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Call of Cthulhu


  • Role-playing manuals

    [Note: No, you don't get to play as Cthulhu! Argh, cheated again!]

    [Here are a few from a decade or so later...]

    [The original version, on the left, of course. Why? Because it would seem that the universe singles out rare things for damage and destruction. If you've ever collected anything, you probably know what I mean. TSR, the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, published this book about religious mythos and deities in 1980. This book included a section on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos (not to mention fiction called 'Melnibonean' mythos). Apparently because of copyright issues, these were quickly taken out and a new book that same year was published deleting them, thus making the original quite rare.]

    [...some of the offending material]

    [Everyone's favorite hero, Cthulhu, made an appearance in an XBOX game in 2005 via 'Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth.']

    [In 2018 'Call of Cthulhu' was released on the PS4.]

    [This Cthulhu mythos inspired masterpiece graced the Nintendo Gamecube in 2002. 'Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem' was revolutionary. Among many features of this game were insanity effects. Some of them would suddenly make it seem like your game CD was dirty and a warning would pop up. Or fake volume bars would appear on your TV. Or a memory card warning saying your data has been corrupted... a superb game through and through.]

    [Below: Eternal Darkness from the Netherlands]

    [Below: Eternal Darkness from Japan]

    [Below: Eternal Darkness ad]

    [Below: Eternal Darkness from Brazil for the N64]

    The Boston Strangler 1968


  • Theater poster and books

    [Note: Although Albert DeSalvo was believed to be the 'Boston Strangler' murderer, many believe he was coerced by police to confess and the real killer was never caught. Until 2013, that is, when DNA taken from one of the victims was matched with his. Really the only way out of this is if he had had sex with the woman and then later she was murdered. As unlikely as that sounds, some people are still sticking to that defense.]

    [Above: Another poster]

    [Above: Desalvo]

    Screen Save


  • Internet filter

    [Note: This is both strange and funny. This is a screen capture from a web filter that blocks explicit/etc. material. Apparently Mourning the Ancient has 'explicit' material and 'sex'! OK, whatever, we're used to being censored, but above us on their list is 'Mountain Homestead Soaps'?! There is even a Mexican real estate website being censored?]

    Software Parental Rating


  • Violence - E for Everyone!

    [Note: How ironic and laughable is this? Games in America come with these ratings found on any PC or platform games. It's a useless form of censorship, since most toddlers here have already played Grand Theft Auto, often times bought by their parents. Welcome to America! Violence for Everyone! Yay!]

    [Below: Some rather daring Sega ads celebrating violence and beautiful women!]

    [Below: Here's another one for you... Kali Yuga!]

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