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[Above: Screamin' N' Bleedin' (1985)]

Angel Witch


  • Screamin' N' Bleedin' LP

    [Note: British metal band Angel Witch, founded in 1977, was known for having some strange artwork...]

    [Above: Frontal Assault (1986)]

    [Above: Live (1990)]

    [Above: 2012 tour announcement]

    [Above: This is an advertisement for some strange... something, in Bangkok.]

    Elvira Madigan


  • Release cover

    [Note: Nothing wierd about this one. Nice artwork, though I don't recognize this band. Most of this art is by artist Luis Royo.]

    [Below: Other releases by Elvira Madigan...]

    [Above: Here is the original whole picture of the album above.]

    [Above: Unrelated but oh-so-cool.]

    Russian 'Door Knockers'


  • 12 Gauge "door-knocker" copper shotgun rounds

    [Note: You don't see copper shotgun shells everyday. These beauties were made in Russia, and as I understand it, were for police to blow open locks on doors. But alas their beauty was a lie. A friend of mine shot off a box of these and most of them were duds!]

    [close-up of primer]

    Comic Book


  • Hansi - The Girl Who Loved the Swastika

    [Note: Oh no! Better call the Rabbi and his priestly pals. Another blue-eyed devil possessed by Nazism... This comic book is pathetic anti-white propaganda.]

    [Above: But... but... he's evil! He loves his people and even is willing to die for them! He gave them back their pride, their livelihood, their LIVES! He removed Germany from the corrupt international financial system, which is the REAL reason for WW2. That's soooooo EVIL! Uhhh, yeah, Hansi, real evil.]

    [Above: A Jew killed by Jews, your point?]



  • Marcella - A Raggedy Ann Story

    [Note: I'm no fan of Raggedy Ann, but you have to wonder how society came from this to crap like 'Spongebob Squarepants'. A clear agenda to turn children into complete morons and idiots. I'm sure they make much better drones for the capitalist machine that way. Did you know that the animation for a lot of cartoons these days is outsourced to Asia? Not like it should surprise anyone in this world where everything from the clothes we wear to even the medication we put into our bodies is made in third world countries. Nearly everything is outsourced in this democratic age of greed. The third world workers slave away for almost nothing and work long hours in usually bad conditions. Companies everywhere utilize this slave labor and thereby keep these countries in the gutter. The corporate rape of entire countries. 1000 to 1 the shirt on your back as you read this was not made in the country you live.]


    [Below: Here's a nice kid's story for ya from the dark past. Okay, I really don't know what it is, but I liked the picture.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: For you 'melancholic and depressive heartening souls' out there...]

    [Above: outer cardboard box]

    [Above: Turbografx-16 release - cover/HuCard/comic]



  • Various format software

    [Note: Ah, Splatterhouse... when this was released it was over-the-top. It had gore and darkness never seen before in a game. How did they squeeze all of that beautiful evil into that tiny card? This was first released in America on the legendary video game system the Turbografx-16, one of the coolest pieces of plastic and microchips this pathetic world ever saw. Later years saw Splatterhouse's legacy released on the Sega Genesis, and in recent years a new Splatterhouse on the PS3 and XBOX 360. Though nothing is ever like the first time is it?]

    [Above: Turbo Play magazine from 1990 featuring a Splatterhouse cover.]

    [Above: FM Towns Marty version - an obscure Japanese Game/PC system]

    [Above: PC Engine version - otherwise known as the Turbo Grafx-16]

    [Above: Genesis Splatterhouse parts 2 & 3]

    [Above: European Megadrive version and Japanese version]

    [Above: Grisly cinematic screenshots from Splatterhouse 3]

    [Above: End scene if you actually save Jennifer... but it's much more fun watching the bore worm eat her brain!]

    [Above: A shoe?!]

    [Above: PS3 version]

    [Below: These pictures are found throughout the game, or otherwise unlocked]

    [Below: The following ad is from the December 2010 issue of Playboy Magazine. It was made to look like a centerfold. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: This is a special limited edition (100 copies) of Splatterhouse. The large case is 9.75 inches long by 7 inches wide. It was released on various consoles, like the FM Towns computer and game system -- the FM Towns Marty. The FM Towns Marty is a rare game system, especially outside of Japan, where it was sold exclusively. This includes a CD for the FM Towns system, a Windows PC CD version of Splatterhouse originally for Japanese Windows and a PC Engine CD version with a HuCard for the PC-Engine (released in the USA as the Turbo Grafx/TurboDuo). This special edition also includes various art and a pin and a patch. It is made to the utmost high quality. Whoever made this loved what he was doing. This oozes love.]

    [Below: Back of the huge case]

    [Below: Open case showing the FM Towns Marty CD case (left)]

    [Below: Right side, showing pin and HuCard case]

    [Below: Reverse of pin and HuCard case]

    [Below: Open HuCard case]

    [Below: HuCard, heavier than the original]

    [Below: HuCard reverse]

    [Below: Front and back of the CD cover of the FM Towns CD]

    [Below: Inside the FM Towns booklet]

    [Below: Inside the FM Towns booklet]

    [Below: Inside the FM Towns booklet]

    [Below: Card from the FM Towns booklet]

    [Below: FM Towns CD]

    [Below: Reverse of FM Towns CD case]

    [Below: Patch]

    [Below: Back of patch]

    [Below: Large high quality glossy card]

    [Below: Reverse]

    [Below: Large high quality glossy card]

    [Below: Reverse]

    [Below: CD cover slipcase of the Japanese PC Engine version of Splatterhouse]

    [Below: Reverse of the slipcase of the Japanese PC Engine version of Splatterhouse]

    [Below: CD of Japanese PC Engine version of Splatterhouse]

    [Below: Cover of the slipcase of the Japanese Windows version of Splatterhouse]

    [Below: The reverse of the slipcase of the Japanese Windows version of Splatterhouse]

    [Below: CD of the Japanese Windows version of Splatterhouse]

    Pure Hate


  • Flyer

    [Note: 'I'm an Angry God'. Great artwork! The 2010 CD cover is below. This band is from Brazil, there is another band of the same name from Poland.]

    [Above: Pure Hate]

    Dominion - Tank Police


  • PC movie CD

    [Note: This is probably one of the first mpeg animation videos to be released on the PC. It's archaic by today's HD standards. This thing can run on Windows 3.1 for god sakes. 'Evil has never been so sexy'. And they sure do look extremely evil, don't they? I can't see why some black metal band hasn't used that picture for the cover of their CD.

    Imagine it now...(see below)]

    [How fucking evil is that?! Haha...]

    Communist Mutants from Space


  • Supercharger game for the Atari 2600

    [Note: 'Communist Mutants from Space'... so that's where communists come from! OK, here is a strange piece of software. It is your standard cassette, but it's a video game for the Atari 2600. Didn't know that cassettes can hold programs and games? Not many people do I suppose, I find it very strange myself. This game cassette plays on a standard cassette player, which the device below, the Supercharger, hooks into. The device itself is inserted into the cartridge slot of the Atari 2600. The greatest benefit of using cassettes is that it was much, much cheaper than highly expensive microchips.]

    [Strange eh?]

    [Here is an old Apple computer that uses a cassette drive.]

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