letter from a prison in Colorado which outlaws 'Widdershins.' It is quite funny so I'll share some of it with you:

    'Please be advised that your publication: Widdershins, Number 2, April 2004 sent to the following Colorado Department of Corrections Offender: Lopez, Jerry has been reviewed by the Warden and the Facility Offender Reading Committee and was prohibited for the reason(s) stated on the attached form: "Any publication or material produced or distributed by security threat groups (STGs) OR any publication or material advocating or depicting association or membership in a STG which is contrary to the security of the facility. Pages 1, 15, 17, 24, 36, 37 - SATANIC (STG)"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I have never seen the actual 'zine 'Widdershins', but I can imagine the looks on the lame-ass faces of the 'Warden and the Facility Offender Reading Committee' when they saw it, especially if some of the artwork reproduced here is like that found in the actual mag.

    Way to go Widdershins, keep spreading terror!]



  • The Forbidden Symbols

    [Note: Here a small selection of patches for your blood-shot eyes. You'll notice the very recognizable eagle of the bottom patch, missing the swastika, of course. In Germany and many other places in this 'free' world, such symbols are illegal, and you can even go to prison for possessing them. Imagine that, to prison for a symbol. But the enemies of freedom know all too well that symbols can represent resistance to their tyranny. But in Germany things go much further than just banning the ancient swastika, they have also banned most runes and a host of other symbols. Perhaps most ludicrous of all, somewhat recently an anti-nazi business was raided by the police because they were selling shirts/etc. with a swastika crossed out! Ha! "We said NO DAMN SWASTIKAS, NOT EVEN CROSSED OUT ONES!" Lunacy indeed.]

    [Above: 'Gelobt sei unser Vaterland' = 'Praised be our Fatherland']

    [Above: Two of these patches are reproductions of WWII era Italian Waffen-SS patches, and the other one is...? Can you guess which is which?]

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