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Miscellaneous by-products of nuclear war


  • Misc.

    [Note: Implements of insanity. See below...]

    [Ah, you gotta love the toxic green font some government paper-pusher chose for the title.
    In 1957 the United States government published the above book about nuclear weapons.
    Much of the data on the effects of these weapons was acquired from the atomic genocide of WW2 against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.]

    [An abridged edition of the above book.]

    [I love the grim name of this book! Not to mention the great artwork of a skeleton holding a little girl's hand.]

    [If you live in America you've probably seen these steel signs adorning various buildings. These structures were approved by the government and found to meet certain structual qualifications. Buildings like schools, libraries and post offices are an example of those chosen.

    [Some of the above mentioned nuclear shelters received supplies like this heavy cardboard barrel above. In reality, the system was flawed on nearly every level, and the government freely admits this now. Civilians really had no idea what would happen, or what to do, in the event of a nuclear war.]

    [A steel version civil defense drum. This one can be reused as a tiolet!]

    [Below: A radiological survey meter for detecting radiation. These government devices were issued to civil defense authorities throughout the nation.]

    [Above & below: Too bad those using this device wouldn't have nine lives. Just one highly irradiated one...]

    [Below: These are radiological dosimeter chargers. This enabled the pen-like dosimeters shown below to detect radiation on the go. Once again Civil Defense issued. These devices, while surprisingly simple, are quite robust and although they accept batteries, the technology allows you to use them even after the batteries go dead. Shown here are two examples from different manufacturers (side by side).]

    [Below: Side view of Industrial Electronic Hardware Corp. version]

    [Below: Inside view showing diagram of Industrial Electronic Hardware Corp. version]

    [Below: Inside view of circuit board of Industrial Electronic Hardware Corp. version]

    [Below: Diagram from the Jordan Electronics example]

    [Below: Dosimeters]

    [Below: Jordan Electronics]

    [Here is a pamphlet released in March of 1968 dealing with the effects of nuclear war and how you may survive it. It estimates that the warning time before an attack could be between 5-15 minutes! Enough time to pray and kiss your sorry life goodbye!]

    [Below: Another pamphlet, from July 1966 from the Department of Defense. This one helps a person protect their home from fallout. It gives information on radioactivity, how to build on to your basement shelter, etc., plus you can rate your home's level of protection]

    [Below: Opening page...]

    [Below: This return card is found in the back of the booklet... check out plan D 'Snack Bar Shelter'! Or how would you like the 'Lean-to Shelter'!? Fuck it, we're all gonna die anyway, I'll take the Snack Bar Shelter.]

    [Below: Facing Armageddon with style! Who knew the apocalypse would be so tasty?]

    [Above: The Effects of Nuclear War. This 151 page book was commissioned in 1979 by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Its purpose was to examine the effects of nuclear war on the people and economies of the USA and the Soviet Union. It's quite an interesting read, basically coming to the conclusion that we would be equally fucked. No surprise there. Did we really need a Senate investigation for this?!]

    [Above: Table of contents.]

    [Above: Mmmm... how about a refreshing drink of water? In a steel can at that. I can only imagine how bad this must have tasted. This was opened with a traditional can opener.]

    [Above: Here is a Christian pamphlet from March 1982 that grimly states 'To be or not to be'. It's important to remember, the nuclear ICBM missiles are still waiting to be used. As Dave Mustaine of Megadeth so elequently said in a song 'The warheads will not rust in peace.']

    [Above: In the 1980's several movies were produced with a nuclear war scenario. One of the most famous and well-done was The Day After. In reality, experts agree, a nuclear war would be far, far worse than the hellish events depicted here.]

    [Above: The PAL version... the wording on the cover a little bit more sublime.]

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