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We Will Not Celebrate the Death of the White Gods
Men Among the Ruins
Behold a Pale Horse


  • Pamphlet/books

    [Note: Here are three very interesting offerings. First, a pamphlet of Serrano's writings privately published in 2009. Amongst the very interesting essays within on ancient religion is a small piece called 'Julius Evola's Secret'. Evola was a very enigmatic man, and a very complex thinker and a friend to Serrano. Both mens' level of brilliant unconventional thinking was extraordinarily rare. Also in this article Serrano mentions William Cooper. Another enigmatic writer, murdered by the police for 'traffic tickets.' All three of these writers are worth you tracking down their books. But good luck in your search, you'll need it, especially since many of Serrano's books aren't published in English, but there have been a good deal of them published recently. Since it is out of print, here is a .pdf of the pamphlet above: Miguel Serrrano - We Will Not Celebrate The Death Of The White Gods.]

    [One of Evola's handful of books]

    [The infamous 1991 Behold a Pale Horse - The mother of all 'conspiracy' tomes and the book that ultimately helped to get Cooper murdered. He had predicted that his opposition against the powers-that-be would one day cost him his life. His prediction came true--the police lured him outside of his home and murdered him. Oh, what a wonderful world.]

    [Above: CD version read by the author]

    [Above: William Cooper (May 6, 1943 November 5, 2001)]

    Immoral Tales


  • Book

    [Note: If you are a fan of 1960's/70's European horror, this book is your bible. Tons of information and loads of pictures on heaps of films. Even the most well versed fan will probably find information on countless titles they've never even heard of before. This book is as cool as they come. Below are some examples of the pictures reproduced within (not to mention some of my favorite art)...]

    Roger Waters


  • LP

    [Note: Ah, what a stereotypical hitchhiker!
    Here is one of Roger Waters efforts after his departure from Pink Floyd, although I don't think there was a Pink Floyd without him!]

    [Above: Don't do it! She is probably a serial killer!]

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