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Rune Stones


  • Books and rune stone fortune telling

    [Note: Similiar in spirit to the tarot, here are a few systems of rune stones and their companion books.]

    Osmose Productions


  • Flyer

    [Note: For all your 'Fuck me Jesus' needs...]

    [Below: Newer release gets the colorized treatment...]

    Elegy Records


  • Postcard flyer

    [Note: Advertising the North American release of Thor's Hammer's great 'Three Weeds from the Same Root'.]

    [Below: Thor's Hammer?]

    [Below: Thors Hammer?!?]

    [Below: Thor's Hammer? Finally we've 'weeded' through the imposters!]



  • Various software platforms

    [Note: 'D' was one of my faves back in the day. My favorite version was on the 3DO. Too bad I found part two to be horrible.]

    [The 3DO was Trip Hawkins' baby, though it never got the love it deserved!]

    [Sega Saturn version]

    [Playstation version]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cover]

    [Japanese Saturn version - back]

    [Japanese Saturn version - spine paper]

    [Japanese Saturn version - book]

    [Japanese Saturn version - discs]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [Japanese Saturn version - cards]

    [One of my favorite systems of all time, the Dreamcast, released the long awaited D2! I hated it!]

    Baphomet Records


  • Flyer

    [Note: Advertising Antaeus' legendary 'Cut your Flesh and Worship Satan' and the equally legendary Demoncy release 'Faustian Dawn'.]

    Cadaveric Infection


  • CD cover flyer

    [Note: 'Rise the Evil'!!!]

    Mourning the Ancient


  • Photo CD #1 flyers

    [Note: Here is a stack of flyers advertising our photo CD #1 we recently found stowed away. It seems like ages ago we released this! I can't believe we wasted our time stamping 'MUST BE 18!' on each one and didn't even pass these along. Oh well, they'll make good kindling on some cold Armageddon night to come.]

  • Anyone want one? Write me and I'll send one to you.

    Anatomy & Physiology Revealed


  • PC program

    [Note: How black metal is this!: 'An interactive cadaver dissection experience.' Hell, that's two band names just in the description!]

    [Above: Cadaver's '...In Pains']

    [Above: Dissection's 'Storm of the Light's Bane']

    [Above: Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection. Besides his legendary music, you should know that in 1997 Jon was convicted of being an accessory in the murder of an Algerian gay man named Josef ben Meddour. On August 13, 2006 Jon committed suicide in his apartment in Hässelby, Sweden, by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was found inside a circle of lit candles.]

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