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  • Gas Masks continued...

    [Below: WW2 era M1 gasmask. This thing is a beast...]

    [Below: Side view.]

    [Below: Top of filter canister.]

    [Below: Stamp on side of mask. Dated '42'.]

    [Below: Gas mask bag. Its unique shape works excellent to house the mask and bulky filter.]

    [Below: Close-up of ink stamp on bag.]

    [Below: A mess of obliterated numbers!]

    [Below: Cold War Russian gas mask.]

    [Below: Side view. Gotta love the animal snout-like appearance of this one!]

    [Below: Close-up of markings on gas mask.]

    [Below: Close-up of markings on gas mask filter.]

    [Below: Gas mask canvas bag.]

    [Below: South Korean gas mask. Very high quality. One of the best masks I've ever handled. Rivals even the German 'Drager' gas mask.]

    [Below: The gas mask filter is kept in a frame which fits inside the mask.]

    [Below: Heavy canvas of a very high quality.]

    [Below: Plastic bag which the mask is sealed in.]

    [Below: Chemical hood that fits mask and is kept folded inside bag pocket.]

    [Below: Drinking attachment with straw that is also kept inside bag pocket. This enables the wearer to drink while wearing the mask.]

    [Below: Plastic bag in a plastic bag!]

    [Below: Small container that contains a lens cloth with an anti-fogging agent.]

    [Below: Gas mask manual.]

    [Decontamination foam spray. The fallout of a nuclear weapon creates particles of matter which bond like glue to the skin and are very hard to remove. This product is meant to help in its removal.]

    NBC relics of the Cold War


  • Misc.

    [Note: The following items are a mix of American and British. NBC stands for Nuclear-Biological-Chemical, of which these products were meant to protect against.]

    [This is a British NBC body bag. Even the dead could be infected by NBC contamination. Think about shipping Pvt. John Doe home contaminated with radiation or some chemical or biological weapon.]

    [An activated charcoal NBC suit. Basically a pair of camoflauged pants and overshirt lined with a layer of charcoal. This is American I believe.]

    [Something tells me this isn't the same 'Cadillac' as the luxury car maker!]

    [Another activated charcoal NBC suit, this time by a different maker. Basically a pair of camoflauged pants and overshirt lined with a layer of charcoal. This I also believe to be American, if you really give a shit!]

    [The 'Champion' of NBC protective garments!]

    [British NBC smock and pants from 1984/85.]

    [NBC gloves made in 1973.]

    [NBC boot covers from the 1990s.]

    [Below: NBC boot covers from the 1970s.]

    [Above: made to slip over a combat boot]

    [Above: bottom of boot]

    [Above: close-up of print]

    [Below: This NBC product, from Switzerland, but made in Germany, folds out to be a poncho.]

    [Below: Side view.]

    [Class dismissed. Now you know the ABCs of NBC!]

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