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  • A. E. Waite Tarot

    [Note: First published in 1910, this version of tarot cards is a classic, known to millions of people. Arthur Edward Waite was an occult author around the turn of the 20th century. He was also a leading member of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Below is an example of some of the illustrations he commissioned artist Pamela Colman Smith to paint. This artist died in obscurity, her works seen here are the only surviving examples.]

    [Here is a book published in 1920 by A.E.Waite]

    [...an example of some of the other books published by the author]

    [No one can say where tarot began. Some scholars say ancient Egypt, but many others disagree. Today the tarot has undergone many changes and iterations, many of these erroneous or just downright idiotic, as you will see below. 'New Age' products have been in high demand for decades, prompting many companies to publish their own versions of the tarot. Granted, since the tarot is ultimately symbolism, it can be incarnated in many forms. But, the purist will find many of these new systems and forms too politically correct and mainstream, too dumbed-down and accessible. Nonetheless, some of the art is at least interesting, or amusing. Enjoy the tour.]

    [Above: Interesting art. Each card here represents a pagan goddess.]

    [Above: Needless to say, these cards look quite pathetic.]

    [Above: 'Two of Pipes'??? Are we talkin' crack pipes here?]

    [Above: These look like reprints of medieval illustrations. Great imagery and traditional system.]

    [Above: Here is a strange interpretation, but with cool imagery.]

    [Above: Tarot for children? Here's a new one...]

    [Above: '7 of four-leggeds'? Huh?...]

    [Above: Another tarot system utilizing goddesses...]

    [Above: Hehe... sorry, that magician above casted a spell on me to make me laugh at how stupid he looks.]

    [Above: Tarot merged with astrology...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: By the look on that cat's face he just looked at the first card!]

    [Above: Very strange imagery!]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Here is another deck that appears to have medieval origins.]

    [Above: Anything with goats is OK by me. It is afterall the international mascot of black metal!]



    [Below: back of cards]

    [Above: I'm unsure what this strange deck has to do with tarot, but here it is anyway...]

    [Above: While it's a neat idea and all... I don't think this idea fits the tarot concept.]

    [Above: The Devil as a woman... Well, as Led Zepplin tells us: The"Soul of a woman was created below!".]

    [Above: Zombie tarot. How utterly stupid.]

    [Above: Some very cool art here.]

    [Above: Some odd tarot cards born from Photoshop.]

    [Above: Beautiful old paintings, but not for a tarot deck...]

    [Above: What kind of pervert thought it would be a good idea to add porn to tarot cards?]

    [Above: Finally something acceptable. This has potential.]

  • Various tarot examples...

    [Below: Someone tried real hard to be 'cool' and 'different' here...]

    [Above: This is from a Spanish tarot set]

    [Above & below: These cards are from 2001 - ©Giovanni Caselli]

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