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Uncle Sam


  • Heaven or Hollywood release

    [Note: I don't know anything about this band, except they have a neo- classical, French Revolution bourgeoisie-esque, moody and highly symbolic... just kidding, it's a great cover though. Take note that the top version is the American censored version. Land of the free? Home of the slave!]

    [Above & below: Here's another censored one for ya]

    Terror of the Jungle/Dinosaurus


  • 8mm/Super 8

    [Note: These old 8mm films sure are clunky by today's standards of ease. Imagine having to deal with a film reel every time you wanted to watch a movie. I think that 'Dinosaurus' contains actual footage of dinosaurs it's so old! 8mm and its Super 8 descendent even offered camcorders for home use (see below). They were widely popular and made by a dizzying array of manufacturers. It's a very primitive technology, yet cutting edge at the time. Click on the camcorder picture below to see a few dozen other examples.]

    [Click on the above for more pictures...]

    [Below: German Super 8 films]

    [Below: Here are some American releases, which as you can see, were a lot more tame looking.]

    [Below: Pentax is a Japanese camera company founded in 1952.]

    [Below: Suzuki goes even further in this 1973 advertisement.]




  • 'And the Blood Runs Black' Shirt

    [Note: Summon is an Austrian black metal band which released 'And the Blood Runs Black', a 15 track CD on Moribund Records, in 1993. ]



  • Movie/comic

    [Note: Those poor dragons... everyone always picking on them. Didn't anyone ever stop to think that maybe if we would just stop hunting them down they might leave us the fuck alone!? Like they want our damn ugly princesses or our gold!?]

    Children of the Corn


  • Laser Disc/VCD

    [Note: The crazy Japanese look almost makes the laser disc look good. Almost. The other is a Hong Kong VCD. VCD video discs were never popular in America, but in other parts of the world, like Asia, they are still widely used. A note regarding the Children of the Corn theme: Here in Nebraska, there are lot's of cornfields and despite what you might think, they are not everywhere. Sorry to let you down. BUT, many-a-cornfield surrounds us, in fact, as a kid visiting the countryside, we used to sometimes run around in them. They were like a labyrinth, you could easily lose all sense of direction. But, unfortunately, I never met any devil-worshippers like that in the movies. Well, besides the one's I came there with. Haha!]

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/IT!/The Unexpected/etc.


  • Comics/artwork

    [Note: Not many people know that the stupid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, once pushed down kids throats, used to be much more adult oriented. The comic from those earlier days begins with one of them killing a rabbit and eating it. Blasphemy! Check out the evil looking picture of the rabbit killer above... Murderer.
    Anyway, the other comic, 'IT!', well, since 'The Thing' was taken, what a better name? The artwork is cool though, eh? And lastly, below, beautiful and... too bizarre to comment.]

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