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  • CD covers

    [Note: A nice lass out enjoying mother nature. She must have skinned her knee while hiking, took her clothes off so that she didn't stain them with blood, and then accidently smeared some of it on her body? Anyway, this is a Swedish black metal album from 2006. It is an interesting album, with proficient music and insane sounding vocals interspersed with various odd samples.]

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    Comic Art


  • Art

    [Note: I don't much like comics, but I like the art of these...]

    Exposing the Satanic Web


  • VHS

    [Note: These type of scare-documentaries are true comedy. They are also masterpieces of ignorance and downright stupidity.
    I especially like the part that explains that you will meet 'experts who work with the after-math of Satanic activity.'
    Be sure to check out the evil spider on the cover with the Goat of Mendes (baphomet) on its body, scary! What a joke.]

    [Beta version]

    [VHS version]

    [DVD version]

    Triumph of the Will


  • Beta/VHS/DVD

    [Note: A beautiful film by one of Adolf Hitler's favorite actresses/directors, Leni Riefenstahl. Leni did a handful of other films during the course of the 3rd Reich, but none so powerful and popular as this. The DVD version above also contains one of her short films 'Day of Freedom.' Although her enemies tried to demonize her work and make her remorseful, she remained proud and defiant until her death.]

    [Above: Japanese poster]

    Eva Braun - Her Life with Adolf Hitler


  • DVD

    [Note: Most do not know that Eva Braun was very technologically inclined. This is her color footage taken of her love and fiance Adolf Hitler (and many other important personalities). She utilized a color camera which was very new at the time. Here is a priceless look behind the scenes at the men who fought to save Europe and the world.]

    [Above: Gerald Gardner]

    Witchcraft Today, The Meaning of Witchcraft, Aradia


  • Books and CD

    [Note: In 1953 Gerald Gardner of Northern England wrote one of the most famous and interesting works on witchcraft, Witcraft Today. Six years later, in 1959, Gardner published a companion book called The Meaning of Witchcraft, which is equally interesting. These 1999 versions of the books by Mercury Publishing come with a CD as well. The CD contains recordings of rituals and interviews, but my favorite is a folk song performed by Patricia Crowther called Lord of the Dance. It is said that Gerald Gardner 'borrowed' a lot of material from an older book on Witchcraft, sometimes almost word for word lines. The book is Aradia - Gospel of the Witches, from 1890, another very interesting and highly influential work.]

    [Above: Different publisher...]

    [Above: Gerald Gardner with friend!]

    [Above: The Mystery solved...]

    Dario Argento


  • Book

    [Note: Dario Argento is one of Italy's all-time greats of horror and suspense films. This book catalogues Argento's many films, listing technical and background information on each. A great book, I just wish there had been more pictures! As you can see from the picture below, the imagery from 70's European horror was unmatched.]

    [Above: Love Bites - cover/inner]

    3DO videos


  • Breaking the porn taboo

    [Note: Few in the mainstream know that in the early nineties there was a game system called 3DO. It was built by Panasonic, later Goldstar and even Sanyo (in Japan), with a system planned by even AT&T, although it never saw the light of day. The 3DO was a unique game system through and through, and as you can see above, they even licensed pornography films to be played on the system, something no other game system since or prior has had the daring to do. As you can tell by the titles above, these 'films' were somewhat geared toward gamers.]

    [Above: Love Bites - back]

    [Above: Love Bites - inside]

    [Above: Love Bites - disc]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - cover slipcase]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - back slipcase]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - cover inner]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - back]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - inside]

    [Above: Immortal Desire - disc]

    [Above: The Coven - cover slipcase]

    [Above: The Coven - back slipcase]

    [Above: The Coven - cover inner]

    [Above: The Coven - back]

    [Above: The Coven - inside]

    [Above: The Coven - disc]

    Mein Kampf


  • CD-ROM

    [Note: Here is a digital version of Mein Kampf released in 1999, probably by a person, rather than a company.]

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